All natural ways to keep your home smelling fresh

I am a recovering candle addict. Before I had kids I spent a shameful amount of money on candles. Fresh linen, summer breeze, honeysuckle rain, it did not matter. I loved infusing my home with the latest fresh scent. Once our little ones arrived I quit cold turkey. I didn’t want to risk irritating their little lungs with smoke and heavy perfumes. It was then that I began my search for all natural methods to freshen up our home.

Here are some ideas:

Soy Candles

When we lived in Vermont we would┬ábuy┬álocally made soy candles at the Burlington Farmer’s Market. It felt great to support our local artisans and pick up a candle at the same place we purchased our produce each week. Now we order our candles online via┬áEtsy. Sprout is one of my favorite vendors because the candles┬áare poured┬áinto simple yet chic mason jars, the scents are strong but not overpowering, the candles are┬álong-lasting┬áand the price is reasonable. Soy candles are sometimes┬ávery expensive but Sprout’s┬ástrike┬áthe perfect balance between price and burning time.

Honeydew Melon Soy Candle


DIY Natural Cleaners

I’m a huge┬álavender┬áfan so am partial to this “recipe”┬ábut you can find all kinds of variations using your preferred essential oils as┬ásubstitutes. I had no idea how easy and inexpensive DIY cleaning solutions were. I probably would’ve started using them years ago. It’s liberating to no longer have to spend hundreds each year on simple to make cleaners for windows and floors. Give it a try. You’ll save money and your home will smell amazing.

Pretty Plants

We haven’t gotten around to this one yet since newly mobile babies like to get into plants and taste dirt, mine d0 anyway, but plants are an excellent way to┬áprettify┬áand improve indoor air quality. Some plants do a better job than others and there are different levels of┬ámaintenance┬ábut there is a hardworking plant out there for everyone. Do a little research, buy a pretty pot, and welcome a new plant into your home. Your lungs will thank you.


Do you have any green tips for freshening up your home?

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Veronica Armstrong is a stay at home mother and freelance writer. She lives with her husband and two small children in Cornell University graduate student housing while her husband studies for his MBA. She blogs at about her adventures in natural motherhood, temporary Vermont hiatus, and life as an MBA wife. Veronica is also a hobbyist photographer that likes to express herself through captures of her ordinary and beautifully hectic life. Maple bacon donuts bring her unbridled joy and coffee is her best friend.

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