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Heather H. from Myrtle Beach, SC

Ever since we first introduced you to the fantastic Austlen Entourage stroller, you’ve been asking us for a giveaway. Well, that time has come, my friends. That’s right, this week in the Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway we are giving away an Austlen Entourage stroller with the Sit+Stand accessory to one lucky winner!

Remember that this is the stroller that does it all. Some may call it their “unicorn stroller”.

It’s a single stroller for you and just your one babe.

Austlen Entourage Single

But the Austlen doesn’t skimp on storage. It has a huge basket behind the seat but you can also add the Cargo Bag (sold separately), expand the stroller by easily sliding it apart, and you have plenty of room for everything you need including a full-size cooler.

Have two children? The Austlen can do that too with the second seat added (sold separately).

Here are just some of the things that the Entourage can do! Talk about versatility!!

Austlen Entourage

Plus, we are so excited that Austlen announced their new Beach Wheels that are available for pre-order now! Yep, they are dual-surface beach wheels that roll smoothly from the beach to the boardwalk, so they have outstanding performance no matter the terrain. You can see the new beach wheels in action HERE.

To get to know the Austlen Entourage stroller a little better, watch our MOM GOALS video below.


Now, let’s get you entered for the giveaway!



One (1) Austlen Entourage Stroller

One (1) Entourage Sit+Stand Accessory

Austlen Entourage Giveaway


This giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm EST Friday, June 30, 2017. US ONLY.

Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only a couple of mandatory entries and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not. But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

Entry form should be below. If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.

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  1. Why must I choose one feature? I would say the one feature I don’t think any other stroller has is that it expands.

  2. I love how I could use this for one child and a lot of stuff I would be carrying or transform it to fit more than one child. This is genius!

  3. I love the incredible versatility of the Entourage. It can haul all your baby gear and then some! Would love to win this for my 7 month old and my preschooler!

  4. The versatility with all the different seating is amazing. I watch children ranging in age from 2 to 7. This would be good for all their ages.

  5. I like the ability to go from 1-2 seats and just the pure amount of space that’s available. I’m expecting twins and currently have a 1 and a 4 year old. This is versatile enough to accommodate my one year old, or twins once they are here along with all of their stuff ! And be able to switch back and forth.

  6. I would love this stroller. It seems so convenient to take the little one and all the stuff for our soccer trips with the older one.

  7. The most appealing feature of this stroller for me is the many ways it can be used. With twins on the way (first-time parents) we want to invest in baby gear that will be safe, comfortable, reliable, and adaptable as they grow. With the sit+stand option we could even roll with a third in the future…perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself.

  8. With twins on the way this would be perfect! We love the versatility of using it as a double stroller now, and a single stroller in the future. And look at all the pool noodles it can hold!

  9. What an incredible stroller! All the different configurations would be perfect with 3 kids! And the new sand wheels ????

  10. I love everything about this stroller! We’re a very active family and this would make things so much easier when we’re out and about

  11. My youngest are 2 and 1, this stroller would be perfec for so many reasons!
    I love that it can be used as a single or a double!

  12. I LOVE how it can be a single stroller for when I want I want to wear my 5 month old or a double for when I need the 2 year old and 5 month old in a stroller!!

  13. Love how it is so spacious on bottom and top for groceries and other items. Plus it seats two kids, baby or toddler.

  14. I love the storage and the fact that it doesn’t have to stay a double size. Being able to have one stroller and not two different ones depending on how many kids come with us places would save us so much storage and headaches.

  15. As a foster parent I never know how many littles I am going to have. Right now we have 4 under 3.5 another double stroller would help a ton.

  16. So awesome, I love that it can expand to fit pretty much everything on this stroller!! With twins, this is the dream stroller!!

  17. The WHEELS!!! I live in the country, gravel roads, uneven surface, rock driveway, and lots of dirt. I’d love a stroller that is actually compatible with any terrain.

  18. My favorite feature on this stroller is all the room for extra storage.I have a baby girl on the way this fall and it would be amazing to win this!

  19. Um, wow. This is the pinnacle of strollers! I freaking LOVE how much stuff I could stash on that thing!! I mean, who even needs a trolley for a hotel now!

  20. The versatility, weight capacity, and not having to own a can to get the thing to fit ???????????? Now only if you could get it in this mommas budget!

  21. I don’t know if it qualifies as a feature, but the versatility! It’s good for so many instances where typical strollers don’t cut it. Holy storage.

  22. I love this is travel friendly! We all know what kind of nightmare it is to have to lug luggage & strollers in an airport!

  23. Love the stroller, it can go from single use to double. The new wheels are perfect for the beach as well, can’t believe that. This stroller will definitely hold up my little girls, can’t believe it holds up to 150 pounds combined.

  24. I’m super excited about all the storage options, as well as, room for a second child. I also love the fact that the wheels are all terrain!! I need this!!!!

  25. Dreaming of this stroller with #5 on the way! Could get really good use of it with all my boys ????????????????????

  26. The Austlen Entourage Stroller would be just the item that we need to add to the baby STUFF we have. As the grandparents of two, two year olds (cousins, six weeks apart) that we care for during the week, having a stroller like this double- seater would be heaven sent. Ieasily developed a crush.

  27. omg i so wish this was my stroller, i love the video you made about it. The mom crush part made me gigle lol…. this is a dream stroller for real but on a one income family ill just dream and cross my fingers that i win.

  28. Super excited about the versatility and BEACH WHEELS AND a second seat????? The market has been cravinnngggg this!!!! ❤️

  29. Storage! Storage! Storage! I can just envision being able to bring my groceries into my apartment building along with the baby!

  30. Would love this! As a mom of three with my oldest son playing baseball and football, I need all the help I can get!

  31. I have followed baby gizmo for years on social media and love your reviews. It’s always helped me make decision for baby products.

    Love all that this stroller has to offer.

  32. I love the versatility of this stroller, I have an almost 18 month old and in just a few weeks I’ll have a newborn, so the options with this stroller are perfect for us!

  33. My favorite feature is that I can easily drag my two littles to the sporting events for the three biggies… while carrying the cooler filled with snacks. It’s a soccer moms fantasy come true!

  34. Love the sit stand option for my elder one who won’t sit in the stroller full time. The storage options are outstanding too!

  35. The Austlen Entourage Stroller is just what I have been looking for. I would be able to pack everything I need (kids and gear) for family fun this 44th of July and safely too. 150 lbs whoot whoot!

  36. Wow! What an amazingly beautiful, practical and versatile art piece! I love love love how this can literally be used for everything from daily grocery shopping (good bye ugly cart, hello beautiful stroller) to adventures on glamping trips! The option to add a seat for my niece is the cherry in top of an already winning combination! My family needs this “Swiss army knife” stroller in our life

  37. I NEED this stroller for beach trips with all the storage options! Especially now with the new beach wheels coming out. I’m in love.

  38. Absolutely love the vast variety of storage options. Moms have a hard time trying to carry everything, the Entourage solves so many problems at once!

  39. This would be such a blessing to win!! We have a move coming up and although I’d love to buy this stroller because it’d make life so much easier, we just can’t swing it right now. Crossing my fingers, thanks for the chance!!

  40. I love the fact that this stroller can haul it all – kids and cargo! I’d have to say the frame that adjusts in length so easily is my favorite feature!

  41. OMG! This is what I have been looking for and I never knew it existed. Thank you so much for this giveaway. This is perfect for my toddler and little one. My elder child will be so excited. And that storage love it.

  42. I love the storage on this stroller. With having 3 under 4 and #4 coming soon this stroller is on my must have list!

  43. The fact that it holds all the things is amazing! With 3 kids I have lots of things to haul!! A full size cooler? Just wow. Everything about this stroller is awesome!!

  44. When I first saw this stroller I loved it. The storage capability is just what this soccer mom needs In a stroller

  45. I love how huge the storage capacity is and the fact that it can be converted to accommodate another child like my older daughter. 🙂

  46. While this stroller just seems to be the stroller of the future, what I think is most fascinating about this stroller is the weight compacity. Just amazing!

  47. This will solve all my troubles and give me what I am looking for to ised on my new squish soon and toddler!!!! Please. Crossing my fingers.

  48. My favorite part of the stroller is how much you can carry! A full size cooler! Perfect! Actually I love the fact the you can use it for your suitcases. Love it!

  49. Love how versatile this is!!! Would be great for my older toddler and baby. I could bring everything AND the kitchen sink.

  50. This stroller’s ability to accommodate two children comfortably is the most important feature for this mom of 3 under 3…with another on the way!!

  51. I love how versatile this stroller is. The amount of storage would be amazing for us now, and the option to add another seat will be even more amazing for us in the future.

  52. I Love that it offers so much storage! You can even take it to the beach! This would be great for when we go to Europe next spring! Would love to win this!!

  53. I love that it has the flexibility of being a sit n stand but, if another child comes along, can be adapted! The telescoping feature is pretty innovative too.

  54. this stroller has everything I want! i can put a cooler when we go to the beach. the huge basket space is great! 2 kids fit! this is a dream stroller. Parents would love to have this.

  55. I love that it can hold so much! I usually take a lot with me. ????But also my kiddos are half Pacific Islander and are h.e.a.v.y so a stroller that can carry the kiddos and some stuff is a dream come true! Also the versatility that it can expand, and the extra seat can be accessed quickly.

  56. I love that I am able to take my kid to the park or to the beach and I can take with me everything at once and don’t go back and for to my car to bring things.

  57. These looks like the best stroller ever ! It would solve so many of my mom issues when I’m out with all my 3 kids !

  58. I love that it can expand and use the dot and stand feature. I have 3 children and sometimes I need both seats, sometimes just one.

  59. I love all of the options with the Entourage! One of my favorite features is how it is able to extend when needed for more storage space!

  60. This would be so cool to win! I’ve been wanting one so bad but it’s out of my price range! There are so many possibilities with this stroller

  61. I love the flexibility this stroller offers, between single to double and the ability to use the storage area for other items are all amazing!

  62. I need this transformer for moms! The shopping basket that turns into a seat – genius! Can this be used with a standing board?

  63. This seems like a great stroller. I always have lots of stuff to carry around with me. Also, my 3 year old isn’t quite ready to always walk so I love that I’ll be able to put the baby in the seat on top and let him sit!

  64. I LOVE the versatility of this stroller!! It is a transformer with a GREAT fold!!

    This is a wonderful solution for parent(s) with one child, who are not sure if they will be blessed with a second child. This stroller means not having to worry about the expense of purchasing another stroller to accommodate two children, and you are not confined to any one configuration because the possibilities are endless!!

    I also want to say that I refer to Baby Gizmo reviews A LOT!! Hollie, you get right to the point without leaving out any fine details that I am always wondering about when it comes to purchasing a new product… and let’s face it, they aren’t cheap, so THANK YOU!

  65. I absolutely love this stroller and with a baby on the way my son will be 4 and the sit and stand option would be perfect !!

  66. The baby jogger city select has always been my favorite stroller, but this has completely blown my mind! Now fingers crossed and hoping for a win!

  67. First time checking out your site for options with a double stroller. Love that this has the option for sit/stand for two and also keeping it as a single stroller if needed.

  68. I have already told my husband that this stroller is going to be my dream stroller. We have a 12 week old and are looking to bring number 2 soon! We could not afford more than our little stroller so this would be a cinderella story for us! Fingers crossed!!!!

  69. I love that it expands to hold more of your stuff especially when traveling, going to the pool, sporting events and zoo.

  70. This stroller has defiantly been a dream of mine to have! This is seriously the MOST amazing giveaway ever. I love how versatile this is.

  71. It wouldn’t be possible to pick one feature. As a mother to a toddler/ baby and a three year old I just love that this stroller can easily convert to fit any needs I have. Whether I have both kids with me or if I am grocery shopping with my little boy or on a trip to the beach it works! I havegone through so many strollers and I am still searching for the one???? I think this just might be it!!!!

  72. It wouldn’t be possible to pick one feature. As another to a toddler/ baby and a three year old I just love that this striker can easily convert to fit any needs I have. Whether I have both kids with me or if I am grocery shopping with my little boy or on a trip to the beach it works! I have gone through so many strollers and I am still searching for the one???? I think this just might be it!!!!

  73. This truly is the holy grail of strollers! Love how versatile it is, how quickly it can adapt to needs and how much stuff it can hold! This would be so perfect for maneuvering through and airport with being able to have a toddler and luggage all on the stroller!

  74. This stroller is amazing!! I love that I would be able to transport two kids and everything else! I’m a total “bag lady” and refuse to make multiple trips to/from the car so this is a total game changer!!

  75. I can’t really choose just one thing that I’m liking about this stroller. It really is like a unicorn stroller, especially with the ability to go from a single to a double, while being able to have storage, (a lot of storage), to haul around a lot of stuff. I can see us using this stroller for Amusement Parks, Soccer games, and holidays that require you bring a cooler. The additional accessories that can be bought for this stroller are a great way to personalize it, to fit a family’s needs. There is absolutely​ nothing to NOT love with this stroller. I just wish it were more affordable for middle class families. That being said, I think this stroller has a lot of potential.

  76. I live the multi purpose back area. Great for anything from a extra spot for a second child or for traveling with suitcases. Love it

  77. This is seriously the coolest stroller I’ve ever seen. I think they thought of everything. With a toddler and my second kiddo on the way this would make life so much easier

  78. With a second baby due in October, I’m in love with the versatility of this stroller!!! The storage or extra seat is awesome!

  79. What don’t I love about this stroller? I love everything about it. It can be a double stroller and carry of all my stuff that I would need for the older siblings soccer. I don’t have make multiple trips to the car. I hope I win.

  80. I love it’s weight capacity, my 5 year old gets tired too and so many strollers have a 50 pounds weight limit! 150 Weight limit, Awesome!

  81. The second seat is my favorite! Having a 6 week old and a very active 22 month old, I need that in a stroller! Very cool!

  82. Love the whole thing. But all the space for storage plus folding up small for putting in the car is awsome!

  83. Amazing stroller!!! Could use this! Have a 3 year old and one due any day! Such an awesome concept and design. My first time hearing about the Austlen Entourage Stroller!

  84. This is such a fabulous stroller! I wish it had been around with my first two! 😀 I love all that storage!

  85. I love how much you can haul with this stroller. We pushed it around a local baby store and pushes like a dream and is super easy to fold!

  86. Oh, man, how do you choose just one favorite feature! I love them all! But I really really like all the storage options!

  87. We have a sit and stand stroller and it’s been so handy for us. This Austlen Entourage Stroller looks AMAZING! It accommodates 2 little ones and still has room for some storage.

  88. Brya bee (via Facebook here!) what isn’t there to love about this stroller? Seriously. The sit and stand OR single stroller capabilities?! AND that storage space? These should come standard with every baby ????

  89. I love everything about this stroller! It really is the perfect stroller! I think the expanding part is really the best, they really listened to what parents want!

  90. I love this stroller! Having 2 young kiddos and trying to conceive with our 4th kiddo. The austlen would be a fantastic addition to our family!!

  91. I’m in LOVE with all of the storage! I’m constantly running through the list in my head to decide if I need a shopping cart or my stroller based on how much we need to buy. The thought of my stroller being able to handle a quick Target run (or if I’m honest a big Target run!) or a mound of groceries makes my heart sing!

  92. Do I have to pick only ONE a favorite feature of the stroller? Ha my favorite feature would be the fact that the stroller extends forward for all that extra space. You can fit all your groceries, a suitcase, a large cooler: you name it, it fits. Such a smart design feature of the Austlen entourage

  93. I am absolutely in love with the extra storage and the strength of the stroller! Most stroller tip when you simply pack it without baby or toddler to balance the weight, this on the other hand extends to holds it own weight! Definitely a dream stroller!!

  94. I love the expanding option on stroller! I have a 2.5 year old that doesn’t always want to sit on the stroller, the Entourage makes it easy to switch back and forth.

  95. I really like this stroller. I have 4 kids ranging from 1 to 18.. and I’ve never seen a more awesome piece of equipment. Hope to win!

  96. My favorite part of the stroller is how versatile it is. To be able to adjust to your life however it needs to fit. It’ll do that! It’s genius and I am just so impressed with what they’ve come up with. Hands down the best stroller ever!

  97. I love the the Austlen Entourage because there’s is finally a stroller that can handle my overpacking powers!! This stroller is amazingly versatile.

  98. This stroller is too swoon-worthy! I’ve had my eye on it since I found out I was pregnant. Now that I’m nearing my due date, I would love to get my swollen little fingers on one lol
    It’s honestly like the Cadillac of strollers. It is super compact and was easy to close (when I saw it in store). It looks great on it’s own with just one seat attached in front. Some of the other tandem strollers look clunky or like something is missing if you only have one seat attached. There are only about 3 strollers that I’ve found that offer a shopping tote – which is on my must-have list.

    The only reason I haven’t purchased it just yet is due to the price of the car seats that are compatible with their current adapters. It is a beautiful stroller that I can foresee having for such a long time, but to turn around and buy a compatible newborn car seat for $400-600 that my little one will grow out of in a year.. has my brain running in circles!
    Sooo… I’m super excited to hear that they are expanding their car seat adapter options!

  99. Would love the chance to win this awesome stroller YOUR amazing Hollie everything you do you definitely go the extra mile to keep all the moms and dads in with the new! Anyone that wins this is very lucky ???? and going to have smooths rides with the little ones I have a one yr old and 6 yr old that just started soccer I would love to have one of these some day ????

  100. This is an awesome stroller! Every aspect of it is so functional. My daughters has been eyeing it for several weeks! She is due in August and I couldn’t be more excited!!

  101. We are so excited as we are will be starting our baby shopping for our first little one. Have family overseas so this will be awesome for international travel.

  102. I absolutely love everything about this stroller ! The fact that I can bring my 10 month old food shopping with me and keep him sleeping in a stroller and use the stroller to also grab some groceries is such an awesome plus! I also have a 4 year old who gets tired of waking and the amount of space for him is terrific ! Love love love this stroller !

  103. I am so excited about this giveaway!! I am a fostermom and am always looking to a good quality stroller for the little ones.

  104. This is an amazing giveaway!! Thank you for the opportunity. My little ones are on the older side and this is the perfect stroller for our outings and everyday errands.

  105. My boys were glued to my shoulder while we watched your live feed for the Austlen Stroller! They told me that they needed it! LOL


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