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  1. I have been amazed at the number of men (without kids mind you) who don’t know me or my 22 month old son, but feel the need to seek us out to tell my son to get that pacifier out of his mouth. I’ve even had them tell him to use his thumb instead. Really?! It takes all of my strength to not lash out with some mean observation about them. I can’t say that I always have restraint.

  2. I am so over it! Family, friends, and strangers alike I don’t care who you are. You don”t know everything we are going through or maybe if your family you might no some but not all but non of you comments are needed! My son has an NG-tube and we were at the zoo and my son was more of an exhibit then the animals. The kids I don’t mind but the parents, seriously! I did have a parent how had a kid grow out of it give encouragement which is fine and had her son came up to line and say I had a tubie too. But otherwise everyone needs to mind their own business and stop staring!! and those pretend to not look stare are noticed!!

  3. I had the same thing with my my son. He was always on the low end of the weight percentile but he constantly ate! We just fed him healthy options instead of junk food. No chips, candy, or french fries but yogurt, carrots sticks, and almonds. He loved it!! His regular pediatrician said he was underweight and bugged us about it (we ended up switching) but the Primary Children’s doctor told us we were doing a great job when they walked into the room and saw him eating yogurt bites. They told us how they were surprised since they mostly see parents feeding their children cheetos or something. Our LO’s new doctor told us he was just fine and that the average weight has been going down as more parents become more health conscious. So in the end No, my child is not to skinny. Your child is too BIG!! Jeesh I get so upset with people bugging me all the time about it sometimes. At least my family has stopped bugging now that he’s 4. LOL

  4. its not just strangers, its family and friends too. also, its just a really bad idea, because you NEVER know what went on 5 seconds ago, you dont know what kind of hidden issues there are, etc. i remember something my science teacher taught us, and its really true- when you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you….

  5. I agree! What a great point about “laying off the doughnuts.” It really is no different! I have a chunky monkey myself and most people point that out but it hasn’t gone overboard yet. Thank goodness!
    Great discussion topic!


  6. What I answer them is: “you are right”. That way there is no more disscusion LOL!!! They have nothing more to say and I dont get mad, I just ignore them and laugh inside 🙂

  7. People should focus on themselves more than judging others… I get the same comment all the time. Your son is too skinny. You don’t feed him enough. He is 11 and can feed himself, lol… I came to a point that people’s comments don’t affect me anymore. I know what I need to do for my child and if I don’t, I wouldn’t ask a complete stranger…. Lol! Have a Great day!!!

  8. Loved this video. I think strangers need to keep their comments to themselves and let the parents do the parenting. Obviously we are the ones who know what’s best for our children. When my son and I go places it never fails that someone will make a comment like “oh what a big boy!” or “he’s SO big!”. To me, it’s the most irritating thing and I just want to shake them and scream “HE’S NOT BIG HE’S IN THE 50th PERCENTILE AND WEARING THE APPROPRIATE SIZED CLOTHING”. It’s annoying. So yes, I think strangers need to keep their comments to themselves because the things they say are insulting and judgey

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