A New Inline Stroller by phil&teds – The Dot

We were the first to tell you about the phil&teds Promenade stroller that is coming in 2012.  That isn’t the only new thing phil&teds has up their sleeve for next year!  They also debuted The Dot at the ABC Kids Expo last week. The Dot will be their newest inline stroller to offer parents the convenience and versatility of a double stroller that is slim like a single.  The Dot is very similar to the phil&teds Explorer but smaller.  It’s the skinnier sister!  (Come on!  You know there is always a skinnier sister and the Dot is it!) The Dot is 10% smaller than the Explorer and true to phil&teds-style, it is stocked with features!

It has the option to add the reclining doubles seat in the back for a second rider. 10″ air-filled tires and suspension will give it a smooth ride. The handlebar is not only adjustable but features a cool hand brake bar that you can use if you are strolling on hills.  If you are using this option, if you let go of the brake bar, the stroller will stop itself.  The brake bar can be locked down if you don’t need it though. Since they were just prototypes, we didn’t get to really test out the Dot. Stay tuned for our full in-depth video review coming in 2012.

The phil&teds Dot will come in brown & orange or brown & blue and will retail for $529 for the single and $99 for the doubles kit.

phil&teds Dot stroller