A bag big enough for your summer travel

Our family made a big move this spring.  The USAF has moved us to Germany which I believe makes me the blog’s unofficial European correspondent.  The move required us to ship our ‘big’ car and use our ‘little’ car for 3 months.  During this time we would be living mostly in hotels and would have to drive 3200 miles to different training locations.  Our little car was a Chevy Cavalier.  Imagine fitting 3 months of essentials into the trunk of a Chevy Cavalier!

Enter Roofbag!  The Roofbag is a pretty amazing product.  It’s not earth shattering in its design but its well constructed, durable and best of all it works as advertised.  A roof rack is not necessary which is good because the Cav certainly does not have a roof rack.  The price of a Roofbag can’t be beat.  We bought the smaller 11 cu ft. bag with protective mat for $80 and shipping was free!  A much more agreeable price then the hard top alternatives.  The Roofbag can also fold up when not in use so finding storage space when not in use won’t be a problem.

The Roofbag is waterproof and we tested this out ourselves while traveling the interstate.  The bag is absolutely waterproof.  Not even one drop of water ever got into our things.  The bag can also fit a whole lot of goods.  We fit a double AT stroller, an extra large duffle bag and about 2 dozen other small items such as diapers, toys, blankets, etc.  After we stuffed the Roofbag full (at the manufacturer’s recommendations) our trunk was almost empty.

Straps are included with the bag and are easy to install.  The included directions were clear and easy to follow.  The straps when installed snug but not over-tight are completely silent even at the highest of speeds.  With the aerodynamical shape of the Roofbag we didn’t notice a difference in our mileage either.

We also bought the protective rubber mat for under the bag.  While the mat did its job it sometimes would fold up underneath the bag because of the shape of the car’s roof.  It didn’t affect the performance of the bag but it was a bit annoying.  Eventually I just folded it under the heaviest part of the bag and the problem was solved.

If you need extra storage on a road trip this summer the Roofbag won’t disappoint.  We love the thick, durable material.  We love that we can drive through rain confidently.  Finally we love that the installation couldn’t be easier.

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