Are You Ready For Another Baby?

I think the questions started last time when my first daughter turned 9 months. “She’s almost walking now. Are you ready for another one?” or”When is she going to get a brother?” Most parents are insulted by such questions, and I was too. Well, kind of. When my first turned one, I too, began wondering. “Hmm. Am I ready for another baby?” I said this while kind of hoping for another baby. I wanted to have all of my children in a short time frame. All five of them. I wanted my first daughter to have a friend, and I wanted to get back into the whole being a parent of a newborn sooner rather than later, lest I forget.

A cupcake from my second daughter’s first birthday which happened just weeks ago.

But then I got pregnant. When my second daughter was born, my first daughter wasn’t yet two.  This sounds insane, and it was…in the beginning. But then it got easier around six months postpartum. Now, with a two year old and one year old, my life is hard.

Or, wait, that’s a lie.

In truth, my life feels easy.

I know.

Throw your shoes at me now. But, it’s true.

I do have my “OMG-this-feels-impossible” moments, but for the most part, because my two girls are so close, my life feels easier now than it did when I had just one kid. I chalk this up to experience, yes, and the fact that now my first daughter has someone almost her size who enjoys throwing things on the floor.

So, now that I am where I was almost two years ago, I’ve started getting the questions again, questions about whether I’m ready for another baby. This time, unlike last time, I am really not ready for another baby. I mean sure having three kids in three years would be a feat, but it’s not a feat I want to add to my roster at this point. So for now, my answer is “Not yet. But maybe soon. Maybe.”

How do you answer the question, “Are you ready for another baby?” How did you know when the “right” time was to add another baby to your family?