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  1. Great reviews. I loved your post. Nice pictures with great information. I’ll try to make a plan for a trip with my family.

  2. I WON a trip here from a radio station and went with my husband before we were even engaged. It is amazing. Thanks for the reminder about all the great things for kids. We’re expecting #2 in a week, but we’ll seriously think about going back in a few years. There wasn’t a single thing we disliked!

  3. Wow, I dont know whether to thank you for the great info or hate that I really want to do this now and can’t yet! Great article about this! Just a few questions: I assume the water park is included in the price, right? What about the spa, and do you remember the price for the character tuck-in? Since it seems like you don’t spend money on anything else at all I guess it would be fine to spend it on those couple of nice extra things! Thank you!

    1. Rachel, if you go you won’t be disappointed! The waterpark is all included in the price as well as all the kid’s camp activities. The character tuck-in is an added extra and is priced at $85 for one child and $30 for each additional child. It seems a little pricey but it’s really one of the only extra things you’ll find yourself paying for while there. It’s the trip of a lifetime that your family will never forget! Let me know if you go 🙂

  4. This looks great!!! Do they have specials for prices? My daughter would love it and mom and dad could use the beach time. 🙂

    1. Amanda, they are constantly running specials on their Website, You can also book and reserve up to one year in advance no money down so if you need to cancel, no worries and no money loss (as long as it’s at least 45 days before the trip). You’ll love it there!

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