A Peek Inside Poppy’s Closet

Ahhhh, the joys of shopping!  Online shopping has become quite the dangerous past time for me.  All these wonderful items all within your finger tip’s reach! How I enjoy finding special pieces and putting them in my cart and then receiving the packages in the mail.  (It does annoy me when I have to pay shipping)

It’s been awhile since I shared one of the e retailers I am obsessed with.  Today must be your lucky day because I’m in the mood to share!

Poppy’s Closet has “a lovely assortment of chic, silly, bohemian, rock-star, vintage, organic, preppy & party apparel ranging in sizes from itty-bitty babies to 6 years of age.  Several ‘ooooh, that’s sooo cute!’ items.”

The owner of this retail site hand picks each and every item herself and pairs it with accessories that really make each outfit special and unique.  Her daily style varies depending on her moods or the occasion.

This is not a site I could do the bulk of my shopping at because the items are on the pricey side.  But it’s great for a splurge-worthy item, special event or to buy a gift for someone special.

Need to tell your husband and kids what to get you for Mother’s Day?  I’ve had my eyes on these monogrammed necklaces (Hope my husband is reading this!)

Happy shopping!  Happy 2nd anniversary to Poppy’s Closet!  Thanks for helping to fill our closet with items Mr. Blackwell would approve.

SHOP Poppy’s Closet HERE