Baby Food Recipe: Mango Puree

At 17, I became a vegan to…um…well…I honestly can’t remember now.

Well, maybe it was to get clear skin or to challenge myself or…save animals…or yeah… I really can’t remember why I started, but when I actually got started, I came to realize that I did it because as a young woman, it felt right. Yeah. That was why.

It was at 17 that I began cooking my own foods. I started that chapter only being able to lentils and toast, but with time, my recipe repertoire expanded.

I left that chapter with a new-found love of cooking and experimenting with flavors and textures.

I’m no longer a vegan anymore, but my enjoyment of cooking is the reason that I used to give others when asked why I prefer to make my daughter’s baby food at home. I just enjoyed the creative act of cooking and wanted to share my love of food with her.

One of the first recipes I ever made for my daughter was a simple Mango puree**. It’s super easy and super tasty, and I’m sharing it below:

Mango puree
1 pound of frozen mangoes (this is usually a bag)**
4 ounces of water (or to desired consistency)


1. Place the frozen mangoes and water in a covered pot, and cook on high for about 8 minutes.
P1130561 Baby Food Recipe: Mango Puree
2. Pour everything into a blender, and puree until “silky” smooth.
P1130561 Baby Food Recipe: Mango Puree3. Pour puree mix into one ice cube tray and allow to cool.

P1130561 Baby Food Recipe: Mango Puree

4. Wrap and freeze.

That’s it! Enjoy!

*The frozen mangoes also make a great frozen treat (just add a popsicle stick) for a toddler.

**I use a frozen mangoes in this recipe because they are available year round and are less pricey.

**According to Wholesome Baby Food, Mangoes should not be served as a first baby food. It is recommended that they be served, on average, around 8 to 10 months.


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