ASOS maternity line review

It really shouldn’t be that hard to find fashionable and well-made maternity clothes. Really. It shouldn’t. Considering that millions of women give birth to children every day and have been for, oh, I don’t know, thousands of years, maternity wear should be a given everywhere. There should be tons of affordable lines out there for moms who want to be pregnant and still look like they care about their physical appearance.

But there aren’t tons of lines out there, unfortunately.

There are the mainstream lines that offer outdated, mom-sy, medicore clothing at decent prices. And then there’s the high-end lines that assume that everyone has thousands of dollars to dish out on maternity wear. I don’t want either, and that’s why when I first learned that the online retailer, ASOS, sold maternity clothes at reasonable prices, I was skeptical.

“There has to be a catch to this,” I kept telling myself as I filled my shopping cart with incredibly affordable and sexy tops, dresses, and bottoms.

“There has to be a catch.”  I kept saying as I awaited my first shipment.

But, you know what? There is no catch.

Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Tank With Embellishment
ASOS Maternity Tank With Embellishment
Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Skater Dress In Floral Print
ASOS Maternity Skater Dress In Floral Print

Here are just a few things that I love about the maternity line at ASOS:

–          It’s affordable. I purchased all of my items on sale. They ranged in price from $20 – $35 dollars.

–          The clothing sold at ASOS is well-made.

–          Two words: Free shipping, or, four words: free shipping both ways!

–          The customer service team is amazing. I had to return two pairs of pants, so I used the shipping label they provided and experienced no issues with getting my return processed. Oh, and as an added benefit, you do not need to include the original tags with your return. I got over excited and threw away one of the tags for a pair of pants and was still able to return it with no issues.

–          They have amazing sales. If you provide them with your email address, you will regularly be updated on site-wide sales and specials.

So far, I have no negatives about the maternity line at ASOS. If you’re tired of mediocre fashions or even fabulous fashions that require that you pay an arm and a leg, consider ASOS. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Have you had any experience with the maternity line at ASOS? What were your experiences?