b.box the essential baby box

b.box the essential baby box
b.box — The essential baby box

It’s the go everywhere plastic diaper wallet that fits into your lifestyle and your handbag!

I’ve tried many different diaper cases over the past 9+ years and there is nothing that comes close to the b.box.

Easy access to wipes

With my wiggly toddler, changing on the go difficulties have become a thing of the past. Thanks to the simple fact that the wipes can be accessed from both the outside and inside, I have wipes at my disposal very quickly. Refilling the wipes is simple and it holds a little more than a typical travel wipe container.

Storing diapers

Diapers store easily on top of the changing mat, under the flexible plastic arm. I’m able to get three size 4 disposable diapers in the b.box at a time. I was only able to get one thinly stuffed Happy Heinys cloth diaper or one bumGenius cloth diaper in the b.box.

Changing mat

The b.box comes with a large changing mat perfectly sized for newborns and wide enough to cover a large area under a toddler’s back, bottom and legs. The changing mat folds up easily and stores nicely under a flexible plastic arm. It’s a wipe clean mat (not washable) but I’ve had no problems keeping it clean and dry — I spray it down with a vinegar and water solution and wipe it dry when it needs a good cleaning. The changing mat unfolds to 18.9″ by 16.9″.


The b.box has been great for easy transitions from purse to diaper bag to daddy’s diaper bag to the stroller to leaving it in the car. It travels extremely well and fits nicely in a larger purse or diaper bag. The hard shell means it keeps it shape no matter where you put it or where you go.

More b.box details

  • Unique dual access wipes hatches
  • Wipe clean change mat
  • Storage for diapers and disposable bags
  • Built-in refillable wipes container
  • Flexible arm to keep everything in place
  • BPA, Phthalates and PVC free
  • Dimensions of the b.box when closed- 9.8″ x 6″ x 2.5″

The b.box is available in 6 different patterns/colors and can be purchased at amazon for $24.95


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