A Look At Preschool Prep DVDS

Preschool Prep DVD’s have a crazy high success rate, claim they can teach your child everything from their shapes to their colors after just a few watches, and come at a great price. So do they really work? I’m here to give you the scoop.


A friend of mine swears by these DVD’s. She has posted numerous videos of her just under 2 year old daughter identifying all of her shapes, colors, and letters. I was SO impressed when I saw them and couldn’t believe that such a little girl could already know SO much! I was so impressed that I ordered a 4 pack of DVD’s for my son for $49.95. This 4 pack includes shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.

My son watched the colors DVD first and after watching it about 5 times, he was going around the house pointing out every color he saw. I couldn’t believe it. After we watched Shapes he started correctly identifying squares, circles, and stars. We haven’t given the numbers and letters DVDS a fair shot yet but I know his little mind definitely recognizes numbers and letters when he sees them.

I honestly think these DVDs are pretty darn amazing. I’ve done flash cards with my son and tried other methods of teaching but these simple DVDS are what really sticks with him and gets the point across.

I should warn you that these DVDS are kind of annoying. By annoying I mean, you as the parent will probably grow tired of them very, very soon. That’s because they are VERY repetitive. My husband jokes that it’s just “brainwashing” but it’s kind of true. By repeating the colors or shapes over and over again in different ways, your child’s brain absorbs the information even more. I recommend doing the dishes or other chores around the house while your child watches them so you don’t go crazy.

While the DVD’s may be annoying to parents, they are great for kids. They are presented in bright, colorful and fun ways and make learning fun. My son actually asks to watch these DVDs and I love that it’s something that is actually teaching him something! He went from not knowing ANY of his colors or shapes, to running around the house showing me all of the purple and blue items we owned and every circular shaped toy, too.

While I completely believe that teaching your child should be a hands on experience, these DVD’s will definitely give your child a leg up at introducing them to so many new things and give you a little help.

Preschool Prep also offers DVDS for introducing sight reading and letter sounds and come in a variety of packs and prices. The cheapest pack is available for purchase for $14.95 and the most expensive is $129 for a 10 pack of DVD’s.

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Have any of you heard of these DVD’s? Do you use them? How did they work for your children? Have any other good recommendations for educational DVD’s? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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