…And Then We Bought a Minivan

…And Then We Bought a Minivan
This is NOT our minivan. lol.

Remember almost a year ago when I wrote that one post in which I expressed my longing for a minivan, specifically one with automatic sliding doors? Yeah. Well, guess what? We got a minivan. Yep, along with trading in the SUV we bought so that I could hold on to my “womanly” identity post-motherhood, I traded in my own disillusionment that with children my life really wouldn’t change.

My husband laughed the day I told him I really wanted a minivan instead the “luxury” SUV that had garnered quite a few scratches from carts in Walmart parking lots.

“What do you mean you want a minivan? Why didn’t we just get one of those in the first place?” he said.

“Yeah. Yeah. I know. I know.”

“So… I was right?”

“Yes, but, I was right, too, so we’re equal.”

And with that we bought our minivan. Along with wanting more space, we, or mainly I, since I’m the one driving it all the time, wanted a car that was family-friendly. I know. Look at me, sounding all mom-sy and all. So, yes, there was that and my realization that, irrespective of the kind of car I drive, I can be all the things I hoped an SUV would make me seem. I can be, even with my minivan, sexy and young and hip if I choose to be. Yes! Or, that’s what I tell myself when I drive with my head held high to the grocery store.

We’ve had our minivan for a little over two weeks and, honestly, in that short time, my life has improved. I think acceptance was big in this, or accepting that yes, I am a mom and that if I am to survive as a mom of small children, I must do things that will make my life easier, not harder. So, we got a minivan and when I’m driving it, I feel like myself, a woman with children who got a van because she’s confident enough to not allow a car to define her identity.

So tell us – do you have a minivan? Does your car define your identity? Do tell.


  1. I love my VW Routan! We only have 1 kid right now, but automatic sliding doors and rear door are awesome!! Getting out and about is so much easier. I have to admit I’m a little mean sometimes, and I chuckle watching parents struggle with their big SUVs. We love the sliding doors so much, my husband is going to get the mini-mini van….the Mazda 5.

  2. It was a tough transition for me too. I owned a Chevy Tahoe. I swore that that was the only vehicle I would ever drive. Then we had kids haha. The first time my daughter ran away from me and I couldn’t get the door open in time scared me enough that I wanted automatic doors. As much as I kicked and screamed I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would be with an SUV.

  3. I too said I would never, ever, ever drive a minivan. I had a Mazda Protege5 when my son was born. I purchased a Highlander within 2 weeks of my son’s birth, thinking it would be enough room for at least 2 kids. We travel all the time and mostly we camp when traveling to events. So we carry everything we need including the kitchen sink!! After 3 years of my Highlander (and thinking of another child)I decided I wanted a minivan. I’ve had my van for 2 years and I LOVE IT!! I love the automatic sliding doors, the endless space, and the comfort of the ride over long distances!! I don’t think my car defines my identity. I think its a practical choice for me and many other moms.

  4. WE just had twins last week adn we have three older one soooooo I am getting a mini van this year our lil SUV just can’t hold us all so hubby keep the truck adn I get my own Momma Cruzer!


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