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Christina lives in Northwest Illinois with her husband, daughter, and two English Springer Spaniels. Before becoming a reluctant stay-at-home mom, she worked in a variety of customer-service-oriented jobs while dreaming of living in the lap of luxury as a housewife. Unfortunately, having a child threw a wrench in Christina's plan to do nothing but eat bonbons while lounging in the Jacuzzi reading all day. Now, she spends her time looking for fun activities and crafts for her daughter and easy-to-prepare meals for her family, while trying not to land the kid in therapy when she grows up. Christina volunteers at her local library, and does both volunteer and paid work as a sexuality educator. She loves to read, and to learn about--and share--new products and resources.
love something, set it free

Love Something, Set It Free

Helicopter parenting. Participation medals. Parents fighting referees, coaches, and each other. Calling children’s teachers to complain about bad grades they earned. Moving to college...
Kiddle: A Nice Idea, But a Long Way to Go

Kiddle: A Nice Idea, But a Long Way to Go

A couple of weeks ago—I know: that’s an eon in internet time—the mom blogosphere started blowing up as news outlets and bloggers reported on Kiddle,...
Big siblings gift ideas

Great Gift Ideas for the New Big Sibling!

Adding a new member to the family is a big change for everyone. It’s an especially big change for the new big sibling, though!...
little girl child reading book

March 2nd: Read Across America Day

Do you know what March 2 is? According to my teacher friends, you have to know if you’re an elementary school teacher. I’ll pause....
Art: WONDER at the Renwick Gallery

Art: WONDER at the Renwick Gallery

I lay no claim to being an art expert, but trust me when I say that you simply must visit the Renwick Gallery to...

Re-wear, Repurpose, and Recycle Your Old Clothes

I spent years working in retail. This means I grew rather accustomed to getting a brand-new wardrobe every four to six weeks. (It was...
Washington Capitals

Catch the Washington Capitals

If you’ve visited Washington, DC in the past or if you live in the Metro DC area, you’ve probably done all the basics: the...
screen time

Screening Screen Time

There are many areas in parenting in which we modern parents can reach back to the wisdom of the ancients (or at least our...

Valentine’s Day is for Lovers

Ah, Valentine’s Day! A time to buy a box of the crappiest, most-character-covered, cheapest cards I can find, or to spend more money and...