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  1. I love my VW Routan! We only have 1 kid right now, but automatic sliding doors and rear door are awesome!! Getting out and about is so much easier. I have to admit I’m a little mean sometimes, and I chuckle watching parents struggle with their big SUVs. We love the sliding doors so much, my husband is going to get the mini-mini van….the Mazda 5.

  2. It was a tough transition for me too. I owned a Chevy Tahoe. I swore that that was the only vehicle I would ever drive. Then we had kids haha. The first time my daughter ran away from me and I couldn’t get the door open in time scared me enough that I wanted automatic doors. As much as I kicked and screamed I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would be with an SUV.

  3. I too said I would never, ever, ever drive a minivan. I had a Mazda Protege5 when my son was born. I purchased a Highlander within 2 weeks of my son’s birth, thinking it would be enough room for at least 2 kids. We travel all the time and mostly we camp when traveling to events. So we carry everything we need including the kitchen sink!! After 3 years of my Highlander (and thinking of another child)I decided I wanted a minivan. I’ve had my van for 2 years and I LOVE IT!! I love the automatic sliding doors, the endless space, and the comfort of the ride over long distances!! I don’t think my car defines my identity. I think its a practical choice for me and many other moms.

  4. WE just had twins last week adn we have three older one soooooo I am getting a mini van this year our lil SUV just can’t hold us all so hubby keep the truck adn I get my own Momma Cruzer!

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