A Smart Trike to Grow with Your Baby

This isn’t your old run-of-the-mill tricycle that we grew up with.  The Smart Trike is a fun 3-in-1 tricycle that is made to grow with your baby.  The Smart Trike has three phases to grow with your child from 10 months to 3+ years.  The Trike comes in a variety of bright  colors and patterns to appeal to your toddler right away. It’s a multi-featured tricycle with features to make it stand out from the rest of the tricycles on the block. 

First, your baby can start using this tricycle months before any old standard trike.  Starting at 10 months, your baby can take a ride “stroller-style” buckled in the tricycle seat while mom pushes and navigates the trike.  The Smart Trike features an adjustable handle that telescopes out to 5 positions to allow mom (or dad!) to push and steer the trike while your baby is still young. 

The seat has a tall back to give baby support and a removable, washable cover to keep the seat comfy.  Normally you wouldn’t have your 10 month old ride on a tricycle but the Smart Trike is different.  It has a safety harness and a removable safety bar that surrounds your baby to keep him secure in the seat.   The fold-down footrests come in handy in the first phase of the Smart Trike to give your little one a comfy place to set their feet when their little legs are too short to reach the pedals.  We also love the “clutch” on the front wheel that basically detaches the pedals from the wheel to prevent them from spinning out of control when the trike is being pushed by the parent.  Let us warn you – the instructions on the Smart Trike are awful!  They are the worst part of the product.  They are not detailed at all and the only way we figured out “the clutch” was by trial and error.  The clutch is a black piece on the front wheel that needs to be pulled out (with some force) to detach the pedals from the wheels.  Push the black disc back in and the pedals work again.  Not too hard when you know how to do it!

The Smart Trike rolls on wide, flat rubber wheels that we think give the trike extra stability. The seat also features a play phone that is attached with a string so that dreaded game of “drop it and mom picks it up” is avoided.  Genius!  The trike phone also takes batteries to play music. There is a cup holder in front of the seat for a bottle or sippy cup, a pouch on the handlebar for parent essentials and a removable bucket in the back for kid’s toys.

The trike also sports a removable, adjustable, flat canopy above the seat.  The canopy is not our favorite feature of the Smart Trike.  While we understand where they were going with adding a canopy (sun protection) – the canopy is flimsy and will fly backwards towards you if you get the slightest amount of wind underneath.  And when it isn’t flipping up all the time, your toddler will be playing with it because it bends so easily.  Again, not our favorite part so it’s good that it is removable. 

When your baby is 15 months, the safety bar can be removed and the clutch pushed back in to engage the pedals to help teach your toddler to ride the trike on his own.  With the safety bar removed there is still a safety belt to keep the little one on the seat.  In this middle phase, you can still keep the handlebar attached for the parent to assist.  When your toddler has mastered the trike, remove the handlebar and the Smart Trike is your typical (but cool – remember the phone and cup holder!) tricycle for your child to ride on their own. 

While we think the instructions and canopy could be improved, overall, we think the Smart Trike is a great multi-functioning tricycle to grow with your child.

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