American Girl Happy Holiday Dress (VIDEO)

It’s about that time that we are searching high and low for the perfect holiday attire for our children, whether it is for holiday photos, heading to grandma’s house, Christmas dinner or holiday parties, they will need something “fancy” to wear. Okay, fancier than the soft pants and ratty t-shirt that my 5 year old insists on wearing half the time!

Holiday dresses are very important to my 9 year old and always have been. She is a girly-girl through and through, and prefers to only wear dresses and skirts everyday so when it is holiday time, this is her time to shine. The fancier – the better. Sparkles, glitter, shimmer, bows – it’s all welcome and appreciated when picking out her holiday dress.

This year, we have it picked out early and she is over the moon with her choice. It is the American Girl Happy Holiday Dress. It’s everything she wanted with the sequins, bow, tulle and “twirl-ability.” Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the exact same dress comes in a size for her American Girl Doll. Go figure. 😉

In case you are still looking for a holiday dress or special occasion dress for your gal, my daughter wanted to share hers in a Baby Gizmo Video. Photos only tell so much but to actually see the details and “twirl-ability” makes a difference.

American Girl Happy Holiday Dress

You can purchase the Happy Holiday Dress at

American Girl Happy Holiday Dress

American Girl Happy Holiday Dress

American Girl Holiday Dress