Another Great Use for BabyLegs!

Another Great Use for BabyLegs!

We all know BabyLegs are great for keeping little legs warm.  They are “leg warmers” after all.  This week I just realized another great use for all the BabyLegs that my kids have.  Wrist warmers for playing in the snow!

We live in Chicago.  It’s very cold and very snowy all winter long.  We just got 6″ last night! Like most kids, mine love to play in the snow.  -20 degrees and they are still begging to go sledding!  So, we bundle them up and out they go.  With dad.  (If you know me, you’d know I’m not a fan of the cold!)  We layer the clothes.  Then add the boots, snowpants, hats, gloves, scarves, and winter coat!  Sounds like it would be enough, right?  Well, the little area at my kids’ wrists where their jacket should meet their gloves always seems to get exposed.  The gloves aren’t long enough and the jacket ends up riding up just enough while they are sledding to expose their wrists and let snow pack into their sleeve.  Not cool.

So, while getting my son ready for snow play yesterday, I got the idea to put a pair of BabyLegs over the tops of the gloves and up under the sleeves of his coat.  This fixed our problem.  No more cold wrists or snow packing up into his sleeves!  And what do you know, his fireman BabyLegs match his snow suit perfectly!  Thanks, BabyLegs.

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Another Great Use for BabyLegs!


  1. We have the same babylegs– and I bought them with this in mind! I use them on the boys’ arms to make summer T-shirts winter wear as well, and to seal the chill from their wrists as you have stated here. One boy has robot as his fav the other has firetruck as his fav and we have 3-4 other pairs as well. Love these things!

  2. you can also put them over the handles of your stroller (if you have separate ones and not a single bar) and then slip your own hands in the other end while you push. Just a thought.


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