Am I Dreaming? Storksak Diaper Bags for up to 50% off?!

If you have watched my video reviews, you will see my beloved Storksak Diaper Bag make a cameo appearance in many of them when it comes time to showcase a stroller basket!  I can’t tell you how much I love my Storksak bag.  Well, I love it enough to show it to you video after video even though I risk it taking away the spotlight from the stroller I’m showcasing.  Everytime I have a friend who is expecting, I recommend that they splurge on a Storksak diaper bag because I’m confident that they will be glad they did.  The Storksak bags not only are functional but they look more like chic purses than a diaper bag that screams “I’m ready to wipe a poopy butt” when I walk in a room!

That being said, I’m so excited to share with you all that many of the styles of Storksak Diaper Bags are on sale today on Gilt for up to 50% off.  Did you hear me???  FIFTY PERCENT OFF!!!!  That is usually unheard of.  I couldn’t find such a sale when I was purchasing mine a while back.  If you are looking for a new diaper bag, you have to check out this sale on Storksaks!  In case you are wondering, my absolute favorite of the Gilt sale choices is the Storksak Alison!!!  How cool is this bag?!?!  And it’s only $113 (orig. $225)!!!

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