Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 11

Bumbleride Giveaway

Bumbleride Giveaway

Congrats to our winners –

Leah Q. – Entry #3313 – Bumbleride Flite AND Diaper Bag

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On the 11th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

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Bumbleride Flite Stroller AND Bumbleride Diaper Bag

It’s all about Bumbleride today! Winner #1 will receive the fabulous, lightweight Flite stroller with one of the new Bumbleride Diaper Bags.

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One lucky person will win the Bumbleride Flite  and diaper bag in the color of their choice.

Bumbleride Diaper Bag (5 winners!)

Bumbleride has recently debuted a new diaper bag to its already popular collection of baby gear and winner #2-6 are getting one! That’s right, we have FIVE more diaper bags up for grabs! Keeping up with their on-the-go parent audience, Bumbleride designed a sporty and practical messenger bag to go along for the ride. The Bumbleride Diaper Bag comes in 7 Bumbleride colors (to match their strollers, of course!) and is stocked with pockets to keep everything organized.

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FIVE lucky people will win the diaper bag in the color of their choice.

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What is up for grabs:

Winner #1: Bumbleride Flite AND Bumbleride Diaper Bag

Winner #2 -6: Bumbleride Diaper Bags


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  1. My son asked for a kitten for Christmas… and we gave him a remote control cat. When he opened it he just looked at it went to the bathroom and balled his eyes out sitting on the floor. He didnt specify a REAL one. lol

  2. Luckily, I haven’t witnessed any child especially mine be rude or say anything ungrateful when opening gifts and it’s a duplicate or something they may not want. They just smile and say thank you.

  3. We own a bumbleride indie and LOVE it. I can’t speak highly enough about it. I love that this can be turned into a travel system!

  4. Our oldest daughter opened something she didn’t like, simply put the paper back on the box and handed the gift to her sister as a trade, silly girl! Thanks for all the great giveaways!!

  5. At one Christmas I had been sick and Beanie Babies were just coming out. My husband thought it would be awesome to buy our girls Beanie Babies. That was all they got-lots and lots of Beanie Babies. It got to the point where they didn’t want to open the rest of their gifts because they figured they would be more Beanie Babies. I feel so bad for them still and remember their disappointment. My husband thought the beanie babies would appreciate in value and they would pay for the girls college educations-they didn’t.

  6. I can’t think of any personal experiences. However, when I think of bad reactions I think of the movie A Christmas Story, and Ralphie’s reaction to the pink Bunny suit his Aunt Clara made him. It was priceless to see him standing on the stairs pouting.

  7. My niece cried when she saw she got books instead of a real life unicorn. It wasn’t fair because her brother’s asked for hamsters and they got them! That was a funny one.

  8. My niece was opening presents onChristmas morning, and noticed that the present “From Santa” was the same handwriting as my sister’s. She completely flipped out, ran to her room, threw herself on her bed and started crying. When my sister went in to talk to her, she looked at her and sobbed out “What else have you been lying to me about?”. Needless to say, she lost the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny on the same day.:(

  9. When my niece got a Minnie Mouse Vanity and when she saw it all wrapped up she came running back in the room shouting, “Daddy! Santa brought you a brand new chair!”

  10. My young niece, while opening gifts, went until each one was opened, tossed it aside, and quickly went to the next one. Then all day she just asked where the rest of her presents were.

  11. The worst reaction I’ve ever seen was, my nephew cried because he didn’t get the right toy that he wanted! He’s way to spoiled!! Lol

  12. These giveaways are so awesome, especially this time of year. Loving that so many people are getting extra little gifts from you gizmos. Thanks a billion baby gizmo. And happy holidays to you!!

  13. When my brother was around 3 he received a big Beast stuffed animal from Beauty and the Beast (this was right after the movie came out). He unwrapped the face first and the Beast scared him so much he ran crying from the room and wouldn’t come back to finish opening presents. One of the worst, and funniest, reactions I’ve seen to a gift ever.

  14. My daughter is still to young to think any gift is bad. She enjoys opening everything and we teach her to be say thank you to everyone and be grateful.

  15. My child received clothes and they were very nice clothes and she looked at the person who gave it to her and “no thanks” in the sweetest way, it was hard to be mad after the sweet look she gave when she said it.

  16. You try to teach your children how to be gracious and what to say during gift opening, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out – especially with younger children! If they get a lightweight box that seems to be clothes, they’ll either say so – “Oh no, clothes!” or even just toss the box aside! But the worst, and most embarrassing, is when they forget to say “thank you”… Unfortunately, I even have older (adult) nieces who don’t say thank you upon opening gifts!! It almost makes you not want to give such generous gifts…

  17. My daughter is only 9mo, so don’t have to worry about it yet. My niece and nephews ate pretty good at being polite to elderly aunts and uncles (and crazy grandpa)!

  18. We went to my sister’s one year for Christmas. My sister doesn’t know how to say no to her kids and so when my spoiled niece went to open her gift and found it wasn’t quite what she asked for, she proceeded to rant like I have never seen before. She could put a grown person to shame with the words coming out of her mouth. It made me thankful for my caring and giving children who spent their allowance for the last few months to adopt a family for Christmas.

  19. At a friend’s son’s forth birthday party I believe it was his great aunt who gave him one of his last presents to open. Imagine the poor kid’s surprise when he opened the box to find a bunch of silly clothes! I get it. He was turning 4, not 40. Get the kid a firetruck, or a video game, or a box of candy. Not many children, specifically four year old boys, are going to jump for joy at the sight of clothes. Seriously. He did not hesitate to show his disappointment. He sighed and heaved and hawed, and eventually threw the clothes on the ground. My friend was absolutely mortified and pulled him aside for a good 5 minutes. When they finally returned to the waiting guests the forced apology was given to the great aunt and all was right in the world of children’s birthday parties once again. My daughter is 21 months, and my son is 35 weeks gestation 🙂 – I am dreading the day these responses may occur. Truly.

  20. Well this isn’t a child reaction but my FIL. We got my husband’s half-sister a big Cinderella castle play set. She had already opened the gift from her parents which was a different more basic castle. After she got ours her told her not to open the one they gave her so they could take it back. He didn’t plan on getting her anything else with the money. My husband proceeded to tell him why you can’t take back something after you give it to a 6 year old.

  21. Luckily my twins love anything you give them. The even get happy when I get them the pull ups with caracters. To them that’s a surprise. They get happy and say thank you my surprise!!!

  22. My daughter is to little yet…but I remember my little sister saying a Cabbage Patch Chair was a a piece of junk in front of the person who gave it to her. My mother was mortified!

  23. I have witnessed complete meltdowns and crying over not getting the gift the kid wanted. So embarrassing for the parents. My kids are embarrassed when people give them gifts and always invite their friends to parties with the request that they bring NO gifts. Some of their friends don’t have much $ and they don’t want anyone to feel bad.

  24. My son has some disabilities which make it hard for him to remember other people have feelings that his words can hurt. Last year he got something, and he said ” this is not what I wanted why can’t anyone get it right?’ Needless to say he had to have a conversation about hurtful words, and being respectful, hopefully this year he will remember.

  25. My in laws where giving lots of presents to my kid, so they give him a toy, he grab it and said, I want more, what else do you have. It was so sad to hear that from my boy, so I had to talk to my in laws,but ever since, when he gets a present he ask when is he gonna get another one. Very sad.

  26. I honestly can’t think of one – probably because our daughter is still little. So the worst is just moving on to unwrapping the next.

  27. My child has a hard time showing how excited she is about a gift and it can hurt someone’s feelings if they did not know her well.

  28. I remember the Christmas before my daughter received her double lung transplant, she was crowned the queen of the American Heart Association Heart Ball, to watch her dance and smile and laugh….she was 7 years old, her last Christmas with us she was singing and dancing with all her might, we all were laughing so hard as she tried to rap Away In A Manger… I miss her and her smile and laugh.

  29. My son is only 2 so not too many experiences with opening gifts. It always cracks up me up when they love the box and wrapping paper more than the actual gift.

  30. The worst reaction my child had to a gift was when I gave my son a Planet Hero that I thought was a guy…he looked at it, rolled his eyes, and said “Mom…it’s a girl…” How was I to know?!

  31. When my grandson was 3 this nice older lady at church gave him a movie and when he opened it he said I don’t like this, it is scary!

  32. Haven’t seen a really bad reaction to a gift, but have heard of parents who reacted badly to their children’s gifts. Parents who were ungrateful and saying things like they have no use for it and will exchange it to the person who gave the gift.

  33. My daughter opened a gift once where she received clothes and kept looking in the bag. She said “that’s it? where is the toy?”

  34. My husband’s niece who turned 4, opened one of her presents and looked at the outfits then said yuck I hate them, the them aside and started opening other gifts. When asked about the outfit again she said no I hate them, throw them. It was a shirt and pants with her favorite ladybugs on them.

  35. My son went to a friends party and as they were opening up presents the kid opened up one with a sweater of sorts in it. He asked his mom to get the receipt so they could return it right in front of them.

  36. I love seeing my kids light up no matter the gift inside, they are so excited to celebrate Jesus’ birthday and open gifts to celebrate!

  37. My son is only 16 months so his reaction is always the same. He tastes it then he throws it. That’s about the best he can do at this point. LOL

  38. When my brother was little he said he wanted to trade all his gifts for candy because he didn’t like them… but likes candy… Lol Kids

  39. My cousin was once super excited to open a gift and then once she opened it and realized she didnt like it, she started crying and ran away!

  40. My son is little so the worst is he opens it, tosses it, grabs another gift to unwrap. We just learned how to unwrap so that’s more exciting than gifts.

  41. my little nephew didn’t like books he recieved as a gift,so he quietly put them back in the box and tried to re-wrap the gift!

  42. My kids liked there gifts so far their just 2 n3 simple times .I like both gifts I need a bag to pack I’m due in jan w my son so excited !

  43. My kids liked there gifts so far their just 2 n3 simple times .I like both gifts I need a bag to pack I’m due in jan w my son so excited !

  44. I’ve seen a child throw a toy back at their mom when they opened it, definitely the worst reaction I’ve seen and I hope my little man never does that!

  45. My kids are all still young, but – the only one I can think of was my oldest son’s 2nd Christmas. He was 1.5 years old, and every time he opened clothes, he just threw them to the side and didn’t even look at them or say anything!

  46. In general, I think the worst behavior is when kids get WAY too many gifts and they just tear through them without any thought or care about who gave them or what they are.

  47. My son knows better than that. I drill it into his head to be grateful for everything he receives. (so far, so good!) My SIL on the other hand….she puts down every gift my MIL gets her.

  48. i saw a kid tantrum and scream “this isnt what i wanted! why didnt you get me what i wanted!”…..the poor parents 🙁

  49. My kids are still little, 2 and 4… The worst reaction has probably been disinterest. They have opened something, take a look at it, and then just go on to the next gift. When they receive something they love, all other gifts are cast aside!

  50. “But I don’t want this one I want the REAL one!!” – A little girl at a birthday party after receiving a “fake” barbie doll.

  51. My son was upset last year that he only got four gifts, never mind that two of them were huge and he kept looking for more.

  52. honestly can’t recall ever seeing a child negatively react to a gift. I have 5 kids and they have all been very happy with the gifts they have received in years past.

  53. The child had books on their Christmas list but didn’t specify any titles. When they opened a present with books they threw them and said “I didn’t want those books!” 🙁

  54. I’ve seen numerous kids open, glance, toss, and onto the next gift. No acknowledgment, just gimme gimme gimme. I would be mortified if my children behaved that way!

  55. my daughter got a puppy for her birthday…she opened the box up and all she said was ‘oh’ …I think she was so in shock she didn’t even know what to say!

  56. The worst daughter said was at her 3rd birthday party “ugh more clotjes” and threw them doen and went.for present.

  57. I’ve taught my children to appreciate everything, and thankfully they haven’t had a bad reaction yet. My nephew, however, didn’t get a Thomas the Train thing that my son did get last year and threw a huge fit and tried to take it from him. It was a nightmare.

  58. we gave a disney giftcard to my 4 year-old-niece who was going on her first disney trip later that year. because that’s a boring gift, we added a small disney fairy toy. she promptly turned to her mother and said (in a ridiculously whiny voice), “i already HAVE one of these.” her mother tried to recover by pointing out that her other toy was a princess toy, not a fairy toy, but there was no pleasing the little terror, and no undoing that moment. i hate giving this kid presents now.

  59. I haven’t seen anything in person really. My daughter is too young to have any reaction. Mostly ignores the entire gift giving all together.

  60. My son loves the movie Cars. We got him cars winter boots that can in a nice box with Lightning McQueen on it, he was thrilled when he saw the box and thought there was a toy in it. When he opened the box and saw the boots he kept saying no no no not my boots lol (he is 2 years old)

  61. The worst reaction is when I bought my daughter clothes and she looked at me like it was infected and said this is what you got me haha

  62. I actually gave my nephew a gift…he ripped half the paper off, threw it on the floor, and said I hate that toy. I was embarrassed and wanted to beat him at the same time.

  63. On my son’s second birthday my sister gave him his present in a gift bag with a big truck on it. He opened it and inside was clothes. He dropped the clothes on the ground and asked where the truck was. He started to cry when he was told there wasn’t a truck inside the bag, just the clothes. He thought truck bag = truck present.

  64. My nephews and niece always expect toys during Christmas and I’ve seen their face of disappointment when they get clothes instead of toys. However, they are nice enough to say thanks instead of being upset.

  65. This year for his birthday he got big boy Disney Planes underwear. He proudly stated I don’t need these I’ll be wearing diapers till I’m 4.

  66. sorry to say it was me…at our family Christmas eve my grandmother had bought me some blouses that I thought were very matronly. the music was playing and people were talking so I yelled to my brother,” I hate these blouses they look like old lady tops!” of course at that moment the music paused and everyone was starring at me with looks of shock. felt so embarrassed.
    I wore those darn tops all the time. maybe my penance.

  67. I wrapped my nephew a really sweatshirt I new he’d love but the only box I had to wrap it in was a back massager box. Come christmas he quickly unwrapped it and when he saw the box his face dropped and he had the saddest look I’ve ever seen. And graciously but sadly said thank you. I still feel guilty for using that box, 3yrs later.

  68. At a recent party, the birthday boy opened a gift, thanked the giver and then turned to his mom and whispered “we have to find out where that gift came from, it sucks” As if no one heard his whisper …… but we all did.

  69. My MIL gave my oldest son a sweatshirt with his school and name on the back and he opened it got a frown and started to tear up.. he was so upset.. he wanted a Wii!!!!

  70. This is really bad … One Christmas, I was convinced a present my older sister opened was actually intended for me. I sounded like such a spoiled brat, “dad, you mixed us up! I was the one who asked for that!” There was no mistake, and I was eating my words a month later when I opened up my birthday presents and my dad had gotten me EXACTLY what I asked for. He just wanted to give it to me on my birthday, not at Christmas.

  71. my nephew received a toy he didn’t like because it was an outdated figure and wanted the newer one started crying “that is not what i WANT!!!”

  72. My grandmother always gifts socks and underwear, which my oldest daughter was the recipient of a few Christmases ago. She opened the socks, had a very confused look on her face, put them down and went right to the next gift. She was only 4, so I can understand, and the look on her face was hilarious!

  73. My little boy once got a mini laptop that was shown in blue on the packaging, but when he opened it, it turned out to be a pink one. He immediately responded “That is for girls!!” He really wanted a laptop like that but would not use it just because it was pink!

  74. We gave a really nice toy car as a gift for a friend’s 3 year old’s birthday party and he cried and ran out of the room when he opened it.

  75. As a teenager I got a sewing machine for Christmas…it was my only gift and I sulked and sulked…looking back now I wish I had appreciated it more because now I want one and instead my parents gave me cash for it.

  76. My nephew opened some clothes on his 4th birthday and looked at them in disgust before tossing them right along with the wrapping paper

  77. We tried to get my son to smash a cake for his 1st birthday, but he stuck his hand in it once and then didn’t want anything to do with it!

  78. Reaction: Real tears and stomping feet when the last present was opened and the gift the child wanted most wasn’t there. The ‘wish’ gift was a REAL shot gun with REAL bullets. The child was 7 years old…

  79. When my sisters were little, my parents used to record us opening presents so they could send it to our grandparents. My sisters had really wanted Bratz dolls, and my parents didn’t want them to have them because they thought they were trashy. Well, my dad happened to be talking to his parents on the phone when my sisters opened the present they had sent, and lo and behold it was Bratz dolls. My dad told my sisters to tell grandma and grandpa about their gifts, and what comes out of their mouths (on camera and the phone) but “Mom and Dad said we aren’t supposed to have these.” It was priceless!

  80. My female cousin received a remote control car at a church Christmas party and she burst into tears crying, “It’s a boy toy. I’m a girl! I want a girl toy!!” This crying continued until they found a doll gift from the nursery kids to give her! This happened 30 yrs ago, and I still have not let her live it down!

  81. My son handed it back to his grandma and said, “This is too violent. You take it back. I don’t want it.” Personally, I was really proud!

  82. My daughter has gotten so excited over a gift, she has forgotten to say, Thank you. I continued to remind her in the midst of her excitement. However, she was too excited. Later we talked about how important it is to acknowledge the gift and say thank you – even during the excitement.

  83. I think anytime a child is ungrateful it’s sad. I don’t have a child yet so I haven’t experienced being the parent of a child with such a reaction yet.

  84. My 8 year old didnt like the Lego toy my husband bought her so she took a minute, looked at the box with a really disgusted face and moved on to the next gift lol

  85. my daughter after receiving a sweater from us got a sweater from her aunt. when she opened it, her comment was” Oh no, not another sweater”.

  86. at a recent Christmas party, someone was handing out gingerbread men… a spoiled bratty girl took a bite, said she doesn’t like it and threw it on the floor and stepped on it making a huge mess… the worst part was the mother did NOTHING

  87. My daughters second christmas she was 19 months old. The first gift she opened was “hokey pokey Elmo”. It scared her to death and she was so traumatized that he wouldn’t open any of her other gifts!! We tried to coax her and finally after almost the whole day we had to open them when she wasn’t in the room and then let her see them.

  88. So far no bad reactions! Although we expected them to be very upset with the gag gifts we gave them (poptart and paper microphone).

  89. I once witnessed a bad reaction where the birthday girl who opened a gift and blurted out “Who gave me this doll from the dollar store!”…

  90. Not intentionally– but my 2 year old son, just got up and walked away from the gift. He walked over to his other gift and started playing. Not so bad until you realize both the gifts were from the grandmothers and they saw it happen. Not good not good.

  91. When I was younger my Grandmother would buy my cousins clothing because their parents couldn’t afford much. My cousins would get mad and throw the boxes then complain that they didn’t get all toys for their birthdays or Christmas.

  92. Although my son is still very young. He got a birthday present from his grandpa. We opened it together. When I tried to get him to play with the puzzle, he just kept trying to put the wrapper back on and kick it away under a piece of furniture. It wasn’t intentional (I think, since he just turned 1), but thankfully grandpa sent it via UPS and wasn’t there to witness the rejection!

  93. Well with my son, same as many others in that he was WAY more excited about the box and the popcorn filler than the gifts/clothes etc inside. Another kid I saw opened a gift and said “oh….what IS that?!?!”

  94. My youngest daughter hates to be the center of attention and shows no emotion while opening presents at a party, even if she really likes it. We try to stick to smaller, family only celebrations now, and she at least shows some appreciation 😉

  95. My friend was super excited to give my 5 year old daughter this gorgeous outfit and when she opened the present up she took one look and tossed it over her shoulder and proceeded to look for more in the bag as she said “Is that all?” ….

  96. My nieces both would open presents, look at them for 10 seconds and toss them aside and move on to the next one. Didn’t appreciate anything they received! (Love both of these items!)

  97. My son’s first Christmas, he insisted on playing with this one particular box and wanted nothing to do with the contents, much to the gift giver’s chagrin!

  98. Our niece bursted out in tears last Christmas when she saw that her sister got a better color of toy than she did. Same toy, different colors.

  99. I remember watching a little kid get a sweater for Christmas. He just started crying that it wasn’t green and yelling why wasn’t it green.

  100. I don’t think I’ve seen any bad reactions from kids I knew but I saw a you tube video last year of the boy who hated getting books for christmas.

  101. I purchased a Bear for my Neighbor’s Daughter and she tore the Bear up in front of me…While Screaming and Hollering at the top of her lungs…I was totally clueless as to why she was so upset.

  102. I prep my kids before gift time and let them know that a gift is not deserved, it is simply a gift. I haven’t seen any bad reactions, and for that I am thankful.

  103. My son opened the gift and then just wanted to open another without even looking at the gift . He just liked opening the paper. He was only 1.5 last Christmas. Love Bumbleride strollers! Gorgeous!

  104. When my now husband asked me to marry him on Christmas morning in front of my dad’s Christmas tree with his grandmother’s ring, I gave him a snotty look because he presented me with an old lady ring, not at all what we had discussed. I said yes and he said we could get it re-set.

  105. My kids are still little but so far no bad reactions to gifts. We’v only been to a few parties but none of their friends have had bad reactions either

  106. My son received a small vacuum and he handed it to me with this disgusted look and says “here mom this is for behind the TV”. Seriously it was funny but what a turd. He was 3.

  107. I guess the worst I’ve seen is my cousin’s reaction. After opening his present of a toy truck, he immediately began crying and and thew it down, saying it was the wrong color and not a dump truck like he wanted.

  108. Worst reaction i witnessed was when a child received socks and undergarment from his mother and threw a tantrum that he gets the same gifts every year and that its not even a gift. I did feel bad for the kid and a mother at the same time

  109. My brother was presented with a present so big it towered over him. As he eagerly opened the box it led to another box which led to another box and so on and so on until he reached a box the size of a ring box. I remember watching his excitement turn to confusion as his once ginormous present whittled down to a tiny little box. He couldn’t for the life of him figure out what could fit in the box. Alas, he opened it and sitting in the box was a walnut. He just stood there in disbelief as the tears started to well up. Needless to say, he got his real present, a bicycle after he calmed down.

  110. I would love the diaper bag & stroller! 🙂 I have a 1 year old son & a daughter on the way. So far, no bad reactions to gift opening with my son, but Christmas is coming! I am prepared for the boxes to get more attention than the gifts considering his age.

  111. My kids are very good about being thankful for their gifts. With 5 kids, you aren’t able to give them a lot except at special events. They love everything they get!!

  112. At my son’s 2nd birthday I felt terrible because he was only interested in the toys and throught the clothes on the floor if he even took them out of the bag.

  113. My niece is always so thankful for gift and says wow I love it but this particular one she just shrugged and put it down we asked what it was and she was like some doll.

  114. Got my 5 year old niece a super cute ornament (per parents suggestion) and she was so upset it was not a toy that she tried to feed it to the dog!

  115. That diaper bag looks amazing. The stroller – also not too shabby.
    I haven’t seen any “worst” reactions, but I have heard of one – a child who didn’t want the gift received and erupted into a tantrum – little did he know, that would be the last year of hanukkah gifts for him.

  116. I have been really fortunate to not witness from my children or any other children a bad response to a gift. I have heard a child or two say that they already have something but not in a mean or malicious way.

  117. The worst I saw was when a child opened the gift and then tossed it aside and said “next!” Like the first gift was a reject. Ouch!

  118. last year when we went to see my family my daughter wasn’t too excited about her present but when he cousin opened his, she threw the toy she had and went and tried taking his away. haha we had to snatch her and explain it was his, she was too small to understand.

  119. I’ve seen kids tear through birthday gifts like little tornadoes, totally disregarding anything that wasn’t specifically asked for. So rude.

  120. We teased my niece with other (not the one she wanted) presents – and then finally gave her the one and she started screaming and hugging

  121. My daughter is too young for bad reactions and I never grew up with other kids/babies. I am looking forward to reading everyone else’s stories tho to see what I have in store for me! lol

  122. I remember losing it completely when I didn’t get a Nintendo 64 when I was about 8 – tears, drama, the whole thing….and then my parents pulled out one last present from my grandma and guess what it was? Totally didn’t deserve it after that reaction!! LOL.

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  123. once I saw a kid thow an angry Hulk-like fit becase they got him the wrong color of a particular hand held video game. can you believe Mom took it back to exchange… who fault is that kind of behavior?

  124. When I was younger, a friend of my grandparents’ would have a Christmas party and Santana would come bring toys (wrapped by the kid’s parent) for all the little kids. One year, my friend threw the biggest fit when Santa gave her an outfit that she thought was ugly. Stomping and screaming kid of fit. Looking back, I feel so embarrassed for her parents! I would be mortified if my son did that!

  125. My little sister and my sister in laws daughter were having birthday party together.. So as they were opening gifts one of the gifts niece got was a coat (her bday is in fall) she had sucha pound face on that she refused to try it on or open any more gifts.. It was the funniest

  126. I don’t think that I have ever seen my girls have a bad reaction to a present they received. I guess the worst that I can think of is when we got them a matching gift in different colors. They liked each other’s colors so they traded and were happy as can be!

  127. I haven’t really witnessed anything like this… I guess the worst would be to open something and just set it to the side right away without really looking it over.

  128. I love the indie twin which was used for my twin girls now with a singleton this stroller would be such an awesome gift for my 2 month old girl.

    I’ve witness the older kids (10-14) get upset when they open clothes. They just toss them like they don’t care. One day they will realize when they are buying presents for others.

  129. my son when only 1 (so can’t blame him really) opened a very generous gift and of course loved the wrapping paper more then the gift

  130. This would be a great second stroller for my husband to keep in his truck! We have a britex that I love but an umbrella stroller would come in handy!

  131. My kids haven’t had a “bad” reaction yet to a gift, if they don’t like it as much they usually just go on to the next one. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  132. My daughter said “I don’t want CLOTHES” when she opened up the sweatshirt hoody my mother-in-law got for her. I about died, especially since she purchased it at my recommendation.

  133. Our daughter had a terrible reaction when we announced her newest sibling was going to be another brother. Luckily, our kids are usually thankful for any gifts they receive.

  134. My son is pretty good when he gets something he doesn’t like. I know though if he doesn’t like it because he will put it down, say thanks quickly, and immediately grab the next one.

  135. So far I’m can honestly say that my kids (almost 6 and 2) have not reacted badly. Here’s to hoping that we can get though another birthday/Christmas season w/ that being true.

  136. My son has been a little to young for bad reactions, but this Christmas could be a different story. He is a big talker now and who knows what he will say. I know the camera will be rolling this Christmas!
    Happy Holidays!

  137. My daughter hasn’t had a bad reaction to a gift yet but I have seen one. My friends child got the wrong color toy & after he opened it his mom said tell them thank you. He said “but mom it’s the wrong one” really loud 🙂

  138. Just getting started on Christmas with a kid this year. DD is 5 mo old, I’m sure we’ll have lots of stories as the years go by!

  139. Anytime it is clothes, I get the “oh.” And it is usually tossed to the side without pulling the clothes out to see them. Ha, they will still thank you but you can see the heartbreak 😉

  140. my son is only 20 months and has yet to have a “bad reaction.” In fact, he just learned how to open presents! but considering the temper I see in him sometimes, I can’t wait for him to chuck something away and scream “i didn’t want this” or something like that

  141. You guys are awesome!! We love bumbleride!! I have to say the most awkward/embarrassing present moment for us, is when both my kids ask what did you bring me?! They are so used to people bringing them little treats all the time that now they ask for them!!! I hate it, and I can’t seem to get them to stop! They now no longer get the gift if they ask, which is even more awkward!!!

  142. I’ve never really witnessed a bad reaction to a gift. I do, however, love that look on a kids face when they open a gift of clothes and toss them to the side. Makes me laugh! 🙂

  143. Thankfully my son hasn’t done anything I’ve been embarrassed if yet opening presents except maybe be more interested in the paper than the actual present lol

  144. I haven’t seen a bad reaction in real life, but on Babe the little girl acts like a total brat and cries because her grandfather gave her the “wrong” dollhouse. She wanted the one she had seen in a catalog or something.

  145. My son (3) throws a fit if someone didn’t get him something he wanted. I’m trying my hardest to appreciate he fact the someone got them something, not the gift but that is hard in a 3 year old. My son does have brain damage..from strokes & i tend t blame that sometimes because i get embarrassed when he does it. even though it has nothing to do with the brain damage. ha

  146. A friend recently handed my two year old son an early Christmas present, she joked “he’ll probably be like, gee, thanks”. He opened it and did a happy dance yelling “oooooh WOW! A book!!!” I was so proud.

  147. My 5 year old daughter told her aunt that she ‘already had the same gift’ Other than that, she hasn’t had any bad reactions.

  148. One year my son opened a gift and the look of horror on his face was priceless when he saw the gift had clothes inside. He tossed it behind him and went on to the next gift, LOL.

  149. My 3 year old has autism and he’s non verbal so he just isn’t interested in the gift but he does love clothes and toys once they’re opened.

  150. Not necessarily the worst reaction, but it’s happened several times (TOO MANY times!): One of my kids will receive a gift for Christmas or birthday, and they say, “Thanks, but I already have this.” UGH!! I’m not raising ingrates–they know better than this!

  151. My daughter is still young, but she has opened many presents and made it obvious that she’d rather just have the box or the paper! 🙂

  152. I’d have to say when my daughter opened up a pack of undies in front of her cousins! She screamed “MOM” and ran to her room! LOL…she was 5 at the time…three years later she reminds me not to get her underwear for Christmas! 🙂

  153. A relative (who will remain unnamed) once threw a huge fit and stormed off when he received the “standard” version of something he asked for- he wanted the “deluxe” version

  154. My 2 1/2 year old is just starting to get into the Santa game. She hasn’t received the gift yet, but she asked him for underwear! I’m sure her reaction will be over-the-top excitement.

  155. Not so much a gift, but I vividly remember one Christmas a younger cousin going up to everyone demanding his gift. Awkward, if you didn’t buy him one!

  156. A little girl, to remain unidentified, who had recently started dance lessons was given several beautiful leotards for practice… and loudly proclaimed that she liked her plain one better than the sparkly gift ones.

  157. My mother always makes a hand made gift each Christmas. I remember one year my cousins opened their gift and with an attitude said “again”. It crushed my mom.

  158. The worst reaction my son had was when he opened the gift and couldn’t get the toy out of the box. He threw it with a mean face an blurted out NO!

  159. My best friend came over with her kids and we had a budget for all of them but my husband decided to go over our budget and get them Mario Bros racing cars so they can race it with each other. They opened all their gifts and say “That’s it? Did you get me anything else?” My friend didn’t say anything and the worse part was, they left and almost forgot their gifts 🙁

  160. There has only ever been one bad reaction to a gift that my kids have received, I’m pretty lucky that they honestly love anything they get. But one year, my son was 3 and it was the end of Christmas day and my sister came over from her IL’s. She had ordered something that he really wanted from amazon in the frustration free packing so it was just a regular box with a basic picture (it was an imaginext toy). He opened it and was confused by the plain box…. hubby joked with him “cool, they got you a box” and he completely melted down “but I don’t want a box”. He was so overtired there was no getting him back from his meltdown… we had to just let him get it out lol. Then he sat down with my sister and they opened the box and played together for a while.

  161. I have to say honestly, my sons have never had a bad or negative reaction to any gift they have been given. My boys have been brought up to appreciate everything they are given. I hope that is not rare quality.. Thanks

  162. My stepson, age 7 at the time, last year after getting a ridiculous amount of gifts that I knew he would never use ripped through his presents said thank you to no one and then said, “That’s it?” I was so embarrassed because we try so hard to not spoil him but the extended family is not conforming to our rules with gifts.

  163. We keep Christmas simple so we can remember what we are celebrating! All reactions have been quite positive! Although our kids are still young!

  164. It would be so awesome to be a winner of this!
    My step-daughter opens so many gifts between her moms family and our family that she barely even looks at what she’s opened – she’s like a machine! She just rips it open and tosses it to the side to grab another one without registering what she’s just gotten.

  165. the worst reaction I’ve ever seen is children rushing through opening their presents and then saying where are the rest No thank you lol knowledge ment of the gifts at all nothing it’s a shame

  166. I have not seen a child have a bad reaction to a present yet, but I hate it when they are barely done with unwrapping one present and they are rushing to see what next package has to offer.

  167. We keep Christmas quite simple so we can remember what we are celebrating and the kids haven’t ever been disappointed with their gifts!

  168. I had a terrible reaction to an “ugly” Beauty and the Beast sweater when I was younger that I was “too cool” for. My mother was mortified and I was also embarrassed afterwards!

  169. My son got a new bike last year. (well, new to him) When he saw it he said, “this bike is old”. He hasn’t complained about it since! 🙂

  170. My poor little brother wanted a real Horse so bad. He was about 7 years old at the time. After opening all his presents under the tree he screamed Oh I forgot my horse! He ran to the back yard looking for it. He cried the rest of the day because of course there was no horse to be found. 🙁

  171. We gave my nephew a clothes for his birthday once, but that birthday party he received a lot cards with money so when he opened our card he looked pretty disappointed. He’s still the sweetest boy though.

  172. I bought my nieces an expensive and cool art easel for the holidays that I knew they would love and had it shipped to them. After it arrived, I got a call from one of my nieces and figured she was calling to say thank you but instead she asked me to buy tickets to raise money for her school so that she could get a prize. I made her hang up and call me back and say thank you LOL.

  173. My brother-in-law got my daughter a little remote controlled car and when she opened it she said “Thank you but why would you get this for me? I asked for the monster high book because that’s what i really wanted, i will play with it still but please next time get the book”

  174. We bought our niece a cute strawberry shortcake character for Christmas. Well apparently she got the same one but the bigger size from her mommy and daddy. She looked at it and said “well this is a little small isn’t it” and threw it down. I was shocked. Of course her parents made her apologize but it was something I never thought to see come out of her.

  175. That would probably be me. 🙁 When I was about 12 my grandmother bought me a sweater that had ABC 123 on it and I was mortified that she would buy me such a baby sweater. I asked if she had the right name on the tag because it was too babyish for me. I know she felt bad and my parents were none too thrilled that I didn’t just open it and say thank you.

  176. My cousin when she was 6 years old open her gift of teddy bear slippers and threw them across of room with an upset face and attitude.

  177. The worst reaction I ever witnessed was my own…. I was about 14 and I was a self righteous teenager. Our long distance relatives sent us presents and mine was distinctly VHS shaped. I remember making a snotty nosed comment about how bad their gifts always were and that they had no idea who we were and that it was probably something really dorky like the Goonies, which I absolutely love now, and it was! It was a Goonies VHS tape. I was so smirky and rude. Wow. If only you could go back and smack yourself silly!

  178. Probably the worst is watching kids who have been opening presents all day from home, then family members and by the time they get to the last stop they don’t want to open anymore and throw absolute tantrums and could care less about the presents..

  179. When my oldest was 3 she opened a box of clothes and as soon as she saw what it was she stood up and took the box clothes and all to the trash and turned around and said “I don’t want clothes, I want presents”

  180. I have seen a child open a gift, throw it down and just go on to the next present without so much as a thank you.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  181. One Christmas, we were at my parents’ house and my 4 year old nephew starting opening presents, it so happened that they were
    all clothes. By the 5th present he starting crying because he wanted toys. It was not our fault, my sister in law told us to get him clothes not toys. My brother had bought him toys but he was going to give him to him the next day, so they were at their house and they lived about an hour away from my parents . So we had to go find an open CVS and we got my nephew some toys so he will stop crying. It was funny!

  182. Fortunately, we haven’t had any bad reactions at our home yet. Our 8 year old has always had a sense of what might be inappropriate to say so she hasn’t had any mishaps. And our next one is only 3 and very happy-go-lucky. She likes everything! Hopefully our boys (1 and another due in March) will be as good as the girls!

  183. Since my little one is 13 months old, we haven’t experienced a bad reaction yet, but one time my brother cried because he thought our new puppy was a cat.

  184. I’ve never had her react badly to a gift but I saw her react badly to someones ELSE’s gift. She was just barely 3 and my husband took ehr to the park where there was a party going on. Audrey saw a little 2 year old playing with his brand spakin-new bubble blowing lawnmower. Shr ran up to him, pushed him down and took off with the mower. That was also the last time my husband has taken her to the park alone. Coinsidence?

  185. My LO is still too young to really take interest in presents. She likes the wrapping more then anything, no bad reactions here yet. I haven’t seen a reaction otherwise that was inappropriate!

  186. The worst reaction I have ever seen was with my son when he opened clothes at the age of 2 and threw them on the floor then continued to open the rest of his gifts.

  187. My daughter is only 2, so she hasn’t had many opportunities to open gifts yet – but I will say that most of the time she enjoys playing with the packaging more than the actual gift! Especially if it’s a big box! So much for spending money on toys!!!! 😉

  188. A couple years ago my brother (who’s in his late twenties, BTW) got really mad when I got a hockey jersey and he didn’t. He didn’t realize that I had actually gotten him one too, but he just hadn’t opened it yet. He was pretty sheepish..

  189. An aunt who gave her niece a piece of jewelry that she had “fixed” with elmer’s glue. The niece was very gracious in giving thanks but then went and tossed it in the trash. I really do not blame her but her mother made her take it out of the trash and wear it.

  190. At her 2nd birthday party (full of adults), my daughter got an amazing personalized purse, and one dollar in it. She held it up, and near tears, exclaimed, “But I want MORE!”. Everyone cracked up.

  191. The worst reaction was at a birthday party a little girl sat down to open presents and just tore into them so quickly, before she even finished unwrapping one she would through it down and say what it was then yell “next”.

  192. My daughter opened a present from my aunt and uncle and said, ” We already had this and my mom returned it. OH (smacking her forehead with her hand) not again!”

  193. She opened the gift and said “we already have this!” but we encouraged a thank you anyway and discussed exchanging the book for another one that we don’t yet have. Proud of her that this is the worst reaction because it’s not even that bad. 😉

  194. My son was bad and we told him Santa was going to just bring him clothes. The first 4 packages he had was all clothes and he cried so hard . then he found his toy gifts and promised to be better

  195. A friend of mine’s 2 year old son got a plastic airplane for his birthday. He was opening it all excited and when he saw what it was he pushed it back into the box and got up and walked away, saying, “No, no no” while shaking his head! He thought it was a truck or tractor.

  196. My daughter is too young to have a bad reaction to a gift, but was very upset last Christmas that I took the paper and bows away to unwrap more gifts! At 10 months old all she really wanted/needed was the paper!

  197. I’ve seen kids open a gift, look at it with a “look” on their face, and then tossed it to the side without even a thank you 🙁

  198. Luckily I haven’t experienced this with my 3 boys they’re very grateful for what they get actually sometimes overly excited! I’ve seen viral videos of children crying when they open their gifts and its not what they expected.

  199. For my second birthday my aunt gifted me a doll…I walked over the the garbage and tossed it! I guess tomboy must run in the family because we cannot get our 20month old to show interest in dolls whatsoever. Well, back to cleaning a bottles worth of dish soap off my furniture!!

  200. I can’t really think of any bad reactions. My kids are only 3 and 2 months right now but hopefully we can teach them to be grateful of all gifts before something bad happens.

  201. My son received one of those really cool book reading critters this year. I was so excited to show him how it would read to him. I set it on the book, it started talking, he shrieked and threw it across the room into the wall, right in front of the gift giver! Oops!

  202. My daughters have each done this once….they got to the end of their presents and say “is that all?” like they deserved more. As someone who grew up less fortunate than they are being raised, that has annoyed and frustrated me!

  203. My daughter who just turned 4 is very good about receiving gifts from other people. From me on the other hand she is not always the greatest. I gave her a new dress and she threw a fit because she doesn’t like dresses!

  204. I remember at a friends child’s birthday party, the little girl got the same doll from 2 different kids…she walked up to both of them holding the dolls and said: i want one of you to get me something else i only want one! We couldn’t believe it! Poor mom was so embarrassed!

  205. I got a birthday gift for a friend’s daughter a couple years ago. She opened the relatively expensive gift, looked at it and said, “I already have this one. You’ll have to get me something else.” I can’t say I’ve ever heard a reaction like that before. Growing up we were always taught to be thankful, even if we didn’t like it or we already had it.

  206. My kids are always pretty grateful when they receive gifts. But, we usually only visit family on holidays and when we were at my sister-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving my 5 year old son came in and said, “Ok, when do we open presents?” LOL.

  207. I really haven’t had any HORRIBLE experiences with my children receiving gifts – but I do find a lot of humor that the boys have a lot more fun creating boats and cars out of the boxes than they do playing with the actual purchased gift 🙂

  208. My grandpa is notorious for buying gifts with a Southwestern theme (we all live in AZ). One year he bought my younger brother one of those glass paperweights that have a dead scorpion sealed inside. My brother started crying! My grandpa actually took it really well. He took it back announcing he’d use it on his own desk and gave my brother cash instead.

  209. Can’t think of when he wasn’t happy with gifts but I do remember him once just setting down a toy after it was given to continue playing with what he had in his hands.

  210. The kids, whom were not mine, threw the gift back at the person and had a royal fit. Not very grateful manners. Parents were so embarrassed.

  211. I don’t know if it was a bad reaction but one year my son was so sick and his eyes so lifeless he did not care what happened. All you could do was cuddle him.

  212. My daughter was not too pleased to receive socks and panties as a stocking gift one year. She was so embarrassed to open them in front of her grandparents via webcam and she was only 7!! Haha!!

  213. One of my boys when he was about 4, got socks for a Christmas present. He looked in disbelief and said I don’t want socks. We made a big running joke of it and now all the kids put socks and underwear on their list 🙂

  214. my son got a pair of footed pajamas when he was 13! it was a practical joke from his aunt, however, she did not have another present for him. he was not pleased!

  215. My niece (2 years old at the time) was given ET for Christmas from her dad. She opened it and he said, “That was daddy’s favorite movie when he was a boy.” She looked at him and said, “I is not a boy.” It has not become a favorite in their house.

  216. When the grand kids turn 10 nana and papa stop buying them presents and give them cash like they do with us adults. Well the year my son Ty turned 10 he opened the envelope to cash and started crying he wanted to be little and have fun opening gifts again.

  217. I cringe when Juliette just blows through opening her gifts… so rude. When that happens we always have a talk about manners afterwards. You stop, take time, say thank you. Be appreciative.

  218. My girls haven’t had a horrible reaction, but I have been very excited to give a very special gift only to see them place it to the side with no reaction whatsoever.

  219. My baby is only 7 months old, but when he gets a gift and he really wants it, both hand start giving the sign for “milk” which to him right now is “want”, his legs start kicking, and he makes this grunting noise.

  220. One of my nieces threw a present down on the floor, stormed to the couch and pouted about a gift she received. I think it was clothes. I was shocked!

  221. My kid is 4 and he gets so caught up in things that he will sometime throw a present aside and ask for the next one. I have to remind him to actually look at the item and say thank you!

  222. It wasn’t “bad,” but hilarious. My brother, from about 3-7 years, shook all the boxes in front of him and upon finding a shirt box that felt like it contained clothing, exclaimed, “Clothes! I’ll deal with that later.”

  223. I have yet to witness terrible reactions. Just complete apathy. I gave some nephews a combination of books and toys that were related to those books. It took a lot of thought, but they were just. Not. Interested. The toys weren’t the “hottest new thing” nor electronic. The boys were all under 8 years old, so I had no idea they’d already be into the electronics. I just don’t know kids, I guess.

  224. I watched my 8 year old brother in law open a gift of clothes and say ” what more clothes” and he threw them in the trash and began to cry in disappointment.

  225. I had a young cousin be incredibly disappointed in a gift card. She had no clue what it was and thought that a toy would have been much more fun!

  226. My oldest is only 3 years old, so any gift he recieves he is over the moon about. He has however gotten upset that our elf on the shelf didn’t move a night or two (bad mommy!)

  227. I think the main reaction I’ve seen is just ignoring–playing with the paper or the box instead, or just not playing with it at all.

  228. Our little is only 2, but his worst reaction so far has been to completely ignore a present, but burst into loud tears over having his wrapping paper taken…so not that bad!

  229. My daughter received a princess pack- with the disney princesses- and she squealed with joy! The next gift was a large stuffed doll- more meant for decor- she didnt say a word and just set it aside- I felt really bad for the giver.

  230. My husband’s niece – who was 24 and a little over 20 weeks pregnant – when she opened up a $50 gift card to Babies R Us we got her for Christmas said, “Thanks, but what did you get me?” She was dead serious.

  231. Honestly we have been very fortunate that our daughter (5) has never had a bad reaction to a gift. She always loves anything, big, small, silly, weird, etc. 🙂 Thanks!

  232. My daughter received a rocking horse from her grandparents. She loved it until she got on and its eyes started to glow and it snorted. It took all day for us to calm her down and only then when we put it in the garage and locked the door!

  233. I would love the compact stroller. Great gift ideas I have four kids of my own and I have. 18 nieces and nephews so lightweight is perfect.

  234. My daughter is still too young to “dislike” presents. About the worst is when she opens one and throws it aside to move on to the next!

  235. I seen my niece open up a Christmas present last yr that her Aunt gave her, it was a stuffed animal. When she opened it up her face literaly dropped and she threw it aside. Like nothing and went on with the next present. I don’t think she ever looked at that toy again. pretty funny to watch but I was so happy that wasn’t the reacting I received when she opened up my gift.

  236. Bursting into tears because she received a “baby gift”. To be fair, she was 5 and the item was intended for an 18mo aged child.

  237. My daughter is only 11 months old so this will be her first Christmas. However, my niece who is 7 years old now, was so funny when she received only one toy and a ton of clothes (things she NEEDED) a few years ago. She kept saying “oh come on”, “not another one”, “what did I do wrong” – we couldn’t help but laugh!

  238. Just the usual, I already have that. I’ve always reminded my children since that incident, before they open presents to watch what they say whether they like the gift or already have one to be very gracious for it, that person didn’t have to get them anything and you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

  239. My LO is only 10 months, so this is our Christmas. We haven’t experienced any bad reactions yet, but I’m sure there will be some eventually.

  240. I went to a little boy’s birthday party where he said “Cool, thank you!” for most gifts he opened. But there was one gift that he literally took one quick look at and tossed over his shoulder before opening the next. I have to admit, it was so comical I had trouble keeping myself from laughing!

  241. My son got a gift card from someone years ago before he knew what it was…. He was devastated that his friend just gave him a “card” instead of a toy! It was heart-breaking!

  242. I have taught my children from a very young age that if they are not appreciative of every gift then they will not get any gifts at all. I remind them that no one owes them a gift, and all gifts are an expression of love. That being said, my daughter did mention that a certain gift resembled something a stripper would wear quietly to me while being most gracious and appreciative to the gift giver.

  243. My daughter is only 11 months so she hasn’t had any bad reactions but I have witnessed another child turn to her mother and say how cheap a gift was. I was appalled at the child’s reaction. I am really hoping to teach my child better manners and that any gift is to be appreciated.

  244. My little cousin burst into tears after she opened her gifts because she had been expected a certain toy and it wasn’t there. Her birthday was in January and that is when she got the toy.

  245. My nephew got underwear for xmas when he was 5. he opened them up, had the home alone type facial expression, tossed them in the air and then ran to bury his head in the couch.

  246. My daughter said “hey Santa gave me an orange and I don’t like oranges” our santa leaves an orange in our stockings each year 😉

  247. When my kids get money in a card they immediately bring it to me… even if they are right beside their dad and I’m not even in the room. LOL They know who manages the finances in our house even at 2 and 3!

  248. So far my kids have been thrilled with any gift they have opened. However at a birthday party the little girl opened our present and looked at her mom. I could tell from the look that she already had it but her mom just smiled and whispered “it’s ok, just say thank you like we talked about.” I thought it was handled pretty well.

  249. I witnessed a child start to cry when they opened the present cause that was not what they wanted…it was pretty embarrassing for the parents.

  250. I thought I was going to be the cool aunt and introduce my niece to some less “girly” toys. I’m an engineer & think it’s important to get girls introduced to the STEM fields. Anyway, the building set I bought her went over less the stellar. I think her response was something like “Why would I want this?” It’s still in the same configuration that I worked on with her 3 years ago!

  251. My nephew shakes every box. And if one even RESEMBLES or has the slightest hint of being just clothes, he tosses it. LOL. It may not get opened my him at all.

  252. my sons never been ungrateful for a gift but last christmas he was so overwhelmed with the big tearing frenzy at my in laws (hes used to opening one thing at a time and playing with it at our house) that he started crying and yelling no more!!

  253. The only negative reaction I have seen is just no interest in the gift. Kind of disappointing when you take time to pick out something special.

  254. My kids are too young to really have a bad reaction, they are pretty much happy with anything they get! Although, I do hate it when kids say out loud “I already have this” super annoying! I want to teach my kids to just say thank you and be grateful

  255. my neice opened up a gift that we had gotten her, it wasn’t much because we didnt have alot of money, 2 kids of our own, and 6 nephews and neices, and she looked at the doll through it at my son and said what else did you get me. We were so upset, our kids appreciate everything they get from us or relatives and know that christmas isnt about how much someone spends on you, but that being with family and being safe and healthy are what matter most.

  256. Thankfully, none of my kids have had a horrid reaction to any gifts they’ve received – but, I’m sure that day will come! I’ve had friends kids that have been brutally honest by saying things like “I don’t like this,” or “I wanted this in pink, red is ugly,”..

  257. My 3 year-old-son said through his tears, “This isn’t a Wobin (as in Robin from Batman) toy!”, when opening each birthday gift. Finally he got to a Robin action figure and the tears dried up, but I was throughly embarrassed as no gift was good enough unless it was Robin. His birthday was just a few weeks ago, and he again asked for Robin toys for Christmas. This kid’s in for a world of disappointment as there are very few toys devoted to Batman’s sidekick…

  258. My 20 yr old MARRIED cousin threw a fit over the really pretty outfit her stepmom got her in front of the entire family and guests. It was embarrassing to watch her.

  259. When my daughter was four I made her a cloth doll with an embroidered face. I guess my embroidery skills were lacking because she took one look at it and started crying.

  260. I gave my son (8 years old) clothes for Christmas he opened it and threw the whole thing across the room and said who cares about clothes when I have toys! LOL crazy kid he learned to appreciate those clothes though little mean boy!

  261. my daughter once received a gift she didn’t like from a relative and simply walked over to the garbage can and threw it away!! Talk about being embarassed!!! LOL

  262. My 10 year old niece, got a pair of princess pajamas a couple years ago, looked at them and said, I don’t wear baby characters anymore, I would never wear these….was so rude!

  263. One year my older brother and I decided to trick my youngest brother and stuff a big box full of socks for Christmas. He opened the box with such excitement, then busted out in tears and ran away when he realized it was socks.

  264. My son got one present from grammie with socks in it, he opened it, put the socks back in and handed it back saying “no thank you grammie” lol

  265. I am happy to say ive not experienced bad reactions/issues with my two boys on any of our Christmas’s but I have seen other children who just dont appreciate things given to them and are just down right ungrateful or expect and want more. That is what breaks my heart because as parents we certainly try our best to give our children the best Christmas possible I can speak for myself and I am sure others too right 😉

  266. My little guy is only a week old so no reactions at this point but I have seen rudeness such as I already have this or I don’t like this color from some older kids

  267. I remind mine every year that if they don’t love it they still need to use kind words because whoever gave it to them was thinking of them and to be thankful for the thought. Still, one time my daughter who has PDD-NOS and is not known for a strong mouth filter 😉 once did an “Are you kidding me?!” to a toy meant for a toddler that her grandma had given her when she was 9 or 10. Fortunately grandma was 1000 mi away and she still managed to a thank you later on when they talked.

  268. At her third birthday, my daughter would literally just throw clothes aside without looking at them. Pretty typical, though.

  269. I’ve seen many home movies of my husband as a child. One year for Easter he received a whole basket-full of toys. All he wanted to do was to play with the first toy he received. However, his mother had other plans, namely that her son would admire all the toys in the basket for the camera. Suffice it to say my husband wasn’t happy and after each toy was thrust in his face, he tried to wiggle away and get to that first toy.

  270. My brother was given a denim jacket as a 2 year old from a grandparent that always needs a big reaction and tons and tons of gratitude. He opened it and laid it to the side. She was not impressed.

  271. Mine is too young to be ungrateful..she loves everything.mostly the boxes and tissue paper. Considering giving her bubble wrap for Christmas..

  272. Last year our Elf delivered a special message on Christmas Eve saying Santa was sending them to Disney World in 2hrs. Needless to say, my youngest who was 3 at the time burst into tears and didn’t want to go, she wanted my mom.

  273. I haven’t really witnessed anything that bad, thankfully. There is a picture from my daughter’s 2nd birthday where it looks like she’s making a very unimpressed face at a present she’s opening, but I think we just snapped the picture at the wrong moment, because she really enjoyed everything she got.

  274. One time my son opened some underwear for his birthday and made a hideous face and threw it across the room saying, underwear, no!!!!! LOL! Clearly he was not a fan!

  275. The worst reaction I have ever seen was my little sister who said it wasn’t what she asked for, it was the wrong color, but thanks for trying I guess…. so rude, and so bratty!

  276. My oldest is 3.5 and little is only 5 months, so I haven’t had any major reactions yet. 3.5 year old loooves opening any gift and then throws to the side for the next one but that’s par-for-the-course at this age. I’m dreading what might come out of her mouth in another year or 2!

  277. My son is only 10 months, but I can already tell he’ll probably put me in a situation like this! 😉 Kids- what can you do?!?!

  278. One year my husband bought our oldest a video game of some sort and her younger sister a purple unicorn pillow pet, well the older one cried and cried because she wanted the pillow pet, it was so pitiful.

  279. DS got a cars sticker book and stickers.. looked at it and asked where his Tonka truck was ( the one my mom gave him the day before and paid 75 cents for at a used shop).. then told me how much he loved his tonka truck

  280. One year when my cousin was 3 or 4, he woke up Christmas morning and my aunt asked him if he wanted to open all his presents. He took one look at the tree and said “Eh maybe later”. My aunt was shocked that a kid wouldn’t want to open presents on Christmas.

  281. I can’t say I’ve seen a bad reaction either. My siblings and I were always excited and our little guy is 2 so he loves everything 🙂

  282. My nephew seriously cried and screamed that he didn’t like what I got him and didn’t want it! I bet steam was coming from my ears because I was SO mad!! When I was small, I was grateful for anything I got!

  283. Typical child, the reaction was to ignore the toy and spend all day playing with the box! 🙂 I’ve been lucky to not have witnessed some of the negative things I’ve heard about!

  284. A child was crying because he wanted a treat so the cashier was nice enough to give him a sucker, he through it back in her face since it wasn’t what he wanted…ungrateful

  285. Once, my little cousin threw the biggest tantrum when she opened a gift because it was not the EXACT doll she had wanted. My aunt was mortified by her behavior and my cousin screamed and cried for what seemed like hours.

  286. Well min are quite young ( 9 weeks & 19 months)…my daughter did unwrap Henry’s gifts when he was born and literally threw all contents and played with the paper and bags! Typical toddler!
    Looking forward to the diaper bag, we just received the indie twin in fog yesterday…love it!

  287. My son his horrible with gifts, if its not something he specifically asked for then he just throws it down and says he didn’t want that. He’s really bad when it comes to clothes too. We’ve been working with him and he has gotten better, but it doesn’t help when you have a nana go behind your back and continue to spoil him to the point he thinks if he goes in a store hes supposed to get a toy.

  288. Do I count as an adult child of my parents?? If so, I had a bad reaction to a gift once. In my defense, my (now) husband is kind of clueless. Christmas morning, after 3 years of dating and me moving to New Zealand, he hands me a tiny box to open in frtont of his entire family. I opened it, fully expecting an engagement ring. Instead, there was a pair of beautiful gold earrings. I love the earrings, but expecting the engagement ring, I did my best to not show my disappointment/surprise. I’m sure my now sister-in-laws knew what was on my mind, but not him!

  289. My son opened a few gifts at his birthday party, but once he opened a package with bubbles in it, he refused to open any more gifts. So his Dad and I had to open the gifts for him. Hopefully he will do better next year!

  290. My dad has an expression that he would make us kids repeat every Christmas morning before we were allowed to open any gifts: “I won’t cry if I get socks.” Apparently my cousin had a huge crying breakdown when he received socks in his stocking one year so now it is a family mantra.

  291. My son just turned two and at his party he opened up a gift of new clothes from his grandparents, took one look at them and just threw them over his shoulder, ready to move on. It was like that scene in A Christmas Story where the boys open up socks, shrug and throw them aside to dig in for more.

  292. My child has never had a “bad” reaction to a gift… If anything he’s been non-impressed at times when a baby but overall he appreciates all the gifts he has received. 🙂

  293. I’ve seen bad reactions on TV like on America’s funniest videos but not really in person. Maybe we did as kids when my Grandmother would send underwear and an ugly sweater!

  294. When my daughter was 4 she didn’t get what she wanted for Christmas on Christmas morning (because her grandparents got her the gift of her dreams and she hadn’t gone to their house yet), so she was so disappointed she was unable to enjoy any of her gifts and she said, “Santa sucks mom.” She was so depressed until she went to her grandparents house and received her dream gift. Now we make sure we get her the dream gift or that the grandparents give her presents before the big day. 🙂

  295. When my younger sister was about 5, after she opened all of her gifts she started crying. When asked why, she said that she got too many clothes.

  296. I have seen a child open a gift, throw it down, then stomp off in disgust. Very embarassing to be their parent at that moment, if you are the parent.
    Thanks for the incredible giveaways!

  297. Worst child’s reaction to a gift I have witnessed: At my brother’s birthday party many years ago, EVERY present he opened he would say, “Just what I ALWAYS wanted,” in a completely dead-pan voice, before tossing it over his shoulder. My mom had warned him before-hand to act grateful, but that was not what she had in mind!

  298. The worst reaction I ever saw was my niece who threw it down and stuck her tongue out before turning around and stomping off crying to her mom!

  299. My daughter didn’t get the bike she wanted because we were going to save it for her birthday 3 weeks later. Needless to say she got it but still in the box. She was so sad

  300. I once witnessed a 5 year old scream thats not what I wanted, kick her father in the shins and run out of the room. My son is only 9mo so we have not experienced any of this yet but that type of the behavior will not be tolerated!

  301. my own kids are too young to know/care about presents, but i remember a year my sister ran and hid in her room crying for hours over something she didn’t get.

  302. When my brother was little, he didn’t get the gift he wanted, but instead got an Incredible Hulk van. I forget what he actually wanted, and this thing was HUGE. It was a good gift, but it just wasn’t the one. I can still picture the tears on his face and hear him yelling. I might be a bad sister, and it wasn’t funny at the time, but now it cracks me up. My poor parents.

  303. My son’s 9th birthday was on Saturday, we had bought him a new bicycle since he just learned to ride without training wheels and was riding a too small, junky bike. He saw it and was already in a bad mood and totally dismissed it and said he wanted a tablet instead. I was so mad. Thankfully he realized he was a jerk and came and told me he really did like it and was happy to have it and then we went and got a helmet together as a fun outing.