American Airlines Flight Attendant Hits Mother With Stroller, Then Tells Passenger “Hit Me!”

An American Airlines flight attendant has quickly been suspended after multiple witnesses claimed that he hit a mother in the face with her stroller, and almost hit her baby.

Facebook user┬áSurain Adyanthaya uploaded a video of what happened after the incident on the flight yesterday afternoon from San Francisco to Dallas Fort Worth, when the mother of twins is crying and pleading for her stroller back, just after being hit. The flight attendant in question then returns to the plane, and another male passenger, visibly upset at how the flight attendant hit the woman, confronts him. The flight attendant then replies, “Hit me!”

Check it out-

Has the world gone completely insane? It’s a flight, and passengers are paying for just a teeny tiny piece of respect and kindness when they board, not this insane violence and hostility we’ve been seeing recently.

The mother with her twins

And before all the “internet perfect parents” come along and ask questions such as, “Why was this mother on the flight with a stroller?” because that somehow means she asked to get hit in the face with the stroller, please keep quiet. I’m so tried of comments that lack an ounce of compassion. Can you find it somewhere deep down to just realize what this flight attendant did was wrong instead of bashing the mom?

I’ve been on 11 hour flights from LA to London and back again with a baby, then a toddler with a baby, I can tell you that all┬áthe horrible looks and stares from other passengers is hard enough, but we pray that the staff is kind and understanding to help us through what can be a difficult few hours for several people.

So thank you American Airlines for suspending this individual.