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Add wool dryer balls to your laundry!

Some colored wool dryer balls from Buddha Bunz

I initially chose to use wool dryer balls when I started cloth diapering my daughter, however, I can tell you that I will still be using these clever little products long after she leaves the nest (sniffle). After reading about the chemicals in fabric conditioners and dryer sheets, not to mention the ongoing cost of purchasing either, I truly believe these dryer balls should be in every household.

Wool dryer balls are made from just that- wool! Natural and long-lasting, I’ve had my current wool balls for over a year, and they are set to keep going for many more. So cost wise, one purchase will keep you going for many years to come. They bounce around in your dryer fluffing your clothes, and if you chose to buy scented balls, they will keep your clothes smelling fresh too.

My main reason for advocating wool dryer balls is that they cut down drying time. There’s no study to say exactly how much, but it is believed that if you have at least four dryer balls, you will see a 25% reduction. The more balls you add, the less time your clothes will need in the dryer. You will need more if you have a larger loads of laundry. I currently have 5 in mine for a family of three, but I have heard of people who have 12, which means super fast drying!

Customized Wool Dryer Balls by Budda Bunz

You can buy dye-free and unscented dryer balls at Green Beanz or, you can buy colored, scented and even customized wool dryer balls at Budda Bunz. Please do keep in mind, these are small businesses who make the balls themselves. Prices vary on the type you choose, but a packet of 6 undyed and unscented will be approximately $35.00 plus shipping. This is an investment for years of all natural, faster drying time!

Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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Wednesday 6th of September 2017

wow, looks super quality. I also purchased for my baby but looking for some customize design with a cartoon which attracts kids.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.