Am I Being Replaced? A View From The First-Born Child

A view from the first-born child

Mama, I’m confused. We’re keeping the baby? Will I have to share my special bear? Why can’t I have a turn drinking the milk?

Mama, I’m scared. I needed you to help me on the potty but you were changing the baby’s diaper.

Mama, I’m sorry I had an accident. I tried to wait, I really did.

Mama, please don’t be mad. I didn’t mean to spill your milk. I didn’t know it was special.

Mama, I’m upset. You used to cuddle me more. You used to sing me to sleep. You used to not yell so much. Will it always be like this?

Am I being replaced?

Baby Brother, I’m confused. Where did you come from? Why are you here? Why don’t you do anything but eat and cry?

Baby Brother, I’m scared. Will mommy love you more than me?

Baby Brother, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall on your face when I jumped too close to you. You’re okay.

Baby Brother, please don’t be mad. Please don’t cry. When you do, sometimes mama cries too.

Baby Brother, I’m upset. I wanted mommy to play blocks with me but she was cleaning up your poopy mess. She always has to help you.

Are you taking my place?

Mama, it’s okay, I know you are tired. I’ll tuck this blanket around you since you fell asleep during our movie.

Mama, don’t cry. I’ll get you a tissue and pat your back, like you do for me when I’m sad.

Mama, I want to help. Even though it takes longer, can I help wipe his bum? Can I go get his paci? Can I kiss him goodnight?

Mama, I’m a big sister! I can teach him to play and run and sing all our favorite songs!

Mama, can I hold him? I want to hug him close, like you do.

Mama, thank you for being silly with me again. Our time at the park was so much fun!

I’m not being replaced.

Baby Brother, don’t be sad. I’ll share my stuffed animals with you! Every single one!

Baby Brother, do you want to read a book? I’ll go get my favorite one.

Baby Brother, I can’t wait until you get older so we can play together. You’ll love bubbles and chalk!

Baby Brother, I guess you’re okay. I’ll tell mommy she can keep you.

Mama, I love him.

We all have a place.

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