8 Tips for Getting Your Child To Brush Their Teeth

Teeth Brushing Tips

Baby number 3 is four months old, and everything is going in his mouth. I mean every. little. thing.

MAM teethers make him happy!

I’ve done this gig twice before, so I know how important oral hygiene is. Did you know that between the 4th and 6th month of pregnancy, after the first hard tooth structures (tooth cementum) are formed, they start to mineralize? This is why it’s essential to take care of both your teeth and your baby’s.

And not just when they’re older and need to brush their teeth- I’m talking about taking care of those baby gums! Since tooth decay causing germs can be present in baby’s mouth long before teeth erupt, we need to start wiping those gums from the moment they’re born. After feeding baby, a good practice is to wipe the inside of baby’s mouth including gums, with a clean, soft cloth to remove germs and any leftover breastmilk or formula. That’s why I love this adorable Oral Care Rabbit from MAM!

It simply slips over your index finger, and you’re good to go. It removes plaque and bacteria from baby’s mouth in a fun way, and massages those sensitive baby gums. My son loves to let me rub his gums, and he tends to chomp down or suck on it. I use to wipe his gums regularly, especially after nursing throughout the night.

Then we have a four and six year old, and, by some miracle, they actually enjoy brushing their teeth! Here are eight tips we’ve found really useful in getting them to do it without a battle.

  1. Be the example: As always, a child’s first teachers are his parents. Let baby watch you brush your teeth every night and morning. Smile, and show them how you do it. Even if they’re six months old- they’re learning from you!
  2. Start em young: Toddlers always want to be grown ups, so buy them a fun toothbrush, and let them enjoy trying to reenact what you’re doing. These toddler toothbrushes from MAM are great because they have an extra long handle so that both you and your little one can hold the brush and clean!

    There is even a tongue cleaner on the bottom! Bonus!
  3. Let your child pick their toothbrush: This is an easy way to get kids to look forward to brushing. Kids love to buy anything and display it proudly. Even if you’re buying online, let them choose the color.
  4. Let them put the toothpaste on the brush: Okay, I know it gets messy, but it is an easy mess to clean up, and a big deal to them that they did it themselves. MAM toothbrushes have a small set of red bristles to show you how much toothpaste the brush actually needs. It’s that tiny for kids!

    The red bristles indicate the small amount of toothpaste actually needed
  5. Hum a tune: No-one can sing properly while brushing their teeth, so laugh about a song they have to try to hum while doing it.
  6. Make it fun: When my kids were smaller and I would brush their teeth, it would always go so much smoother when I made it silly. Sometimes I would pretend to be a crazy dentist, and I would look inside their mouth and say, “Wait a minute- I need to brush over there, I think I see a…. a….. dinosaur toe?!”  
  7. Don’t rush: Stay patient. Remember that all parents go through difficulty with teeth brushing, and if you stress, your child will sense it and hate it. As much as possible, start your bedtime routine early so that teeth brushing isn’t thought to be a last minute rushed job.
  8. High fives and compliments go a long way: Who doesn’t like being complimented on a job well done? Remember your child is just that- a child, so don’t expect perfection. But do compliment them on a job well done, and the fact that you did so, will make them excited about the next time.


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