Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 10

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Congrats to our winners –

Julianne R. – Entry #6611 – Stokke Tripp Trapp

Abigail T. – Entry #6011 – Britax Boulevard Car Seat


On the 10th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

(Psst…TWO winners today!)

Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat

Did you know that Britax is not only dedicated to safety but fashion too! They research the fashion trends 2 years before the season. The major trends for 2014 blend a nod to the past – muted color palettes with a vintage feel – and a modern mélange of cheerful colors, geometric pattern, animal prints, floral influences and pattern layering.

This month Britax launched a new crop of colorful fashions for its refreshed convertible car seats and winner #1 is getting one – specifically the Boulevard.

BRITAX convertible car seats feature Bases with SafeCell Technology, designed to compress in a crash and significantly lower the center of gravity, thereby counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat.  Integrated steel bars strengthen the seat’s connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing in a crash. BRITAX’s patented Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether has a two-point attachment that reduces crash energy and forward movement using patented staged-release tether webbing.

Britax Car Seat

Stokke Tripp Trapp

Our second winner today will receive the Stokke Tripp Trapp in the color of their choice.

The Tripp Trapp is not only a high chair made out of beautiful, environmentally-friendly wood, but designed to be stylish and last a lifetime. This high chair can be used starting at 6 months (when the child can sit up unassisted) up through adulthood. With easy adjustments, this chair grows with your child, making it a staple in your kitchen decades longer than a traditional baby high chair. Because we don’t like to put baby in the corner, we like that it allows her to join the family at the dinner table from her first day of solid foods.


How to Enter

What is up for grabs:

Winner #1: Britax Boulevard

Winner #2: Stokke Tripp Trapp


How to Enter:

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  1. Best gift growing up was my water baby doll and stroller.
    Nowadays, having my fall babies born in October and November has been the best holiday gift

  2. The best gift I ever received was when I was about 5 or 6. I got a Barbie mansion complete with elevator. I thought that was the best thing ever!

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  3. Best gift I ever received as a child was a handmade dollhouse that my grandmother made for me….complete with working lights!!! LOVED it 🙂 Still do 🙂

  4. A Pee-Wee Herman wristwatch. The face was Pee-Wee’s head and the band looked like his suit. It even had a special compartment for today’s secret word!

  5. My bike. It was blue, with training wheels and a “hamburger” seat. That same year my older sister got a bike too. Her’s was yellow with a banana seat. We loved cruising the neighborhood on those bikes!

  6. The one I remember being most excited about was a My Little Pony. One with the glitter eyes. I took it with me to the family party and lost it. I was devastated! Still gets talked about every year. (Yes, my parents got me a new one!!!)

  7. I remember you giving one of these away last year—Love Stokke! (and britax for both our carseats, but Stokke has designer chic:). ANY way, the best gift I have received for Christmas was a little camera I got when I was 11—I felt so empowered!

  8. Best gift I received was my Bucky the Wonderhorse! He was a horse that you could ride and a saddle that lifted up that I apparently hid a lot of toys and food in

  9. My favorite gift was my doll I received when I was 4. Her name was Jamie and she was my baby til it was time to pack her away. I was hoping to someday give it to my daugher, but she might just remain with me… I’d hate to see my boys attempt to play with her

  10. A soft toy panda that was taller than I was when I was seven years of age. Like me, Peter Panda is showing the signs of age, but he is still with me.

  11. one year, when i was about 12, and my sisters were 8 and 6, ‘santa’ brought our family a huge trampoline for the backyard! It was epic, and lasted for at least 12 more years after that!!

  12. My favorite uncle went on a business trip to Paraguay and he brought me a baby doll that had a little disc in it. Depending on which side the disk was on the baby doll would cry until you fed her pretend food or she would laugh when you tickled her. I was 6 yrs old and I had the greatest time with that doll (I LOVED playing mommy). But one day my friend and I were playing and we fed the doll some real mud pie (mud, as in dirt, mud). That was the end of the baby doll ever working properly again 🙁

  13. My favorite Christmas was the year my sister and I received the Barbie Dreamhouse. My sister woke up at five am, saw it and dragged me to the living room to see it too. I was a little upset because I wanted to sleep longer.

    And I would love to win the carseat as I am 3 months pregnant and need one!

  14. Dr Dreadful Drink Lab. It was the first year it came out and I wanted it sooooo bad. I was a little sad when Santa didn’t bring it, but then my grandmother came over and she had gotten me one. Even though the concoctions were gross, I played with it for years. Always popular at sleepovers!

  15. Best gift was a toy kitchen set, complete with dishes. My sister and I got years of fun out of it.
    (I didn’t like the post of facebook, because I no longer use fcbk regularly, and it says above that just a blog comment is an option for those who don’t do fcbk).

  16. Well, you could never go wrong in giving me a Barbie, but my most favorite gifts (that I still have!) were my Nintendo and Atari game systems.

  17. My cabbage patch doll was the best gift I received and knowing how hard it was for my mom to get makes it that much more treasured.

  18. My favorite gift as a child was the book The Littlest Angel from my grandma. It’s still one of my favorite books, and I can’t wait to read it to our new baby when it gets here!

  19. The best gift I received was a Sunfish sailboat. My parents didn’t have a whole lot of money, so it was a complete surprise. We still have it almost 20 years later.

  20. The best gift I ever received as a child was my first American Girl doll, Molly. It was back in the early days of the company and they had full size pictures of each of the dolls in their catalog. I slept with the catalog open to Molly for at least a month before Christmas, pretending I had the doll. It was awesome to get her and sleep with the actual doll that year!

  21. Best gift I ever recieved as a child was an American girl doll! Best gift for Christmas ever was when my husband returned from deployment 2 wks before Christmas and the following day our daughter started walking! As if she was waiting for him 🙂

  22. My mom probably hopes that my best gift was a Cabbage Patch Doll since she was one of those parents fighting to get one for me. My daughter still plays with them, so they’re also the gift that’s stayed around the longest.

  23. I got two coconut halves from my dad as a nod Monty python and the galloping horses. It was So simple and so hilarious, and showed he knew what i liked.

  24. I LOVED my Easy Bake Oven! I used that thing ALLLLLL the time. I’m pretty sure my parents were sick of eating chalky mini-cakes!

  25. A stuffed lion. We were very poor, and I saw it in the little drugstore in a plastic bag. I reached inside to pet his mane. It was so soft. I was so surprised to find it under the tree on Christmas morning!

  26. The best gift I received as a child was a little Beanie Baby dog named “Toughy” I received from my mom the night before she went into surgery for breast cancer. I still have and cherish that dog.

  27. I recently called Buy Buy Baby and the gentleman that helped me said that by far his choice for a convertible carseat is the Boulevard. He said that is what he would buy if he had children based on the safety. I love these new color options. And… the Stokke highchair is amazing. One of my friends has it. I would LOVE to win these!! 🙂

  28. I remember the largest gift one year was for me…a boombox stereo…yay 80s! This would be an amazing gift for my sister who NEEDS a car seat. Thank you for the amazing giveaway 🙂

  29. My Barbie dream house! It was the first year after my father passed away and woke up in the middle of the night thinking it was Santa, only to find my dear old mom struggling to finish putting it together and placing a big bow on it. I realized Santa didn’t really exist but that I had an amazing mom who would do anything for her kids. I still strive to be her like her today.

  30. The best gift I received as a child was a bookcase my father made for me. I still have it (age 37) and I’m SO looking forward to cleaning it up and getting it ready for my first baby (due this winter!)

  31. The best gift I received as a child was a doll…I think it was called “my real baby” and it was heavy like a real baby. Loved that doll.

  32. My 13th Christmas my grandma got me a cabbage patch kid. She paid over $250 because they were sold out everywhere but didn’t want to disappoint her only granddaughter .

  33. One year, I got a little tiny box with a gold key. It turned out that it unlocked the drawer of an antique desk drawer that was just for me. I LOVED it!

  34. This beautiful baby doll I had my eye on for, well FOREVER. I got it along with a whole trunk of newborn baby clothes and accessories. I was in heaven!

  35. Oh, I guess that’s not a gift I received as a child! LOL. But it’s still the best! Honestly, I don’t remember ONE gift I got that I just loved so much….. Christmas was always about family and memories. 🙂

  36. One of the best gifts I ever received as a child was a real sled… not a plastic one but a metal/wood one that I was so excited to use! Nevermind the fact I had to wait a whole month until it snowed to be able to try it out, the wait was so worth it!

  37. The best gift I ever received was definitely my American girl doll, I’d been wanting one FOREVER and my parents finally surprised me with one at Christmas.

  38. The best gift I got as a child was my Our New Baby (from the Pleasant Company, now known as the American Girl Bitty Baby). Back then you could choose whether it was a girl or a boy, I chose boy. He still is on display in “my” room back at my parents house.

  39. A Cabbage Patch. But she didn’t come wrapped under the tree. My parents ordered her through Service Merchandise, so we got to pick her up from the store [a couple days early] and watching her slide down the conveyor belt is one of the most vivid memories I have…I was so excited!!!

  40. The best gift I received as a child wasn’t material. As I look back, it was the time with my fantastic Grandmother that taught me to bake and to love unconditionally. She was truly an amazing woman.

  41. The best gift I ever got as a child was our dog bear. We got him early so my siblings and I were able to get Christmas gifts for him to play with. We also picked up his two siblings, a boy and a girl for my cousins. We had a house full of three puppies for about a week. That was such an amazing time!

  42. My dog! My dad had always been against inside dogs and he got me a Border collie and had him stay inside because it was cold. He got to to stay in the house with us from then on:)

  43. The toy family van to go with my little tykes doll house was one of my favorite gifts. Funny how the idea of a van was so much more appealing back then!

  44. My favorite gift as a child was my cabbage patch kid when they first came out. It was the new and cool toy that every little girl wanted. My mom waited in line at the hasbro store for hours waiting to get one for me and my sister. She got us both one that matched our hair and eye color! My mom was always doing things like that for us. She worked so hard so we could have special things. I miss her so much 🙁

  45. I think the one I most remember is a kitty. I was in the third grade and had wanted a kitty for quite a while. He turned out to be tempered a lot like Garfield but he was a good cat nonetheless.

  46. My blue velvet stuffed dog. I slept with that dog for years. My sister got a red velvet one the same year. We loved them to death.

  47. The one that sticks out the most in my mind right now is a pink bicycle–I didn’t learn to ride till I was a bit older as we lived out in the country!

  48. One year my parents got me and my sisters a playstation and some games but waited until the very end of unwrapping to bring out the box. It was a huge tv box and all the way at the bottom was the playstation and a few games. Loved it!

  49. Sounds ridiculous, but BOOKS! I can’t imagine opening anything with any more excitement than I do a pile of books I want to read! And though I don’t have any particular memory of a “best” gift, I always was thrilled to see an entire set of books from my favorite author!

  50. 2 years ago we adopted a puppy for Christmas! She’s the best dog in the world, and is my favorite Christmas gift ever!! We love her so very much!

  51. My grandparents did $100 once – only it was wrapped up nesting doll style inside of several big boxes all the way down to a roll of toilet paper where they had rolled up $1s – so fun to unwrap.

  52. A quilt my grandma hand stitched for me 🙂 I would still have it but it was stolen from me just about 6 years ago, so heartbreaking to me 🙁 Who steals quilts?!?!?! (they stole 2) This was the first qult she made me and had my name stitched in the bottom

  53. The best gift I ever received was a snow globe that I still have. It was a white elephant party and I opened up this gorgeous snow globe. I was in love! I was also five and I didn’t understand that in a white elephant your gift can be stolen which is precisely what happened. I was devastated as I was left with a really awful plastic robot gumball machine. The girl who originally stole it from me saw how upset I was and asked my mom if we could trade at the end of the party so that I wouldn’t be sad. I was over the moon. I was so stunned by her genuine generosity. It’s stuck with me my entire life. I still have the globe and we have a white elephant every year and talk about that story each time. It’s been a fabulous lesson for my littles!

  54. We never received very many toys, we come from a large family and mostly pass me downs, lol – But my uncle was always buying me outrageous gifts. (My father would always make me give him back) He brought me a puppy. It was a Afghan, it was beautiful.

  55. The best gift I ever got as a child was a super nice telescope from my parents. I was very into astronomy at a very young age and so getting a telescope was a DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

  56. The BEST present I ever received as a child was a barbie dream house! I was OVER THE MOON! I think I played with it for a whole weekend and barely slept! =)

  57. The best gift I can remember getting as a kid was bunk beds. My sister and I shared a tiny room. The extra space was wonderful.

  58. My most memorable Christmas gift was a Barbie doll with hair down past her waist. I think it came with some sort of styling tool, but the doll was the loveliest I’d ever seen. I think I was maybe 3 or 4 but such a simple thing still stands out in my mind. Thanks for a chance to win.

  59. the best gifts i ever got were my barbie dolls! i remember sitting in my room and playing with them for hours! (embarrassingly enough even at an older age 😉 )

  60. The best gift I received was an Asian baby doll from my aunt. I loved that doll for years and plan to give her to my daughter when she is older.

  61. Cabbage Patch Dolls were my favorite gift I received as a child. My Gpa worked for a Toy Distributor at the time, so we were able to get them the year that people were throwing punches to get one.

  62. The best gift I got was a power wheel. My parents had sat us down and told us it was going to be a small Christmas because money was tight, then come Christmas morning Santa brought me a power wheel. It also strengthened my belief in Santa because there was no way my parents could afford such a gift.

  63. The best gift I remember loving as a child was my beautiful dollhouse. I still have it and plan to pass it down if I have a girl!

  64. The best gift I recieved as a child was my talking Teddy Ruxpin doll. I still remember the joy I felt when I opened him and I played with him every day that next year. I wish I still had him, but the Christmas wonder he left with me will last a lifetime.

  65. The best gift I received as a child was a hand-made cork gun crafted by my Grandfather. I was given this the Christmas after his death. He started it for me before his heart attack and insisted on going home from the hospital to finish it. He passed away 2 days later leaving the gun finished and wrapped.

  66. My favorite christmas gift as a kid was my doll house! I Loved that thing! Cant wait til my girls are old enough to play with one!!!!

  67. The best gift I got as a kid was a bike that my older brother made from different parts and painted for me. It was great because we lived overseas so I could ride all over the military base.

  68. The best Christmas gift I ever received was my first guitar. I would love to win either of these for my little boy, but I especially love the Tripp Trapp!

  69. My favorite/best gift I got for Christmas, as a child was, a baby doll that could drink water and wet. As an adult, my best gift, was a real baby, my 2nd daughter was born on Dec 22nd, and came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve…she wasn’t due till January…so that was the best gift ever, and she was completely healthy!

  70. The best toy I ever got was a bedtime barbie I had been asking for it all year long and was so excited when I opened it Christmas morning.

  71. I don’t actually remember opening this gift but I got it when I was 2 for Christmas, a baby doll that I named Ricki. From that day on that doll went everywhere with me. I had multiple surgeries as a child and it was with me in every single one. My dad used to have to perform surgery on him too to put him back together from me dragging him everywhere. I just got back to GA to see my family for the first time in probably 13+yrs this past summer and every one of them was asking if I still had Ricki (which I do!) because he was that much of a part of my life at that time.

  72. A Barbie Dream House. I was 3 1/2 and I will still never forget that Christmas morning and the surprise gift, left to the very last in the downstairs family room. It was like Christmas all over again when my parents called me down after opening all my other gifts and I laid eyes on that gorgeous orange and yellow Dream House (hello, 1984!).

  73. When we moved to US the day before Christmas we spent with a really nice (wealthy) family that bought us all presents! We got giftcards and clothes but that wasn’t the best part.. It’s one of the most memorable Christmases bc we got actual presents! We didn’t get presents living in Ukraine.. Sometimes a went caroling and people would give us candy but that’s as exciting as that got

  74. This giveaway is amazing and I’d not only love to win but I’m sure my baby would thank me as well. The Britax car seats have always been a staple in our home because of their safety and the 4-5lbs accommodations which helped us bring our preemies home. We’ve never owned a TrippTrapp but it looks like an amazing high chair! Anything that lasts and grows is wonderful for a large family on a tight military budget 🙂 we make the best of everything we can.

  75. The best gift I ever received as a child (or the one I most remember) was my first bike. I got to pick out the color I wanted and I remember it having all the bells and whistles. Loved it. It was pink 🙂

  76. The best gift I ever received was a tiny little toddler sized red piano from my late grandmother. She has now passed, but I still have the piano and my son now has it in his nursery!

  77. The best gift I received as a child was my own bedroom (away from my little sister, who annoyed me at the time) that was fully decorated in purple and had a canopy bed!

  78. My favorite gift was a trip to Disneyland when I was 7. It was an 8 hour drive to go, my aunt, uncle, and cousins all went. We came home Christmas Eve.

  79. My American Girl doll, Molly. I still remember how excited my grandmother was to give her to me. I picked her out of the catalog (pre-Internet days!) on Thanksgiving and could not be happier to finally see her on Christmas Day.

  80. I would have to say that the best gift would be my family! I have three younger sisters and two parents that did a tremendous job making Christmas special for us. Now that I am older and I look back at our Christmases… It’s not the gifts I remember, but the wonderful memories.

  81. The best gift I received was my first cellphone haha our parents waited for much longer than most to give us cellphones so I remember when I got that first one it was AMAZING! a little black and white flip phone hehe

  82. The best gift I got was a porcelain doll when I was 10. My family didn’t have a lot money so this was a big deal as this was my first official doll.

  83. my own bedroom for my 12th birthday! My dad finished the basement so I wouldn’t have to share with my 6 year old sister anymore

  84. Honestly, I don’t remember any one gift being the best part about Christmas. I always LOVED the candle light service at church followed by the entire family packing into our medium sized house for dinner… the family time always beat any present I ever received and left us with fun memories to share with our kids now.

  85. the best gift i recieved as a child was our puppy, unfortunatly he died, but he was definitely the best christmas present i can remember. i remember how excited i was when i first saw him.

  86. The best gift I ever received was a doll that really walked-She had hip joints that were movable, but not at the knees, so she walked with her legs straight out! I still have her and she’s still loved…

  87. I was not allowed to eat anything cold (due to health conditions) – so whenever my dad gave it an exception and bought me an ice cream, I would be on cloud 9! I remember those days 🙂

  88. The best gift I ever got was a Strawberry Shortcake bike with a basket, streamers, a banana seat and training wheels. It smelled like strawberries and I rode the hell out of it.

  89. We usually received smaller gifts but one year my parents decided to get all 3 of us kids one big gift. It was a trampoline. Best gift we ever received. We spend countless hours playing on it most of our childhood.

  90. One year we got a Sesame Street Talk n Play. It would read stories and you could push different buttons to change the story. You could also record yourself, which became our favorite thing to do…talking, singing or playing. We played with that toy for years!

  91. I would have to say the best Xmas gift I received as a child was my first cabbage patch kid, simply because my mom waited for a lottery the first year they came out and didn’t get one but was lucky enough the following year to get her hands on ONE and my younger sister ended up with a knock-off because she could only get one that year!

  92. I was about 6 or 7 and my twin sister and I received twin dolls along with a double stroller their bottles and everything. It was really cool to have something to relate to and play with.

  93. Best gift i ever had when i was a child…. WAS my first Barbie doll. it was my one and only Barbie doll…I loved it so much that i didn’t even want to open it and just stare on it lolz 🙂

  94. My favorite gift as a child was my first violin. I was so so happy to have my very own instrument, and I grew up to be just about a professional violinist. I am really really good now!

  95. The best/most memorable gift I received was my ET doll that Santa brought me when I was 2. Most kids were scared by ET, but I had this weird obsession with him and he was my “teddy bear” for all of my childhood and even came to college with me.

  96. i had slept on a day bed for most of my childhood so one year i asked for a new bed a got a brand new full size bed with frame mattress and headboard. that was certainly my fave and most memorable

  97. The best gift I received as a kid was a purple “boombox”, it was my first radio that could play CD’s which were new at the time. I also received my first CD with it which was “Hot Ladies of the 80’s”. LOVED IT!!!

  98. The best gift I received as a child for Christmas was a giant Tinkertoy set. They don’t make them anymore, but my brothers and friends had a blast with them in the back yard for years.

  99. The best gift I’ve ever received was actually not mine. I stole my sister’s New Kids on the Block
    Dolls (but they were rad when I was 6). Second best was a copy of The Dark Crystal and The Goonies.

  100. My grandma sent me a cabbage patch doll from Texas. Her name was Sylvia Loreli (the doll) and she had green eyes and brown hair just like me. I still have her today and she is tucked away in a cabinet.

  101. The best gift I received was a wooden knitting mushroom, I used it all the time and kept it, and I gave it to my daughter when she was 6 🙂

  102. My favorite gift was a play kitchen, I carted the thing up and down stairs and even outside by myself when I was little. That way I could play with it anywhere 😉

  103. Lego monorail set. It was all I wanted that year and it was given as the last gift, everyone thought all the gifts were given, but my grandpa pulled one more out from under the couch. I was so happy I skipped dessert to start working on it. for years I would put it together at Christmas, and in a few years, I’ll be able to put it together with my son.

  104. The best gift I ever received as a child was my Barbie dream house and Barbie convertible in 1994! I was obsessed with everything pink and my parents always obliged 🙂

  105. My favorite gift as a child was a new bike. With 4 sisters, I got a lot of hand me downs. So, a NEW bike was a great gift! Thanks!
    Ross Olson

  106. The best gift I got for Christmas was the book “The Story of Babar” from my paternal Grandmother. It was my favorite book growing up as a child, and I kept it with me all these years, and was able to give it to my oldest daughter at her first Christmas. It was very fitting because my daughter is named after my paternal grandmother, and it still has my grandmother’s message to me written inside the cover. We told my daughter that her Grandmother was able to give her the gift from heaven, so she needed to keep it safe. It is still her favorite book to read at night. 🙂

  107. Best gift I received as a child was a 4-wheeler. It was a smaller one for kids and my brother and I would ride together on trails and in fields where my dad would take us. I loved being outside!

  108. My brother and I received scooters one year for Christmas. We loved them and rode all day long in the basement, our parents couldn’t get us to stop!

  109. The ‘BEST’ gift I received as a child wasn’t a gift in & of itself… it was the gift of WONDER… You see… I can’t think of even one childhood gift specifically… BUT, I DO remember opening a doll one year… the packaging stated quite clearly ‘Batteries NOT Included’… I remember ripping off the paper, then the plastic sealing the doll in the box, then removing the doll from the box & it worked. The ‘magic’ of having a Dad in retail management… the box lied… batteries were included even in a retail-sealed package… Took me years until I worked at a store that had one of those re-realers in the back room to finally figure out how it happened… 😉

  110. i don’t know that it was the best gift ever, but it’s one that sticks out in my mind even today: a pretend vacuum cleaner. it was a pink upright and i thought it was absolutely amazing. 🙂

  111. The best gift I received as a kid was a doll called Baby Go Bye Bye. I was 2 years old and I can still remember asking Santa for it. I did get it for Christmas and I loved that doll. I don’t know what ended up happening to it but I had such fond memories of it and never forgot it. I ended up finding one on eBay several years ago in near mint condition with the original box and everything, and I bought it! It makes me happy just to look at her.

  112. One year I got a teddy bear that was taller than I was. It was AWESOME! I would lay on it, sleep on it, and attempt to drag it around the house. I would eventually give up halfway so we often had a gigantic teddy bear laying around random parts of our house. Definitely best gift ever.

  113. A German Shepard puppy ! It was a December gift from my dad for the whole family . I loved cuddling with her so much and i loved that she was so playful! Even if she peed everywhere or jumped on me when she was still learning,she was still the best. I Still have a very faint scar on my wrist from when I was 8 or 9; I was walking her and she got excited, jumped up on me, and playfully mouthed my arm. She was stronger than she realized and had sharp teeth! The scar reminds me of her now that she’s gone <3

  114. My favorite gift was a Cabbage Patch doll. It was about two years after the “official” Cabbage Patch craze, but I finally got one. A real one 🙂

  115. I loved Snoopy and Barbie. My best gift was a toss up between a plush snoopy that I still have or my Barbie house which provided me hours of fun!!

  116. The best gift I received as a little girl was a pair of white and purple roller skates! I used to pretend that I was a professional ice skater and make up routines to songs in the street in front of my house. I spent many hours using those skates until they eventually ran out of steam.

  117. The one I have the best memory of was my Bowling Snoopy that my older cousins gave me. Probably because they had as much fun playing with me as I did with them.

  118. My best gift was the My Little Pony castle. I remember asking if we could bring it with us on vacation. I was trying to convince my mom that I didn’t need clothes but I NEEDED this toy.

  119. I got a pony when I was 8 – a real one. Her name was Moriah 🙂

    My absolute favorite gift I got when I was in my early 20s, my grandmother, who was nearly blind, painted me an entire china tea set. Although her work was more beautiful when she still had her full vision, this was the most special thing anyone has ever done for me. These were the last dishes she painted.

  120. I LOVED the play kitchen I received as a kid–I used that thing all the time to create all kinds of “fancy” pretend meals to serve to friends and family!

  121. My favorite gift ever was this small electronic typewriter. It had a phonics program on it that I loved. My cousins and I would take turns seeing who could type the fastest.

  122. The Best gift I ever got as a child was my hand made doll house that my dad made and the hand made furniture and accessories my mom made for it!

  123. My best gift was a stuffed white cat from my uncle! Took that cat every where with me even to the hospital for my surgery at the age of 2.

  124. The best gift I received as a child was having my dad return home safely after a long Air Force deployment overseas. Nothing will ever beat greeting him right off the plane after such a long time away!

  125. there are not a lot of things that I remember from when I was a child, but the gift that I remember most and had the longest was a soft doll that I called Strawberry Shortcake because of the red dress and hat that she wore. I don’t even remember who gave it to me, but I sure loved the thing!

  126. Best gift I ever got were some white roller skates with hot pink wheels, the best part was my big sister got some too so I had a skating buddy!! 🙂

  127. The best gift I ever received was my kitchen and ‘tea’ table. My mom still has the kitchen and recently gave me the table and now my little girl plays with it.

  128. I received an awesome doll house for Christmas one year that I went insane over. You could put the dolls in their spots and they would talk. Was really awesome at the time!

  129. The best gift I received as a child was a Cabbage Patch Kid! They were brand new and my parents were on waiting lists to get one. My first Cabbage Patch kid was a boy with no hair and blue eyes, I named him Michael 🙂

  130. I grew up in California, but moved to Minnesota right after Christmas when I was 8. I got ice skates for Christmas that year and thought it was the coolest thing since I’d never been ice skating before, and neither had any of my friends!

  131. The best gift was the Strawberry Shortcake dolly that blew strawberry scented kisses!!! I loved that doll and still have her! Her kisses dont smell anymore but she was hands down my favorite gift ever as a child!

  132. The best gift I received as a child was my pet dog Prancer lol. I was six and had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes the day after my birthday. My dad thought a dog would be good for me.

  133. Best gift I see received was a ring from my grandpa. I started bawling thinking I didn’t deserve such a beauty. I didn’t even care it was an avon product.

  134. a shirt.. I was in High school. And it was nothing special.. what made it special was it was the first time my dad had bought the xmas presents.

  135. The best gift I received was a “Jill” doll. It was the size of me and talked. It malfunctioned though and had to go back to Santa’s workshop so I got another cabbage patch doll from Santa instead. LOL. If it had worked, it would have been awesome.

  136. I got a tv for my room when I was 5 years old and my 8 year old sister didn’t even have one. Let’s just say I had the cool room 😀

  137. Not sure I remember them all. But I do remember a year I got a whole polly pocket village that took up the whole kitchen table. I loved it!!! Wish i knew where it was now.

  138. I would have to say the best gift was a real looking baby doll that I named “Nathan”. I took him everywhere with me for the longest time!

  139. The best gift was Santa, my mom kept me believing for a long time and that was so special to me. It just made the holidays so magical. Now I look forward to this with my daughter and I know my mom does too!

  140. The best gift was a dollhouse that my grandfather made. It lasted all my design changes on the interior (i was destin to be an interior designer) and now my daughter plays with it…

  141. My mom made me a stuffed elephant for my second Christmas and I still have it. Or she made us cabbage patch dolls that I still have the birth certificates for.

  142. The best gift I received as a child was my Strawberry Shortcake doll and all of her friends. They smelled so good! lol 😉

  143. The year we went on vacation for Christmas and were able to enjoy the day as a family without running around to visit everyone else!

  144. The Christmas I remember the best being so happy about my presents was the year I got my cabbage patch dolls. Was so beyond excited!

  145. As a child, I remember being most excited the year I received a Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas – I woke up Christmas morning and found her sitting in my little rocking chair under the tree.

  146. Honestly, I can’t even remember most of what I got, let alone a favorite. So I will just pick something I remember – an Nsync book! I know I loved that the year I got it 🙂

  147. The best gift I received as a child was the American Girl doll that I had wished for for years 🙂 Thanks Mom and Dad! <3

  148. My best gift was a Baby Feel So Real! It weighed about the same as a new born, had the soft skin, and also you could feel the bones thru the gel like arms. Loved that thing!!

  149. Ssshhh….don’t tell my kids, it was my 4-wheeler, got it about the age my oldest is now. I personally think my parents were nuts! Her power wheels go too fast for me some days.

  150. The best gift I received as a child was a bike that I completly wasn’t expecting. They told me Santa left something in the kitchen. They captured the moment on camera my mouth was wide open in shock and my hand were on my face. Best picture ever

  151. All the christmas lovin…. I was very fortunate not only to get gifts but also lot of family love and time with people I love. That was the best give ever!

  152. The best gift I received as a child would have to be the year a got a black sweater. The dress code at school was all black and I didnt have a black sweater so I was freezing cold. I cried when I opened it because I didnt have to be cold any more.