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  1. Pop-a-lock will unlock your doors for free if you have a child trapped in the car. It happened to me when I was out of town. We called the police and they dispatched Pop-a-Lock to the rescue since it was nice out and weren’t racing the clock. They were johnny on the spot and definitely deserved the nice tip to save my 3 month old! I have the type of key that “senses” when you walk up to the car and unlocks-so I never even have to take it out of my purse. I had put my purse and his carrier in the car and shut the door to put my purchases in the trunk. When I went to open the trunk it was locked. I will never understand why the car didn’t “sense” that the key was inside but it didn’t. Be careful if you have this type of key because more cars are manufactured with this new technology.

  2. I did this when my baby was about 10 months old. I felt so horrible! My husband was able to leave work and open the door for us so we didn’t have to call 911, but that would have been next on my list if he was out of town or something. It hasn’t happened since, thank goodness, but I have managed to lock us both out of the car on a couple of occasions. Don’t feel too bad, it was just an accident and you are both fine. In a lot of ways it is a rite of passage. It is scary though,- at least for the Moms!

  3. Happened to me too. The scary part was that it was 90 degrees outside, the fire dept. took my boys ( 3 and 2.5) into a restraunt to cool off. I was beside myself thinking that I fried thier brains and they were going to lock me up for negligence. Thank God they were fine they had only been in the hot car for about 5 min. . Now I wear one of those coil keychains and always have my keys on my wrist. It’s amazing how a 2$ little thing like that can actually save a life.

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