B. H2- Whoa Water Drawing Board Review

B. H2- Whoa Water Drawing Board Review



My son’s a typical boy, in the sense that he doesn’t like to sit still…. ever.

He’s my only child (for now), so I don’t really know any different.  Chasing after him all day long just seems like my norm.  Which, for the majority of the time, is great. I love watching him explore everything there is to see around him. I love how curious he is.  And I love watching him run from point A to point B with excitement over whatever it was that caught his eye.

But there are times when I need a freaking break.  Times where I’m tired, or sick, or even just feeling lazy. Times when I just want him to sit still.


I discovered the B. H2 Whoa Water Board out of desperation.  He already owned some markers and coloring books but didn’t take much of an interest in them (other than trying to suck the liquid out of the tip of the marker).  Browsing the aisles of Target (cue angel choir) I stumbled upon this magical item and threw it in my cart immediately.

What sold me on this water board was the fact that he could color and scribble and draw and do whatever he wanted AND STILL be able to suck the liquid from the marker (because it’s filled with water, a-duh!)

Not that I encourage him to put his writing utensils in his mouth, of course.  But it happens.  You know how that goes, right?

The B. H2-Whoa Water Drawing Board is a double-sided fabric board that allows a water-filled pen to color all over it.  In a few minutes, the water evaporates and the artwork disappears. My son loves to draw all over one side and then let it dry while he draws on the other side.  The board comes with 4 small pens that snap into their own compartment so they don’t get lost.  The drawing space is large, and the plastic border is colorful and durable.  There are also two built-in handles, which works out well as my son drags this board all over the house.


My only gripe with this product, and this might be user error/ experience, is that I find the pens empty rather quickly.  They are small in size- great for little hands, so their water-holding capacity is not large. However, I’d definitely like to point out that the pens could be going dry often for us as my son sucks the water out of the tip- but I’m no scientist.

Overall, we are huge fans of this product (and the many other products we have from this company).  Hey- anything that will buy this momma a few minutes of sitting still is worth its’ weight in gold. The recommended age range for the board is 18 months- 5 years and retails for $23.99.

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