A Response to the Giveaway Controversy

Dear Baby Gizmo Friends,

I wanted to address something that you may or may not realize is going on.  As many of you know we hold photo contests periodically to have a little fun, get all our readers involved, and give away really great prizes.  The current Baby on Location Photo Contest has recently had a bit of controversy surrounding it and we wanted to clear the air.

It was brought to our attention that one of the finalists in this current photo contest was purchasing votes (“likes”) in an attempt to win.  We investigated this claim and found it to be true. We also approached the contestant privately and she indeed admitted to purchasing some of her votes.  This type of action compromises the integrity of our contest.  Since our main goal is to make the contest fun and fair for everyone involved, we have made the decision to subtract all the purchased votes from her final vote count.

This is not the first time that contestants have found a way to work around the rules and it won’t be the last. We are continuously updating our contest rules to ensure that any kind of behavior that can be perceived as cheating is avoided.

Again, the purpose of the contest is to have fun and to get everyone involved and this poor sportsmanship has turned this experience sour for us.  While we realize that emotions are running high with this issue, we hope that everyone can understand the position we are taking with this and that we won’t tolerate anything that can be perceived as cheating.

I personally strive to maintain integrity within The Baby Gizmo Company, a company I started from the ground up. I want to thank all the Baby Gizmo friends and fans, as your support means everything to me.

Thanks for all your support,


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Wow! Don’t lose heart- I love what you do and this will blow over quickly. Your photo contests were a good idea and I’m sorry it sounds like it got so icky. As an ordinary fan not involved with the contest, it sounds like you are doing a great job handling the issue. Blessings!

She had to be dq. but still hollie is a very nice person she didn’t do that. i hope she didn’t get anything, because that would be very unfair to other contestants. how can all the other friends of her, or maybe all whoever supported her is her fake accounts, think that what she did was smart? and still want to get back the votes she didn’t purchase back! if that was me, i would just ask hollie to take my photo out. have some dignity people! how many times did you kill a man because no one told you… Read more »
Hollie, Thank you for everything that you do – I have purchased almost all may baby items only after watching your review for each specific item (more than 10 times in a row, to my husband’s dismay.) I personally don’t get involved in picture contests because I am against posting my baby’s picture online but I do participate in all your other contests and appreciate them. I just want to point out that it was very graceful of you to write the entire incident without names, whether or not people knew who it was. Last, I’d like to reiterate the… Read more »

I wondered how she had so many votes when you can’t even see the kid in the pic! Hollie handled it completely fairly in that she didn’t completely disqualify the finalist since technically the rules didn’t spell out that buying votes wasn’t acceptable. If those voters unlike the page because of it, then you don’t need their support.


I was a finalist and played fair and square. The thought never entered my mind to cheat. It’s pathetic to think about people’s definition of cheating. The saddest thing is that she is teaching poor morals to her children. She should be ashamed. She turned such a fun and exciting expereince into a sour one. I personally gave up asking for votes after I saw how much she was in the lead. Now I’m bummed I didn’t have the opprotunity to ask for more from my fb friends. Oh well. Hope this never happens again! Love BG!! =)

I’m a teacher in my former life and used to deal with this type of stuff on a daily basis- from THIRD GRADERS! “Well you didn’t technically SAY I couldn’t throw the pencil at so and so’s head”– soo… because I didn’t SAY it, you thought it was OK? Yea- Hollie, you did the right thing. The fact that you didn’t disqualify shows that you were trying to give the benefit of the doubt. I am shocked at the negative response of the overly dramatic. Whatever happened to DOING THE RIGHT THING? Some things don’t need to be said or… Read more »

Luv ya!

Wow why is everyone so upset? Did the contestants have to pay to enter or something? This is supposed to be just for fun I thought. People need to lighten up… What was the prize anyways? From the way people are acting, sounds like u r giving away a new car or something? Sheesh… These women need to be thankful u even wasted ur time trying to track down a cheater and stop being bitter their child didnt win. There are PLENTY of other cute kid photo contests online, go try ur luck at those and leave Hollie alone. She… Read more »

Oh My….IF one our kids was caught doing this we would make them give the prize back.


Really?!? All your doing is subtracting the purchased votes? If “This type of action compromises the integrity of our contest” then this person should be eliminated from the contest completely, not simply have votes subtracted. I’m very disappointed.


Cheating is cheating. Isn’t that what we would teach our kids? Baby Gizmo is great and Hollie was trying to do her best at fixing the situation. It’s time to move forward.


Hi Hollie

I think your response was perfect. Someone cheating is not a reflection on your or your company in my opinion. I would never dream that someone would buy votes to win a prize and honestly it makes me sad to live in a world where someone would do that.

I LOVE Kimberley’s quotes on 01/28/2011 at 1:54 pm. Bribery is cheating. Hollie- I love your site and I look at your reviews before we go out to make a purchase for our family. Baby Gizmo is an amazing gift to parents everywhere and I recommend your site to all my friends. I have entered several of your photo contests, and was excited to have an image of my son in the finals for the Halloween contest. Although it didn’t win, I was proud to have my friends and family visit your site and vote for my son! I’m disappointed… Read more »
Deborah B
Hollie, I have been a fan of Baby Gizmo since before I had kids, and I love you guys! I think there are some moms out there who need a little drama in their lives or something! 😉 Buying votes for a contest for best photo is absurd, and I think you’re handling this very well–sorry you have to deal with something like this at all! Your giveaways and contests are so fun, and very generous of you and the baby gear companies involved. Thank you! To the bitter moms out there: You are either bitter because you are a… Read more »
Shannon D M

umm I don’t know for sure what’s going on, but when I see it says someone is paying for votes, to me that is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard. If you have the money to pay for votes how about your booty go out and just buy the dang prize yourself instead of wasting that kind of time and money. It’s not like your winning some dang 20 million dollar prize. Good grief if your brains can cook up this scheme than your brain can figure out how to purchase something.