ABC Kids Expo and New Baby Products in 2015

ABC Kids Expo and New Baby Products in 2015

Baby Products for 2015

Want to know about all the new baby products coming out in 2015? This weekend I’m heading to the annual ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas to check out all the amazing things that are coming out in the baby world in 2015. The ABC Kids Expo is a trade show that is only open to the industry peeps but you can bet that I’ll keep you updated every day on all the cool things that I see. If you follow me on Instagram, it will be like you are right there with me and won’t miss a thing!

I am also honored to have been chosen as one of the judges of the JPMA Innovation Awards that will start off the weekend. This prestigious role allowed me sneak peeks into many of the hottest new gear that hasn’t been talked about yet. I’ve signed non-disclosures, and because I play by the rules, you will have to wait until Saturday and Sunday for me to spill the beans. That being said, there are some super awesome things coming out.

Here are just some things I’ll be keeping an eye on…

UPPABABY 2015: They something up their sleeve for a new VISTA 2015 that is going to blow your mind.  My lips are sealed. For now.

4MOMS 2015: Not sure but something big is brewing over at 4Moms. Or maybe it is just more talk of their robotic, umbrella stroller? Just not sure.

BRITAX 2015: They always impress us and I’m sure Britax has a few things in the works for 2015. It just depends on if they are going to announce all of them at ABC or keep a few to themselves until the new year.

CYBEX 2015: Just. Wait. Awesomeness. Coming.

DOONA 2015: If you haven’t heard of Doona yet, you will! Soon. You’ll want to know about this one!

BUMBLERIDE 2015: Our friends at Bumbleride just debuted the Indie 4 at the beginning of the summer so we aren’t sure if they are going to have any big news but we’ll definitely find out. At the very least, they always introduce a few new colors, so we are anxious to see what color palette they will go with for 2015.

BABY JOGGER 2015: They are always tight-lipped until the day of the show, so we’ll see if Baby Jogger will be debuting any new strollers or earth-shattering updates.

JOOVY: Joovy isn’t showing at ABC – so there will be no Joovy updates.

BUGABOO: Bugaboo isn’t officially showing at ABC either and with the recent announcement of the Bugaboo Bee3, I’m not sure anything is new in the Bug world right now. Maybe we are wrong? Maybe there is a new designer collaboration?

There are so many more brands that I will be covering over the next week and beyond. Just make sure you check out our website daily, and of course, stay on top of our Instagram and Facebook pages because those will have frequent updates!!

What brands are you excited to hear updates on? Leave a comment and let us know so I make sure to bring you all the latest information.






  1. Hi Hollie! I have a BJ City Select and a Graco Breaze, both set up with a click connect car seat. Is Graco debuting any new double umbrella strollers at the expo? I was hoping for something like the Breaze in a duo. Please let us know! I don’t see anyone covering much from Graco. If that isn’t happening I’ll go with the new BJ Vue duo, the updated Maclaren Twin Techno (the one with the one-hand recline), or the Uppababy duo that’s coming out. Thanks!

  2. I’ve heard a rumor that Mamas and Papas may be coming out with a reversible version of the Armadillo. I’d love to find out what they have new for 2015!

  3. Please let us know if what Doona is introducing is as great as all the hype about it. I am curious what you think of it in terms of ease of use, and practicality. Thanks

  4. We’re also on our way to ABC! Can’t wait to see all the new products. Please come say hi to us in the Squooshi booth 1116 – we carry super fun and eco friendly reusable food pouches!

  5. excited as always to see new offerings from the luxury stroller category- as well as anything new in the bassinet/cosleeper category. With the Bassinest that came out – I wonder if anything will compete with it.

    Stokke is always one of my favorites with such intuitive and practical design- I would love to know what they have up their sleeves!

  6. Please check out the new valco baby snap ultra! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Also intrigued by what’s new from Cybex! Thanks!


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