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  1. My 16mo old plays with my other nipple. If I have on a bra, he wants to put his hand in it. Makes nursing discreetly impossible.

  2. lol, my 22 month does all of the above, and then some (play with the other side, then switch back and forth, all whilst playing with the one that he’s not nursing from). When he’s sick, he’s back to newborn days, won’t take any food, only nurses every two hours.
    My daughter nursed until 2 years and 3 months. At the end of her nursing (self weaned), she used act like she wanted to nurse, then she’d blow raspberries on the breast, then laugh, and walk away. I love nursing my toddlers, it’s good for them, good for me, and makes for a good laugh.

  3. My 18 month old, now 3 used to play with my belly button. Totally did the nose picking thing too! Oh, and he used to hum different songs to himself while he nursed. Have no idea how he managed that!

  4. My 16-mo old can’t decide if she’d rather nurse or suck her thumb. She goes back and forth, back and forth – just a few seconds on each. Then tries to do both at the same time and makes a weird smacking noise!

  5. I love this! And, the accompanying graphic? Golden! Great job, Ladan. I love reading about your adventures in breastfeeding a toddler.

  6. Great list! Two to add from my daughter. She insists that I get out both breasts at once, so she can nurse from one side and play with the other. And she does a lot of creative yoga positions while latched on.

  7. Oh, you rock! My now 8 year old nursed until he was 32 months. From about 10 months on, we had a LOT of #7. That was when he realized there were TWO nursies. suck suck swallow “FITCH” at about 18 months, I stopped letting him “fitch” at will I was afraid I was going to jump off a tall building! LOL

  8. Thank you for this blog! I am still nursing my 16 month old and I couldn’t agree more with most of the stuff you listed. The only thing I would add is my daughter brings my nursing bib to me out of the diaper bag when she is ready. Haha

  9. Oh I’m laughing! My 20 month old is “still” nuring as well. He prefers acrobatics though over other things.

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