Answer to my Sippy Cup Prayer? We’ll See!

Answer to my Sippy Cup Prayer? We’ll See!

I don’t know how it crept up on me, but The Bee’s approaching 17 months. And I’m embarrassed to admit it, but… he still has two bottles a day of milk.

Now before you give me The Lecture (and believe me, our pediatrician’s given me The Lecture plenty of times), I have been trying, truly. I have a list of the different sippies we’ve tried and it is well into the double digits. We’ve had ONE success with the Thinkbaby sippy, but, The Bee only uses that one for his water and only at mealtimes! The Bee has a VERY annoying habit of turning anything that has a nipple upside down and onto the floor. As much as I like trying to guess if the mystery spots on my floor came from a sippy, bottle, child or dog, we just can’t leave him with a sippy. And The Bee is so smart, he knows to spit out his milk if we dare offer him some in the Thinkbaby sippy and not his bottle.

My hubby finds the sippy cycle quite amusing and keeps telling me to give it up and just wait until he can hold a cup and not spill anything out of it. Men; what do they know? But in all honesty, we were running out of options and FAST! Plus, I don’t like being a sippy cup failure, so of course I had to prove him wrong!

Enter the Tommee Tippee Explora Line

Tommee Tippee is relatively new to the US (introduced in 2009), but it is known to be the UK’s #1 bottle brand. Their Explora Sippy Cup Line range starts at 4+ months (although I didn’t see any at the store) all the way to 24+ months. Each “level” has a variety of spouts, styles and sizes in fun, eye pleasing colors and designs. They are also PVC and BPA-free.

For this round of The Bee’s Sippy Hurdles Challenge, we chose the Explora Truly Spill Proof Sippy Cup. Let’s go through the challenge shall we?

Hurdle # 1: Price

Double-digit sippy trials, every other week=$$$. At $7.99 for two sippies, this was a pretty good deal

Hurdle # 2: Out of the package usability

I need to be able to take a sippy out of the package and know instinctively how to dismantle, wash and put it back together. One thing I love is that Tommee Tippee provides a video on their website on how to take the cup apart and put it back together. Make sure that the valve is correctly reattached, otherwise you may have a leaky cup.

Hurdle # 3: The ability to place the cap on the cup, screw it on and not have to redo it time and time again to get it right

This annoys me to no end. The lid’s great because it forms a good seal between the cup and the lid. And I got it right on the first try.

Hurdle # 4: I should be able to sip the cup without feeling like I’m going to turn my cheeks inside out

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried a sippy and I couldn’t sip well through it. Imagine if The Bee tried? This was great. I sipped like I was sipping from a straw and I got liquid.  The valve is apparently designed by a physicist (fancy!) to be sensitive to allow the liquid to flow when needed but still be spill/leak proof.

Hurdle # 5: Tip, Rattle and Roll

Tip upside down: Nothing. Tip and press on the ground? NOTHING! The spout on this particular cup is between a soft silicone nipple and a hard spout. It’s great starter spout for a kid who’s used to soft silicone. The spout is also nicely rounded and oval in shape and a good size for little mouths.

Rattle it around: no spills!

Roll it on the ground: nothing. I was able to kick it (gee, that never happens!) and nothing spilled out.

Now for the harder part of the Sippy Hurdles…the presentation of the sippy to The Bee.

Hurdle # 6: Does it fit in The Bee’s hands?

Yes. The sides have a rubber-like texture that makes it easy for him to grip. It is a bit wide, but I like that.

Hurdle # 7: Does The Bee know instinctively to try to sip out of it AND does liquid come out immediately for him so he knows he can get liquid from it?

Yes…sort of. He bit the tip the first few times, but unlike completely hard spouts, he got the hang of sipping soon enough. Since he didn’t have to work for the liquid to come out, it encouraged drinking.

Hurdle # 8: Does The Bee get discouraged from tipping it upside down and nothing comes out but still comes back to sip it?

A BIG yes. He tried the couch, the floor, the wall, the kitchen floor but nothing came out!

Hurdle # 9: How far does The Bee’s head have to tilt back?

Not too far and only if the cup was running low on liquid.

The Final Hurdle: Will he drink milk out of it?

YES! Not only did he drink milk out of it, but he didn’t try spitting it out. My only complaint is that it takes a bit longer for him to finish it, so it’s a work in progress.

Some other features worth mentioning are that these cups are dishwasher, sterilizer, freezer and microwave safe. They do not have markings on the side to indicate how much liquid has been poured into the cup, which is something I wish it had. There is a built in cap for the spout that easily flips back and into a space on the lid designed specifically for the cap so it lays flush with the lid when the cup’s in use.

The Bee also is rather fond of this cup. He even walks around with it (probably to find another surface to make the water come out!), which is something I’ve never allowed him to do. I enjoy knowing that I can leave the cup out for him and not have to watch him like a hawk.

Is the Tommee Tippee sippy cup my saving grace from sippy failure? The outlook is promising!

Tommee Tippee items are exclusive to Babies R Us. You may just want to head over and try them today!

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  1. Cool! I’m gonna have to check them out! Although I have gotten some awesome Target clearance sippys. Oh and I LOVE the First Years Soothie. There is a nipple top, a sippy cup top, the cup indents so it’s pretty easy for him to hold, and there are handles you can keep on or off!

  2. I really love these because there is a clear flip-cap that is attached to the lid. We all love the sippy cups with lids, but its annoying because I always lose them! This one is a small cap that is attached and can be flipped over to covers the spout only. No more losing the cap. Plus the spout stays clean…awesome! I have not had any leaking issues with this cup either, and Little Bud is a master-spiller : )


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