ABC Kids Expo 2011: Now the Real Work Begins!

I just got back from the ABC Kids Expo and I just have to say I’M EXHAUSTED!  Seriously, I just had to put it out there. Having-a-hard-time-keeping-my-eyes-open-as-I-type-exhausted! Oh, the things I do for my Baby Gizmo friends!

Sure, people are going to say: “you were walking around all day looking at fun, new strollers, don’t be a drama queen, Hollie!”  I wish it was just that easy! First, I had to endure Louisville, KY while it rained the entire weekend. The tradeshow has been in Vegas for many years in the past. Louisville this year is NOT Vegas, I assure you! Second, the Expo center had over 1 million square feet of exhibit space holding more than 950 companies with their products that I circled and circled and circled for 4 days straight! My feet are killing me and exhaustion has set in. But I happily did it all for you!  To bring you the inside scoop on the latest and greatest products coming out at the end of 2011 and throughout 2012. The Orbit Double, the Baby Jogger new strollers, Clek Foonf,  phil&teds promenade and Dot, 4Moms brand new product, two new i’coo strollers, new Valco Baby, Inglesina strollers that are new to you, Uppa Baby and much, much more! I took tons of videos to give you lots of sneak peeks. I have piles of information on what is coming out and when.

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In the next week or so, I will share all the video, news and inside information that I got at ABC Kids Expo as fast as I can!  Please be patient as I am exhausted though! 🙂 Stay tuned. In the meantime, here are some photos of me at the show!

It's the new Orbit Baby Double Helix!
Taking a rest on the Incredibed!


Okay, so maybe I did have some fun on Bugaboo's red carpet!


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Baby Gizmo founder Hollie Schultz is the proud mom of three adorable kids. This certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Tech and baby gear expert is the host of the Baby Gizmo video reviews giving moms the inside look at baby products before they purchase them. Hollie is also the co-author of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide. A former resident of Los Angeles, she and her family now live in North Carolina where she is having a blast designing and decorating her new home.

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Thank you for all your hard work and reviews Hollie! I always check your reviews before I go out and test drive strollers. I’m really glad I found your I’coo Pii review, I guess I will hold off on the Pacific for now! When is the Pii due to roll out into stores?


Thank you for all the walking, talking and videos,and also for taking time to post all this! Hollie,what would we do without you? Oh the time I have spent watching stroller reviews instead of washing the dishes (lol 🙂 Thanks so much, I really appreciate all the info on this site and on BabyGizmo too.

You should totally go and get a pedicure and massage!

Sincerely, Margaret


Thanks for all the updates Hollie. Any new news on the uppa baby cruz? It seems the release keeps getting postponed and still no videos showing the fold. Was it at the show? How does it compare with the new BJ Versa???

Tiffany L

can’t wait to see all your reviews!!!


Oh good! I was hoping we didn’t leave a bad impression. Hope you come back soon…maybe the Derby? : )


Sorry Louisville wasn’t that great for you. I live here and love it! I also really enjoy your reviews and blog. They are so informative and helpful. So even though you didn’t like us, you still have some fans of your work here : )


Looks like you had fun! I’d sure be tired too. these new products look amazing. thanks for showing many of them to us.

Anna Caltagirone

I’m so excited!


Awesome 🙂 can’t wait to see and hear about all the new stuff!