A Fun List Of Ridiculous Things Celebrities Have Given Their Children

A Fun List Of Ridiculous Things Celebrities Have Given Their Children

Let’s have some fun today, shall we? I thought it would be neat to compile a list of ridiculous things that celebrity parents have given to their children. We can all get a good chuckle out of this post. And maybe feel a little sick to our stomachs, too.

-Beyonce and Jay-Z bought a $600K gold rocking horse for their daughter, Blue Ivy.


-Diddy bought his son a car worth almost $400,000.


– Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise gave their daughter Suri a $100,000 second birthday party.


-Mariah Carey and Nick Canon bought their twins toy giraffes priced at $1,000 each.

Photo Credit: Life&Style
Photo Credit: Life&Style

-Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme was recently spotted out carrying a Chanel purse that retails over $2,000.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images


-Jessica Simpson gave birth to her daughter in a $4,000 a day birthing suite at Los Angeles’ Cedars Sinai Medical Center, which features manicure and pedicure stations and meals served on linen tablecloths. Her daughter also boasted a wardrobe full of designer clothes even before she was born.


-Among the coats in Suri Cruise’s closet is a Dolce and Gabbana coat worth $3,000.

Phil Penman/SplashNewsOnline.com
Phil Penman/SplashNewsOnline.com

-Christina Aguilara’s son Max has a nursery worth over $30,000.


Other notable extravagances:

-Usher’s sons first birthday was an Aladdin theme complete with magic carpet seating, camel rides, face painting, henna tattoos, and more.

-The Beckham’s spent $200,000 on a custom built playhouse for their son’s sixth birthday.

-Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twins spent their first birthday party in Paris for a black tie event.

-Rachel Zoe’s son Skyler isn’t even one year old yet and already owns his own monogrammed Louis Vitton bag worth $2,000.

-Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s kids have over 50 pairs of shoes. Each. They are one year old.


So what are your thoughts? Ridiculous or not? Leave a comment and let us know!



  1. Ridiculous? I guess, but I’m not getting worked up about it. With the kind of money these folks have…it’s all relative. Many would say that spending the amount on strollers and other items that Baby Gizmo reviews is ridiculous.


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