Are you a stroller hoarder?

Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m a stroller hoarder. That it’s gotten to this point of me needing to be here at Stroller Addicts Anonymous is a bit embarrassing, but I’m here because as my husband and storage closet bearing the fruits of my addiction have told me, I need help!

Like most parents, I’ve bought more strollers than I care to admit because finding a stroller, a good stroller, is something that makes me happy. I don’t own as many strollers as some, but I do own a lot. How many you ask? Oh, no more than 10. What??

I bought my first stroller as a first-time mom. It was part of a travel system made by Chicco.

I didn’t have any standards for a stroller then. I loved that stroller because it worked, (i.e., I could push it up a hill and the wheels wouldn’t fall off). Oh, and I knew I wanted to have children close in age, but I assumed that by the time my second child was born, my walking toddler would walk at my side, happily. I know. I know. But I was a new mom then and didn’t do my homework then, so I didn’t know any better. Really.

My second stroller purchase came when my first daughter was around 10 months. It was a Maclaren umbrella stroller. As I told my husband, I needed that stroller “because the first one is too heavy.” And again, it was a single, because I knew my toddler could walk by my side.

My third stroller came when my second daughter was born. It was a double stroller that I got because I didn’t want to pay full price for the stroller that I really wanted. I didn’t use it much because it couldn’t fit through most doors.

The fourth stroller I purchased was a Baby Jogger City Select with a doubles kit. And when I paid for it, I told my husband that I was forever done with buying strollers. I love my Baby Jogger. I love that it looks and works. Oh, and I love that my girls like it.

And when I paid the nearly $700 price tag, I told my husband that this was our last stroller purchase. Ever.

And, this should be the last stroller of my career as a mom, but, but, now I’m looking at jogging strollers. Yes, jogging strollers. I can’t help this addiction.

p.s. In my defense, I do plan to try to sell some of my strollers. I’m just not sure which ones.

How many strollers do you own?  How many strollers is too many strollers in your view?