A BabyBjorn High Chair Headed to a Kitchen Near You!

BabyBjorn is expanding their line of fabulous kitchen accessories by adding a fabulous high chair at the end of August 2011.  BabyBjorn just announced their sleek, modern, easy-to-clean high chair at a launch event a couple weeks ago.  Why was I not at the event and have great footage and photos to show you?  NYC people were the only ones invited.  Boooo.  New York City folk get to have all the fun!  Not to worry they made this great video of all the fun that they were having featuring their star of the evening – the BabyBjorn High Chair.

And what a star this chair seems to be!  It is ergonomic.  It has a curved backrest.  It has a removable, adjustable tray.  It is easy-to-clean.  It FOLDS compactly to only 10 inches wide and weighs in a light 11 lbs!  That is all star material in our book!

If you want to watch the sneak peek or just want to watch all kinds of fun at a party that we all were not at…check out the video below.  Oh, and don’t worry, we will have a full review (with video!) for you in no time!





  1. Hi Heather,
    Amy from the US distributor of BabyBjorn here. The High Chair is actually designed for children from 5 months up to approximately 3 years. The curved backrest and the rounded, adjustable safety table hug baby for a snug fit, holding them in an upright and steady position. The adjustable table also acts as an additional safety feature keeping the child securely in place and preventing him or her from standing up or resting their feet on the tray so that the high chair tips backwards. Check out the website for more details/information: http://www.babybjorn.com/us/products/kitchen/high-chair-us/babybjorn-high-chair/

  2. This looks like a great travel chair to me. It is certainly not something you can use with a young baby though. I would also be concerned that when they get a bit older and start throwing tantrums that back injuries might occur as the back of the seat looks extremely low. All moms know that angry toddlers love to throw themselves back in the highchairs when they dont get what they want. I love the idea, however it looks only appropriate for kids in the 9 months to barely 2 year old range. For 299$ that is not alot of time. I was expecting more from Baby Bjorn.

  3. I think this is a great idea but the cost makes it a no go for me- i like that it can fold small but for $300 Id rather have a feature filled tatamia or a bloom fresco.

  4. I love Baby Bjorn’s potties. This high chair looks great! I have one from IKEA that looks similar, but instead of any easy fold, we have to remove the legs for travel. Simple designs like this are often best.


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