Are you a stroller hoarder?

Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m a stroller hoarder. That it’s gotten to this point of me needing to be here at Stroller Addicts Anonymous is a bit embarrassing, but I’m here because as my husband and storage closet bearing the fruits of my addiction have told me, I need help!

Like most parents, I’ve bought more strollers than I care to admit because finding a stroller, a good stroller, is something that makes me happy. I don’t own as many strollers as some, but I do own a lot. How many you ask? Oh, no more than 10. What??

I bought my first stroller as a first-time mom. It was part of a travel system made by Chicco.

I didn’t have any standards for a stroller then. I loved that stroller because it worked, (i.e., I could push it up a hill and the wheels wouldn’t fall off). Oh, and I knew I wanted to have children close in age, but I assumed that by the time my second child was born, my walking toddler would walk at my side, happily. I know. I know. But I was a new mom then and didn’t do my homework then, so I didn’t know any better. Really.

My second stroller purchase came when my first daughter was around 10 months. It was a Maclaren umbrella stroller. As I told my husband, I needed that stroller “because the first one is too heavy.” And again, it was a single, because I knew my toddler could walk by my side.

My third stroller came when my second daughter was born. It was a double stroller that I got because I didn’t want to pay full price for the stroller that I really wanted. I didn’t use it much because it couldn’t fit through most doors.

The fourth stroller I purchased was a Baby Jogger City Select with a doubles kit. And when I paid for it, I told my husband that I was forever done with buying strollers. I love my Baby Jogger. I love that it looks and works. Oh, and I love that my girls like it.

And when I paid the nearly $700 price tag, I told my husband that this was our last stroller purchase. Ever.

And, this should be the last stroller of my career as a mom, but, but, now I’m looking at jogging strollers. Yes, jogging strollers. I can’t help this addiction.

p.s. In my defense, I do plan to try to sell some of my strollers. I’m just not sure which ones.

How many strollers do you own?  How many strollers is too many strollers in your view?

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Jessica lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with her husband and two girls. Once upon a time, pre-motherhood, she did many things as a “serious-looking” woman who managed to successfully balance a reality TV addiction with a career and academic pursuits. She's now a serious-acting woman whose primary job is raising her children. She writes, reads, fantasizes about minivans, and takes midday naps. She enjoys (among many other things) dancing to 80s music, photography, laughing out loud (at, usually, inappropriate moments), and writing about writing, being a writer, and becoming fearless on her blog Jessica F. Hinton

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I know that this thread is pretty old but I am a stroller addict and I need a support group ?. Since I live in Guatemala new fancy strollers are hard to get by. However several places import returned strollers from the USA, so now I have The following strollers: 2 bugaboo cameleon, one with maxi cosi adapters and maxi cosi mico carseat Britto edition that I want to sell, 2 britax b-ready, both with second seat, one is pre-2011 version which I want to sell, the other one is newer, has its new Britax B Safe 35 elite car… Read more »
HELP! The reason I came to this page is simply by googling “I am a stroller addict”. First, before my daughter is born, I got the Stokke Xplory because I thought it looked so sleek, glamorous and versatile; plus it’s a high stroller which is great and practical when you’re tall. Then when my little one turned 6 months I got the Quinny Yezz Air because I felt the Stokke was too bulky & heavy for quick trips to the supermarket or visiting family. Now I ordered the Babylon Yoyo+ from Dubai because I thought it’s the most practical for… Read more »
My name is Paige and I’m also a stroller addict. I had a Graco travel system with my daughter, then I bought a Mia Moda umbrella stroller and when I found out I was pregnant with my son I bought my FIRST double stroller, a city mini double. Then I got the bright idea that I needed a Britax B-Ready with a second seat (which I hated) and then a Bumbleride Indie Twin (which I hated) then a Baby Jogger City Select (which I love!) and now a City Mini GT Double is on its way! One day I’ll get… Read more »
Yazzy Yo
OMG i was laughing hard as i was reading all these comments as im the same, cant get enough of baby gear lol ive spent hours, days, weeks and months on baby sites comparing strollers prams gone through 6 of them, i have a 5yo boy and a 1yo girl and currently i own a city select which i loooove it the best!! Just bought a city mini for downsizing (lol) but also looking to buy a really small umbrella stroller for occasions where i need extra space in the boot or going into tight spaces ie. weddings or restaraunts.… Read more »
Mandy Sayama
Same here. Registered for. Rita’s chaperone travel system. Amazing stroll built like a tank. Also as heavy as a tank. #2&3 were purchased from a friend. A maclaren xt for travel of course and a jeep alt terrain for visiting family in the mountains and all that off roading I planned to do. Then finally I won a britax b-agile from Baby Gizmo. When it arrived I heard angels sing. I still have the others but in my defense I am trying to sell the travel system, and I loaned the maclaren to my sis-n-law and my mom keeps the… Read more »
Ha HA! I can’t wait to show hubby THIS one! I think we all bought into the Chicco deal the store rep was “selling” when we registered. lol I didn’t beat the “45”, but here’s my list: 1. Chicco Travel System 2. Baby Trend Snap and Go 3. Jeep All Terrain (which I thought was a jogger) 4. Chicco Umbrella 5.& 6. (2) Babies R Us Umbrella strollers (FREE with a purchase) 7. Baby Dreamer European Style Deluxe Baby Pram 8. Baby Trend Sit and Stand 9. Chicco Liteway Umbrella 10. double bike trailer/ jogger I am now desperately looking… Read more »
Caroline Kelly
Confession: I have stroller vanity. I love being the mom with the coolest strollers. Dh laughs at me. My favorite is when the DADS approach me when I’m pushing my B-ready. Ryan, go for quality. Spend a little more esp if you plan to have more kids. My bumbleride indie is 6 years old and looks brand new. We use it a lot. Don’t get suckered into the whole car seat matches the stroller thing. In reality you might use that feature 3-4 months. Most strollers have an adaptor that you can get to use the car seat with the… Read more »
Caroline Kelly
Sell one? Gasp! Shhhhhhh…the strollers will hear you! I gave one of my (yes, i said one of multiple) to my SIL who is expecting. They were all shocked at my ability to let one go. I never planned on becoming a stroller snob but I found an indie as my first stroller on a screaming deal, thought it was pretty and bought it. I didn’t know then how awesome it was. It spoiled my for all other lower end models. I have two kids and more strollers than i will admit and today I have looked at 3 cities… Read more »
Ryan M
My wife is expecting, and our baby is due in September. I am going to be a stay at home dad. I have started researching baby equipment and recently decide on a stroller. Or at least I thought I had, until I read this article. I have been looking at the Graco UrbanLite. It is lightweight, works as a travel system, appears sturdy, and is economical. From reading this article and the comments, it appears I may need more thanks one, or may need to upgrade at some point. Now, I think strollers are awesome and can see myself purchasing… Read more »
Julie T

I currently have an Uppababy Vista with rumbleseat, a Britax Umbrella stroller and a double BOB. I’m looking for a way to justify the new Valco Zee Two since I have an 18 month old and a 6 month old. I really love that Valco has toddler seats that attach to the doubles. We eventually want a third child, so Valco seems like a good option. Thought?

We’ve had three. First was a second hand combi (now sold), then a chicco liteway (which I love, it pretty much has it all) and a $10 umbrella stroller for travel. I can’t afford the luxury ones, but they are fun to look at! I haven’t used the stroller much for at least a year. My 2 year old hates it. She loves to walk. Plus I have realized that she can walk far longer than I thought she could so that is great. It is trickier to keep an eye on her though.

I have a 3 year old and i have had 45 strollers.. after i had him i realized that there is the prada of strollers and i had to have them.. all!! lol… my husband stopped trying to learn how each one folded.. I LOOOOOOOVE strollers.. they are like my high heels and purses since i dont really get to use either anymore.. 2nd baby due in August!! Cant wait to start stroller shopping again!!


Addict here!
We have a 12 month old and we currently have: 1)Chicco travel system; 2) Baby Jogger City Mini; 3) Uppababy Vista; 4) BOB Revolution. We also had a Peg Perego Pliko Switch but a piece broke on it so it was returned. I’m not looking forward to having a second baby only because I don’t love double strollers… is the City Select decent compared to the Vista?


I’m the same way! I started off with an Eddie Bauer travel system with my first child. Then a combi stroller because it was so light, then another combi when my second child was born, then the Phil and teds sport with doubles kit, then a chicco travel system for my third son. Then the Phil and teds smart stroller because it was so light, and now finally the bugaboo bee, which is one of my dream strollers! Although I still use my p&t sport for running or outdoor activities:)

Amy Clendenin

I’m have 3 and my son just turned 1! So I got a baby trend jogging travel system, I have a cheap umbrella stroller( my sister bought to use while visiting and left for me) and recently purchased the B-Ready! Which will need the new wheels, and second seat( when baby 2 is on the way) But I feel the needed for a better lightweight stroller!!!

I, also, am guilty as charged! I, too, purchased my first stroller as part of a Chicco Travel System as a first time mom. Honestly, I hated it! It was big and bulky. It didn’t fold small enough to not a take up the entire trunk of my Honda Accord plus I felt like an ordinary mom pushing it. Vain, I know but I’m human, I have faults and I will admit to them. When my daughter was six months old, sitting up on her own, I decided I needed an all-terrain stroller for walks to the park in our… Read more »