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Christina lives in Northwest Illinois with her husband, daughter, and two English Springer Spaniels. Before becoming a reluctant stay-at-home mom, she worked in a variety of customer-service-oriented jobs while dreaming of living in the lap of luxury as a housewife. Unfortunately, having a child threw a wrench in Christina's plan to do nothing but eat bonbons while lounging in the Jacuzzi reading all day. Now, she spends her time looking for fun activities and crafts for her daughter and easy-to-prepare meals for her family, while trying not to land the kid in therapy when she grows up. Christina volunteers at her local library, and does both volunteer and paid work as a sexuality educator. She loves to read, and to learn about--and share--new products and resources.
pepperoni pizza

Recipes to Celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Food holidays are the best holidays, aren’t they? And no, I don’t mean holidays associated with food, like Thanksgiving—big family gatherings and your aunt’s...
harry potter

Magical Harry Potter Pieces for Your Home

Unless you’ve been living under the sorcerer’s stone—or maybe one of Hagrid’s rock cakes—you know that Muggles everywhere are celebrating the 20th anniversary of...
sleepover tips

First Time Sleepover Tips

There are a lot of milestones in your child’s life, and we tend to think of most of them happening either when a child...
12 Tailgating Recipes to Try

12 Tailgating Recipes to Try

Football season is upon us and you know what that means: tailgating! And even if you don’t tailgate—or football—the season is an excuse for...
school lunch

8 School Lunch Ideas

School starts this week and there’s a sense of dread that’s been building in my stomach for days now. No, I’m not worried about...

Calming Big Kids’ Back-To-School Nerves

We hear so much about helping little kids with first day of school jitters, but what about big kids? It can be just as...

Calming Back-to-School Butterflies

I know you don’t want to think about it—especially if you’re sending your baby to school for the first time—but it is back-to-school season....

The Not Sorry Challenge

Okay, a few days ago, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a challenge. The challenge was issued by a strong older...
drink more water

5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

Not that it’s been particularly cool where I live so far, but it’s about to get even hotter now that we’re heading into the...
movie review

Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation

I have two thoughts after seeing Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. First: Oh my gosh I need to go on a cruise. Because this...
ice cream

8 Yummy Ice Cream Treats for National Ice Cream Day

Did you know that National Ice Cream Month has been celebrated in the US since 1984? And that since that same year, we’ve been...
baby shower

6 Summer-Inspired Baby Shower Ideas

The best part about summer pregnancies is summer baby showers! There are so many fun themes that are unique to the activities and warmer...