Alicia Silverstone Gives Her Baby Mouth-to-Mouth….. Breakfast

Here at Baby Gizmo, we like to tell you about the latest gadgets, and that includes feeding utensils. Well, Alicia Silverstone has other ideas. The vegan and health food advocate mother of Bear Blu, has caused an internet stir because she posted a video of her feeding her son Bear Blu breakfast…. from her mouth. She chews her food and passes it to her 11 month-old son mouth-to-mouth. No hands involved.

You can watch the video below.

Comments have been very harsh. I’ve filtered through them and have found a few that do not use awful language.

“I understand her desire to live “naturally” and pass that onto her child, however, healthwise she’s passing on a lot more, like herpes or other bacteria that lives in our mouths. Otherwise, i think its just nasty and totally inappropriate. Its not the worst thing u can do to a kid, its just wrong on a lot of levels”

“We fed our son the same way.  Strapping, healthy, strong 9 yo today, an immune system like a champion and never been vaccinated.  He was interested in food well before I was comfortable introducing it to him, and feeding him by mouth seemed the best compromise for all of us.”

“they actually have this new thing called a blender, you should try it”

Yikes!  Talk about Judgy Judgersons! I’m guessing that Alicia knew she would cause a stir when she posted the video though. You can read her blog regarding the breakfast fun here.

What are your thoughts on how she feeds her son?