Adventure to the Wild Frontier Travel Giveaway!!

Summer has set in and now it is time to hit the road with the kids!!

We are so excited to team up with Club MomMe again to offer a great giveaway to bring you all the things you need on your Wild Family Adventures! Plus, this time we’ve add two friends to celebrate with: Momma’s Gone City & Rookie Moms!

The Britax Frontier Car Seat is great for long road trips with your little one! There will be TWO lucky winners for this giveaway so enter now!

TWO Britax Frontier 90 Car Seats

ONE Green Toys Build a Bouquet

ONE Green Toys Planting Kit

ONE Green Toys Ferry Boat

ONE Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Medium Sealed Wet Bag

ONE Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Reusable Snack & Everything Bag

ONE Itzy Ritzy Set Snack Happens Mini Reusable Snack and Everything Bag


How to Enter:

This is Rafflecopter again. Enter below by doing as few or as many of the entry methods as you like. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Being a Military family, we would travel many places with a Britax car seat! Mainly NC, and MI to visit family!

  2. I would travel everywhere with a Britax Frontier 90! To me, the 90 would stand for the 90 minutes of round-trip commute my daughter spends in the car daily!

  3. We are a military family so we are constantly traveling all around the US to visit our families! Our son is 4 months old and has already been to 8 different states and we are about to add two more to the mix at the end of the month! We could definitely use this carseat when our son gets old enough to forward face!

  4. We would travel everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite design is owls and I love the ferry toy because we live on an island!

  5. Hi, Where do i find the link to confirm that i voted? I shared it on facebook after i voted and I also received an email confirmation for each vote.

  6. I would travel safely knowing my 5yo autistic son is still harnessed and as safe as he can be. We’ve had trouble finding him a seat that will fit (and we can afford, as we have 3 other kids in car seats) and this was at the top of our list. Hoping we can win it for him! Thank you!

  7. I would travel to Gradmas house with my Britax carrier! I have their baby carrier from my last pregnancy and love it!

  8. Ooops! I didn’t notice what the comment needed to be about before I posted. I would take my frontier Everywhere!!!! I would use it daily where ever we needed to go!

  9. My son would love to ride to preschool in this seat!! He really likes this seat! He calls it a race car seat!! It would be a great example for the other preschool parents too!! Preschool seems to have some pretty bad car seat usage!!

  10. I would go anywhere and everywhere with my Britax Frontier carseat! I would love to travel to Disney World with my little one to take her to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse for the first time!

  11. I have two small kids so we don’t do to much traveling. but we do go to my dads house often,which is almost a hour away! ๐Ÿ˜€

    For green toys my sons would like the ferry boat I think! they love cars and boats.

    And I like the owl print for Itzy Ritzy. My friend LOVES owls. So I’d give that too her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. We would love the Frontier we already have 3 Boulevards but my daughter is need to move up pretty soon. We go everywhere in our Britax carseats and strollers!!!

  13. I would travel everywhere! Everyday traveling! Especially when I have to switch carseats over to another car- how easy to use the new system!

  14. I’d love to win this seat.. We probably drive Disneyland since my boys are older now and will be able to enjoy it..

  15. The travel possibilities are endless if I won the Britax! However, my daughter has a special request…she wants to see the beach!

  16. We travel from the Midwest to the East coast several times a year for family trips and holidays – the Frontier 90 would be great for either of our boys!

  17. Would LOVE the Frontier!!! Never mind “traveling”…. I’d use this as our everyday carseat for my 4 year old who I just turned forward facing!

  18. I love Britax…. This would be so great to win this because I need to upgrade my daughter’s carseat and I am not working. Britax your products are fantastic!!!!

  19. We would love to win and we would love to drive to Disneyland and then to Santa Barbara to visit gteat grandma and gteat grandpa an the rest of the family.

  20. Where would you travel to with your Britax Frontier Car Seat?
    I would travel to West Virginia and back to Texas to see our family. We would also feel more safer in a sturdy carseat that are little one can enjoy.. Thanks for the giveaway

  21. My sons favorite Green Toys currently is the red and yellow tugboat! He also loves his tea set! W can’t wait to add more to his collection!

  22. For fathers day we were at the fair all day because we have a daughter in 4H but we still spent the day together which is what matters

  23. My husband had to work on Father’s Day so, we celebrated a few days before with a nice dinner and a cookie cake.

  24. My son has the green toys tool box and LOVES it. He plays with it a lot. We have several of the Itzy Ritzy products too. Great stuff! I’ve been looking at the booster for me son to move into when he outgrows is Britax Boulavard. Fingers crossed!

  25. For Father’s Day, we visited with both of our dad’s, then came home and set-up the water slide for our son. Nice, relaxing day.

  26. Love this giveaway! I have a 3 yr old who would love the Build a Bouquet ๐Ÿ™‚

    We celebrated Father’s Day with a bacon caramel brownie dessert!

  27. I like that the handles are adjustable on the Nuna Pepp. I have a hard time with smaller strollers because many of them are too short for me to use comfortably.

  28. My family spent father’s day at home with my fiance and our two sons relaxing until he had to go to work that afternoon. He is the only one working in the household, I stay at home with my boys who are 1 and 2 years old. He takes good care of his little family, I couldn’t ask for a better man. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. on father’s day, my husband had to work, so we joined him there (he’s a pastor). then we had a relaxing day at home and nice steak dinner the following night.

  30. My wife and I announced to a giant pool party of family and friends that we were/are expecting a baby! It was crazy! :0

  31. we celebrated fathers day at home with a cookout, I would take the monkey mat with us when we go to the park or visit family and the best feature of the stroller is how easily it folds

  32. We celebrated by having a picnic, I love the easy fold on the stroller, I would give the monkey mat to a friend who’s preggers.

  33. We celebrated fathers day with breakfast with my in laws and dinner with my parents. not to glamorous but good family time.

  34. We celebrated Father’s Day by just relaxing at home with our 3 beautiful children we still have here with us all the while remembering our new angel in heaven, our son Oliver who passed away in May.

  35. I celebrated Father’s Day by flying home from my sister’s bridal shower (two plans and five hours later)…I ran to my second flight with my one year old daughter because we almost missed our layover…and made it home in time to make breakfast and spend the day with my hubby!!

  36. Would love to win a prize for our two children! For Father’s Day we enjoyed time with my father–picked up his favorite treat of donuts and relaxed all day.

  37. Theย Britaxย Frontier Car Seat would be a great addition for the long road trips we take with our boys. Plus theย Itzy Ritzy Set Snack Happens Mini Reusable Snack and Everything Bag would be handy anytime.

  38. We celebrated Father’s Day by visiting my parents. We brought over food and ate lunch with my parents and my sister and her husband.

  39. This fathers day we didn’t really do anything my husband wanted to play xbox all day, so he got his wish. And I played with the kids

  40. For Father’s Day the kids and I made him breakfast and hung out all day watching movies (which is his favorite thing to do) and then took him to dinner!

  41. We spent father’s day by letting daddy sleep in, having lunch with his family and dinner with mine. Peaceful, relaxing, excellent!

  42. We celebrated Fathers day taking daddy out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and having a relaxing day with two kids and him.

    I would love to won the britax car seat

  43. Id use the monkey mat at the beach, and at the movie on the green in my local town, also, the parks around here! ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. We went out to eat for Father’s Day. I like that the Nuna Pepp stroller is easy to fold/open. I’d take the Monkey Mat to the Park.

  45. We celebrated Father’s Day by sending my husband off to go play golf while the kids and I made dinner for him. My 5 year old made mac and cheese while the the 2 year old made jelly sandwiches.

  46. The monkey mat would come everywhere with us. I’d put it in the back of my vehicle so we had it when we needed it. I usually get somewhere and realize I forgot the blanket.

  47. We celebrated father’s day by going out to eat for a nice steak dinner. Then we came home and ate the brownies I made!

  48. I celebrated father’s day by creating a book for my dad that included photos of kids grandbabies and happy times. he loved it, he’s 89.

  49. How did you celebrate Father’s Day?
    Showering my husband with love and appreciation

    What do you like most about the Nuna Pepp Stroller?
    So quick and easy to fold and open!

    Where would you take your Monkey Mat?
    Everywhere! So handy!

  50. We grilled at the In Law’s house for Father’s Day
    I like how flat the Nuna folds down and we’d take the Monkey Mat to the beach!

  51. Not in love with the Nuna Pepp, but I do like how flat it folds down. We would take a Monkey Mat to the beach and to every park we can find!

  52. The “big” car in our family is a Mini Clubman, so the thing we like best about the Nuna Pepp Stroller is the size! ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. With three daughters ages 5,3, and newborn, we allowed daddy to sleep in while we fixed him a yummy manly breakfast and painted our feet on paper so we could frame it for his office. We then had a wonderful pool day while BBQn some ribs and burgers. He was a happy daddy.

  54. We spent father’s day at my parents place since my dad can’t do steps anymore to get into my house or my brother’s house. It’s a little tight for the 10 of us in their one bedroom apartment, but we were all together, which is always nice.

  55. For father’s day I flew to Milwaukee to surprise my father for his birthday with my baby and flew back to New York to spend the rest of the day with my husband.

  56. We celebrated Father’s Day by making crafts for daddy and grandad and then we had a picnic at the park with the family!

  57. We celebrated Father’s Day by ordering pizza and watching a movie, it was my husband’s first father’s day and our baby was only 1 month old so it seemed appropriate!

  58. Guess now I read what I was suppose to answer. We spent fathers day in Colorado with my sisters and their husbands. We are from Minnesota.

  59. We celebrated Father’s Day with B’s family. His niece had a birthday party so we got to spend the day with everyone. My little one was 9 months and loves her daddy:)

  60. We celebrated Father’s Day by taking pictures for daddy who works with Oceaneering (the group that capped the oil spill) and showing him the cards we made for him and the cake we made for him. It’s hard when a significant other is away on holidays but with a little imagination we still find ways to celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚


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