An Espresso for Me, and a Babyccino for the Toddler

An Espresso for Me, and a Babyccino for the Toddler

An Espresso for Me, and a Babyccino for the Toddler


No seriously, the title is true. According to The Brooklyn Paper, a new trend is sweeping Brooklyn and it comes in the name of a “Babyccino.” At around $2, they state that some people describe the drink as

“a macchiato-like beverage featuring a shot of decaf espresso topped with steamed milk and froth, while others use it to describe steamed milk with foam on top and a touch of cinnamon. Baristas around the borough say they get requests for both versions of the drink.”

The paper also states “Doctors say that caffeine is not healthy for kids in large quantities, but a decaf shot of espresso contains less caffeine than a soda.” Oh, phew! That’s okay then!

The Huffington Post is trying to stir up some reaction from adults, by implying that it is always the decaf espresso version, but thankfully most parents choose the steamed milk babyccino. I know my toddler is already a non-stop moving machine, so I wouldn’t really want to add a shot of espresso (decaf or not) to the mix. Would you?

Here is a video of little Ruby enjoying her Babyccino, which the poster of the video states “Don’t worry, it’s just the frothy milk from a cappucino, but don’t tell her that!”



Would you give your baby a Babyccino?



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  2. Wow, this is horrible. Who would serve this to their child??? Coffee is not good for health and to serve “decaf” is even worse. “decaf” becomes decaf due to processing with chemicals….and decaf really isn’t caffeine free either. Of course the article says less caffeine than a soda…but who gives their kid soda?? How awful!!

  3. I would definitely give my baby a babyccino. I don’t see anything wrong with a harmless way to let your little one feel grown up. I would probably opt for the milk version without the decaf expresso but I wouldn’t be against the expresso version. If it doesn’t harm the child at all I don’t understand the fuss. I think it was a great idea. People give their kids drinks that are packed with sugar and caffeine and no one cares, this is healthier and people have an issue with it? I just don’t get society sometimes, if something is the least bit taboo it is immediately rejected.


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