Amazing New Playsets from Fisher Price

Fisher-Price has recently introduced two exciting new playset lines, Precious Places and Imaginext Dragon World, for kids ages 3 and up.  These playsets and accessories are sure to inspire classic play patterns, creating magical experiences and encouraging kids to bring imaginative worlds to life.  Both playsets will make amazing birthday or Christmas presents!

Imaginext Dragon World Fortress

The Imaginext Dragon World Fortress playset is perfect for the little dragon slayer in your family.  The playset is a tall and towering fortress that reveals a world of imaginative play with surprise features and a full range of accessories. Stocked with interactive features, this toy kept our young testers busy and happy for hours!  The two knights that are included can be placed on the multiple activation disks and twisted to reveal great actions and special features such as opening the front door, moving the dragon’s head, or opening of the hidden staircase.  Your little one can also fire canons at the dragon and roll boulders down the dragon’s tail.  Our testers really love the variety of sound and light effects on the fortress.  There is lightning, thunder, and fierce dragon sounds.  All perfect for a little boy!  (Not to say our little girl testers didn’t love it as well!) The fortress includes two knights with helmets, shields and weapons, two flags, two boulders, one bed and 3 AA batteries.  It is designed for children 3-8 years old and retails for $54.99.  

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Precious Places Swan Palace

The Precious Places Swan Palace is a magical playset for your little princess.  Our little princess testers were busy for hours with this magical palace that is filled with interactive features, lights and music.  It includes a princess and her prince that each having their own thrones that transforms into a banquet room with the turn of one of the figures on the activation disk.  There is a hidden bed for a princess nap and a mirrored dressing room to get ready for the ball.  The second floor of the playset was a big hit with our testers because the princess and prince can waltz to the music at their own ball.  When the figures are places on the activation disks (there is even room for an additional couple that is sold separately), a giant heart lights up and a variety of dancing music plays.  Plus, there is a treasure room on the second floor for the princess to keep an eye on her treasure complete with more lights and magical sound effects.  The playset has a handy carry handle and the back portion (the banquet hall/throne room) folds up for travel.  With all its interactive features that promote imaginative play, this Palace was a big hit with all our testers!  Swan Palace comes with the Swan Palace Princess (Sirina), a prince, three pieces of headgear for the princess, one piece of headgear for the prince, one scepter, two flag toppers and two swans. The Palace is for children 3 and up and retails for $49.99. 

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