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  1. Loads of fab designers on Etsy and the Aussie one I have always loved receiving Carters from relatives in the US. Cute and preppy 🙂 Kate

  2. My style for my little girl is a mixture of pretty and tomboy. As she typically likes dressing like a girl but is very active and is into the cartwheels and handstands. So its difficult to find clothes for that keep her modest.

  3. Thanks for the shout out for Polarn O. Pyret. Just a little tip–once a month we have awesome PO.P Up Sales. They usually last from Thursday to Sunday and it’s a great time to stock up on things that are often 70% off. We hope to see you in one of our NYC stores soon.

  4. I buy my clothes for my kids online as I didn’t get time much for shopping… But I loved your Blog..

    Thanks for Sharing with us.

  5. I had a daughter first and then we had a son. I loved buying clothes for our daughter, son not so much (there are only so many polo shirts and cargo/khaki shorts I can take).

    When I bought my daughter all of the cute clothes it was always Carters, Gymboree, and sometimes the Children’s Place. Now that she is a preschooler and so so rough on her clothes they are more play clothes than anything.

    Hope this helps.

  6. JoJo Maman et BeBe and Vertbaudet and petit bateau 🙂
    They are my favourites for both genders. All French stores, but hey they have oodles of taste and class and the clothes are all high quality and will hold up for several children, or resell on eBay for a great price 🙂

  7. I have a little girl too, I’m obsessed with dressing
    Her she’s almost 2 and it never gets old!
    My rules are similar no animals, no slogans or writing,
    No bright neons, no black, no denim before 1 and most
    Imp as something u may not realise, no dresses or skirts
    Before she walks! It looks silly with them crawling and is super
    Annoying and uncomfortable for them! Try for accessories
    zara baby for sweet clothes, great at sale time,,
    And just keep on constant lookout buy a season and size ahead always
    On sale! Gap has some beautiful little baby basics always cheaper in store
    Hope it helps!! Wish I could show u some pics of some beautiful clothes my daughter
    Has for some inspiration! Good luck!

  8. I’m not a fan of the “little princess” type stuff either. I like Carters, Baby Gap and TCP, I just avoid the stuff I don’t like. But I am completely OBSESSED with Gymboree! It’s not cheap (though they have some decent sales), but it’s great quality and has good resale value if you choose to go that route. They have the odd “Daddy’s little monkey” kind of thing, but mostly it’s just really cute.

  9. Mom of 2 girls here- love classic/preppy stuff. 110% agreed on dislike of outfits with little sayings… It is such a disappointment when i pick up a sweet simple little onesie & discover it has a neon flower on the front that says “Mom’s sweetest bloom” or whatever 🙂

    I can never resist the Osh Kosh brand at Target (it beckons to me every time i walk by), Old Navy, H&M (but they run HUGE), Baby Gap of course (but be sure you get on their sale email list), Childrens Place has great PJ’S and leggings. Also, a lot of my favorite stuff has also just been searching by size for vintage things on etsy.

    Etsy link for adorable hats- my first daughter has had 3 of these, i’m so excited for my new baby girl to wear them again-

    I also would suggest getting “jeggings” or stretchy skinny jeans for a little girl instead of real jeans. Girlie legs just so cute in tight little stretchy pants instead of rigid loose jeans that button. Jeggings also look so cute with casual dresses…Childrens place has cheap little jeggings that my daughter has worn a ton.

    Just promise me one thing: Always put bloomers on your little girl to cover her diaper when she’s wearing a dress 🙂 So much cuter than a bare diaper. Congrats on your little lady!!

    This comment is total overkill. My apologies.

  10. I have 3 girls but with my baby who is 7 months old her number one acessory is a headband and i have gone crazy at peek-a-bowtique on facebook and etsy. She is so creative with her colors and bows and if your looking for something specific she will custom make you one!

  11. I shop a lot in Carters, they have very cute dresses and sweaters!
    The childrens place too but it is a little more expensive (I have twin girls, you can imagine the amount of clothe I have to buy!)
    Baby Gap, anything from Zulily…
    Good luck! I love shopping for my girls

  12. My style (for myself as well as my 4mo girl) isn’t classic or preppy so I don’t have many suggestions, but have you looked at H&M or Crazy 8? They’re both super affordable!

  13. I love Kissy Kissy, but its way overpriced and runs waaayyy small, like smaller than ralph lauren. So look on consignment shops or such. I like some of gymboree, and Little Me has cute new baby stuff. But agree i LOVE my Hanna Andersson, and Mini Boden. I also got a kicky pants sleeper from an aunt, which was soooo soft, and thin, but ran a tad small, but really cute and modern, I’ve found it on zulily sometimes. But zulily can be hard with sizing unless you already know the brand. I have a first girl in my husbands family since his mother, so 60+ years, and i will admit i have a ‘small’ shopping problem with it comes to her clothes.

  14. You might be surprised at what you can get from Carters (or any of the other stores than sell Carters)! Once you make your way past the “Mommy’s Little Princess” stuff, you can find super cute dresses and rompers and things. I get lots of compliments on my baby girl’s clothes and most of it comes via her grandparents from Carters.

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