American Girl Adds New Books to Collection

If you have an American Girl fan in the house, she might be interested to know that they have some great new additions to the American Girl book collection. Three new mysteries, two new Innerstar University books and my favorite new addition, a book called “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Liking Herself – Even on the Bad Days”.

Even though these books are geared towards ages 8+, my 7 year old, who is a huge American Girl fan, is already starting to get into them. If your child isn’t up to reading chapter books, these are still great books to read to them.

My daughter’s favorite new book is one of the newest Innerstar University books. It’s an interactive book that has the reader making choices throughout the story to result in over 20 different endings. I used to love these types of books when I was young! For example, one story says “If you help out as Camera Girl Number 2, turn to page 22” or “If you want to play a role onstage, turn to page 13”. Each choice results in a different ending. It’s a great interactive way to make reading fun.

My favorite book of the new additions is the “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Liking Herself – Even on the Bad Days“. This book encourages high self-esteem and teaches girls how to turn a good day into a great day. It teaches “tips for trusting yourself, ideas for boosting your self-esteem (or for keeping it up), and ways to feel your best in all kinds of situations.” While it is a little advanced for my daughter, I think it will definitely come into play next year. Even in first grade, I can already see the “mean girl” attitudes coming out in some of the girls (including my daughter – I’m not naive).  We already have the “who is your BFF?” notes being passed back and forth and the who is sitting with who at lunch conversations. Here is a note that I found in my daughter’s backpack just last week:

Yikes, I not ready for all the girl drama yet but I’m keeping this “Smart Girls Guide” in my back pocket for when we need it!

To check out the entire line of American Girl Books, you can visit their website HERE.

Disclosure: Thanks to American Girl for sending us the three sample books to check out. As always, all our thoughts, opinions and comments are our own.