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  1. As much as I think the author’s heart is in the right place with this article, it’s filled with exact stereotypes that frustrate me as a stay at home dad, especially around this time of year.

    It assumes mom does the cooking. That Mom is the on playdates while Dad is presumably hard at work at the office… It assumes so much about traditional family roles that any good hoped to be done here is severely damaged.

    Until we undo these traditional expectations, dads will be under appreciated and relegated to their corner of home life.

    1. Adam, thanks for the comment. You’re probably exactly right! I come from an LDS (Mormon) background and the role of the father and mother are very deeply engrained a certain way in that religion (not saying I agree with that; it’s just the way it is). So as hard as I try, I guess that background still shows through in my writing. I try to write from my own life experiences so that’s where I drew from. I AM the one to do all the cooking. My husband is the one hard at work in the office. This is a common situation for many readers. But I neglected the other circumstances so I’m sorry.
      It would be helpful to have your perspective. Perhaps you could write and submit an article to Baby Gizmo about it, to enlighten us all.

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