Babies wearing babies!

Children love imitating their parents, and a child’s baby carrier is a great way for your child to carry their favorite toy around. If you’re a fan of babywearing, you will love these. My daughter has just started nurturing her dolls and bears, and I am almost jumping out my seat to buy her a child’s baby carrier so we can be matchy matchy (yes, I am THAT mother).

Whether it’s a doll, a bear, or a batman figure, your son or daughter can carry their beloved toy close to them at all times. Here are a few of our top choices.

The Ergo Doll Carrier – starting at $25.00

The leaders in baby carriers have designed exact replicas of their wonderful carriers in pink, mystic purple and grey. Your child can wear this on their chest or back with “baby” facing inwards. You can purchase one here.

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The Pottery Barn Doll Front Carrier Sack-  $19.00

Pottery Barn Kids Doll Carrier

This is designed to be worn on the front and comes in pink. Your child’s doll can face inwards or outwards, and the easy velcro tabs allow you to adjust the straps. The best feature on this is that for an additional $7 you can have the carrier personalized with your child’s name or even their doll’s name! Cute! Order one here.

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Beco Mini Doll Carrier – starting at $31.95

Beco Mini Doll Carrier


Designed to be worn on either the front or back, this carrier was featured in our “Just Like Mommy” toys video. It comes in a range of patterns, your child can wear it on their chest or back, and the buckles keep the carrier in place. Purchase the Beco doll carrier here.

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Snuggy Baby Child’s Doll Sling- $13.00


A pouch sling that is designed to be worn on the front of your child, this carrier comes in various colors at a very reasonable price. No adjustments needed, it simply slides over your child’s head. Toys can face inwards, outwards or lie down and go to sleep (what? toys can sleep!). Pick one up here.

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Does your child wear their favorite toy?