A Remote Controlled Thomas with Real Steam!

I have previously mentioned that my daughter is a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan and so our home has several variations of the little blue train. Last week I gave birth to a son, and in a bid to help the two bond, we bought a gift for our daughter “from her baby brother.” This was a Fisher Price Steam n Speed Thomas– a remote controlled Thomas the Tank Engine that blows real steam!

This Thomas is slightly larger than your average one at 7.5 x 4 x 6.2 inches and weighing 1.65 pounds. The train itself requires four AA batteries, while the remote requires three AAA batteries, but these are not included, so be sure to have some before introducing the gift to your little one. Underneath the train is a small plastic bottle which you can remove, fill with water, and pour into the top of Thomas to create the steam. This is the best feature, and my daughter absolutely loves it! It’s a cool mist steam so don’t worry about little fingers getting burnt.

The remote is very easy to work- the green button moves him forward, yellow takes him backwards in a curved motion, and the blue button gets Thomas doing all kind of fun things like spins. He talks a lot and there is no volume control so he’s pretty loud- he shouts things like “Pumping Pistons!” and “Bust My Buffers!” Personally, I would have preferred the cartoon theme tune or for him to make a choo-chooing sound, but we’ll take it as it is. There is an On/Off button on both the train and the remote control, so if he doesn’t move, be sure to check both are switched on.

After initially being scared of the loud, talking Thomas, my daughter now loves to play with this toy. She is about to turn two next week and has no problems with the controls and picking him up if he gets stuck. He works well on wood/tiled floors and even on carpet, and is able to transition from one type of flooring to the other with ease. All in all, I think my newborn son picked a great present for his big sister 😉

BUY The Fisher Price Speed n Steam Thomas HERE