Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 4

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Congrats to our winner –

Megan L. – Entry #1843

On the 4th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…


That’s right, we aren’t only about baby things at Baby Gizmo! We are about kid-friendly travel and food too! That’s why we just HAD to include a stay in the Bahamas in our 12 Days of Christmas! Yep, you heard that right – THE BAHAMAS!! What parent couldn’t use a vacation, right?!?

Comfort Suites Paradise Island, Bahamas

Remember when we took a quick trip to the Bahamas back in October to check out how to visit Atlantis on a budget? Remember when we stayed at the fabulous Comfort Suites next door? Well, we couldn’t be the only ones to experience this great place! Today, someone is winning a 4-Day, 3-Night Stay for 2 adults and 2 children at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island. This stay includes FREE breakfast each morning, FREE WiFi and wrist bands for the family to take advantage of the Atlantis resort amenities next door! That’s right, your family gets to use the Atlantis waterpark, sign-up for the Atlantis Kids Program (extra fee), enjoy the restaurants, gamble at the casino, and much more by being a guest of Comfort Suites.

Comfort Suites Bahamas

Here are a few photos of where you would go if you win!

Comfort Suites

To get an up close and personal look at this great prize through the eyes of a 6 year old, you HAVE to watch our video review of the Comfort Suites below…


You can even read our review and check out more photos HERE. Or you can visit their website for more information –

Fine Print: This prize is valid for travel April 15th to December 15th, 2014. Space is subject to availability. Not available on Holiday weekends. Taxes, service charges, gratuities and meal (besides breakfast!) not included. AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED. If the winner cannot visit the resort during these times, the certificate is transferable.

How to Enter


What’s up for grabs:

4-Day, 3-Night Stay for 2 adults and 2 children at the Comfort Suites Paradise Island, Bahamas. (Airfare NOT included)



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  1. OMG! You get up to 4 free passes when you stay there? I love it!! I would have never thought of staying near the resort to save $$!

  2. I think I answered incorrectly the first time! I would love the wrist bands to get into the atlantis and obviously FREE breakfast!

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would absolutely go crazy if I won. (not literally) It looks awesome and I have never been outside of the US and would LOVE a family vacatio. (I mean, who wouldn’t, right) 😉 crossing my fingers……..

  4. Everything sounds amazing!! My son would love the pools, lazy, not so lazy river, and the amazing aquariums and marine life!!!! Dying to win this!!

  5. I love that the rooms are suites and so much less expensive than the Atlantis. We would LOVE to win a much needed family vacation!

  6. Water area for the littles! Have been to water parks before and there was only one thing my kiddos could use, this would be great!

  7. Loved the review from the perspective of a 6 year old, too cute! All the rooms being suites is a huge bonus when traveling with small kids. Would love to win this for a much needed family vacation!

  8. I LOVE that you can still go to Atlantis! The waterpark looks great, the dolphin encounter looks fun, and I love that at the Comfort Suites, they’re suites and perfect for families!

  9. Oh god how lucky would it be to win this! I love how wristbands are included! Great feature at an affordable price! Gives you extra spending cash for fun souvenirs to bring back for Hollie 😉 haha I’m so funny!

  10. Big rooms are exactly what our 2 boys need! Especially since there is so much to do right next door! The best of both worlds!

  11. My favorite feature would be the friendly budget!! Or a tie with the amazing amenities that come with the room ( ie wristbands)!!

  12. I love how the bed pulls out to the couch how all the rooms are suites, Atlantis is next door, the mini fridge to keep things cold and that the breakfast is included. Thank you for the chance.

  13. My favorite part was the dolphin encounter. I would love to swim with dolphins! I do wish this was for a family of 5 but I suppose my youngest could stay with Grandma if I were to win.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  14. Love the pull out couch and that there is a fridge in every room! Options of a king or two queens is great and they look like such nice rooms with ample space!

  15. The waterpark for the little ones and the Dig would probably be the most exciting for my son! I would love to go because my father is from the Bahamas, and I have not been in probably 15 years! I have heard wonderful things about Atlantis!

  16. I like the fact that the wristbands for the park area included in your stay. I just wish they didn’t limit the amount of people to a room…I have three kids. LOL.

  17. Yay for the giveaway.
    It sucks that the blog comment is all the way down the bottom. So we have to scroll all the way down to leave comments then scroll all threat back up to check that we did leave a comment. Veery inefficient.

  18. Wow! So many amazing amenities. Love the lazy river though. Took my now 16mth old to a water park just before her 1st birthday and she had a blast. Can’t imagine what she’d do now.

  19. My favorite feature of Comfort Inn and Suites is the complementary breakfast and free wifi. My favorite feature of Atlantis is the dolphin and sting ray experiences.

  20. I like how you can use amenities at Atlantis while staying at Comfort Suites. The breakfast room looked pretty big, too! And your son was adorable in the video!

  21. Think my favorite features are the free breakfast (the most important and expensive meal of the day) and I know the entire family would really enjoy the relaxing lazy river! yay!

  22. This would be a dream! My husband and I never had a honeymoon! I have been dreaming of having fun in the sand with him and the kids!

  23. Too hard to pick ONE thing!!! But I love the access to Atlantis….not to mention the sand, beach, pools, ahhhhhh…… I would LOVE to win this!!!!!!!

  24. Sorry… I got a little excited! My boys would love to see all the marine life – they love the water and to swim with dolphins, sting rays and sharks would be a huge treat!!
    P.S. – Hollie, your son is adorable! I love how he is taking after Mom with the videos!


  26. Oh wow! What a fabulous giveaway! Looks like an awesome vaca for myself, hubby & 3 kiddos! We have always wanted to take the littles to the Bahamas! Baby Gizmo giveaways ROCK!

  27. I love that Comfort Suites gives you wristbands for the attractions but really I’m happy that it’s a suite which makes it easier for families that travel with young babies.

  28. Oops! Hit post before I added what I liked best… love all the kids activities and most of all the weather as I am freezing today!

  29. OMG! A Vacation!!! Amazing!!! My Favorite feature is EVERYTHING! No really, probably the lazy river/water park!!! If I get to go away I just want to float!!! Did I mention that you should pick me?! LOL

  30. I love that you get 4 free wrist bands. Even though we would pay the extra for the children’s area, it is still a great value!

  31. Love that every room is a suite and you get 4 wristbands per room! Plus the free breakfast is pretty awesome too 🙂 What an amazing giveaway!

  32. While I would LOVE the sandy beaches, I think my kids would have SO much fun with the dolphins! We could so use a beach vacation! 🙂

  33. Of course it’s all wonderful, but my absolute FAVE feature would be the LAZY river! Can you imagine??? Being on a floatie with nothing to do, but just lay there?!?!?!?! Sounds like a dream from a past life b.c. (before children).

  34. My favorite feature is access to Atlantis. My husband and I were at Atlantis 13 years ago and loved it. It would be great to go back!

  35. My favorite feature of the Comfort Suites is the fact that you get 4 wrist bands to Atlantis! Oh and the free breakfast and wifi!

  36. i love that each room is a suite. one of the hardest things about traveling with a toddler is meshing her bedtime and ours when we’re sharing one standard hotel room. having a somewhat separate place for her to sleep would be great!

  37. That would be an incredible trip! It would probably be the only way we will ever be able to take a family vacation outside of the country. It would be a wonderful experience for the entire family.

  38. Having stayed at the Atlantis hotel, I would love the opportunity to take my family to the Comfort Suites instead! The Atlantis can feel overwhelming and overcrowded, but staying at the Comfort Suites would allow us to enjoy the wonderful amenities of Atlantis but have the retreat of the Suites! Fingers crossed 😉

  39. I had NO IDEA! My husband and I stayed at Atlantis with his company, and while we would love to take our kids, there was no way we could afford to stay there with everyone. But if we could stay at the Comfort Suites, that would totally make it doable. THANK YOU!!

  40. The dolphin encounter looks so fun! I can only imagine my oldest’s face getting to do that! Not to mention that the entire location is just gorgeous.

  41. What an amazing vacation this would be for our family! I love that it comes with free breakfast and how close it is to Atlantis!!!!

  42. Your kid is adorable. Feeding the stingrays and swiming with the sharks sounds so cool. Vaca in the Bahamas on a family budget, yes please. We want to have the best time too.

  43. Thanks for the opportunity. My husband is military, kids are always busy with sports and we never get away to just vacation. So in need of this 🙂

  44. A) What wouldn’t I love about a free room on vacation?
    B) Atlantis access & wristbands
    C) That it’s free… and I need a vacation!

  45. My favorite feature is that you can use all the amenities at Atlantis without the extra costs of actually staying at Atlantis 🙂

  46. We went to the Bahamas for a day as part of our honeymoon. Would love to go back and get the chance to see Atlantis! Great giveaway!

  47. My favorite features are of course the Atlantis wristbands but also that you get breakfast and wifi included! This is nice so you can have breakfast and then head to the waterpark.

  48. The waterpark is hands down my most favorite thing! We haven’t traveled anywhere with our 9 month daughter yet, so this would be so great – for all of us!! Thanks for this great opportunity!!! 🙂

  49. Would love to take my boys, the older two are so into their sport they need a vacation plus my little man! The water parks look amazing! Great giveaway!

  50. I thumbs up that video, because it was that AWESOME! I would love to go to the Bahamas, I also have a family of 4 so this would be PERFECT. I loved all the amenities @the Comfort Suites, I always look for places with free breakfast especially free wi-fi that is a plus! I would love to go snorkeling with my 6 yo. daughter, my son is obsessed with aquariums and fish so the dig would be amazing! The kids love water but we can never afford a trip nor Waterpark like this, so this would be a blessing to win! Your Big Boy did great Hollie!

  51. My fav. part of the hotel is that they offer free breakfast and you get enjoy all of the ammenties of Atlantis. we would love to pet the dolphins and go to the waterparks!!!!

  52. I love that they give you a wristband to have access to the atlantic waterpark!!! and how the rooms are all suits =)

  53. Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE the fact that you can use all of the amenities at Atlantis. I mean, how awesome is that?! YEAH!

  54. I love getting the wristbands so you can enjoy all of the activities they have to offer together! We’d definitely enjoy the Atlantis waterpark the most!

  55. Love the fact that they give you the wrist bands to use at atlantis, my family has never been on vacation yet and I have an 8 and a 2 year old!! Looks like there is something for everyone!!

  56. My two littles would seriously FLIP OUT over the water park for the smaller guests. It looks amazing. MY favorite part would surely be the kid care though. Shhhh don’t tell them. 😉

  57. I think the best part of the whole vacation package is that you get to stay at the Comfort Suites which is beautiful to begin with but you also get four passes to Atlantis DAILY! Its the best of both worlds, you don’t have to spend outrageous prices for Atlantis but still get to enjoy the amazing waterpark. Plus you get free breakfast! Woohoo!

  58. I love that you have access to Atlantis with low room rates. Being a family of six, it is very hard to take vacations as we have to get two rooms to fit us all.

  59. What an amazing opportunity this would be. We have had a pretty rough year and this would be a great opportunity to get away for a short while.

  60. the lazy river!!!!!! we’d be taking our new baby on its first vacation if we won!!!! we’d be in the lazy river all day long! 🙂

  61. That is an amazing place! Loved the Dolphin Encounter!! The best part of the video was the tour guide though!! He is a doll!! 😉

  62. Free wifi – important and also not having to pay for breakfast, Excellent review, good to know for future vacation! 🙂

  63. I am 20 weeks pregnant mad would love to win a vacation before the baby comes! Would make the perfect “baby moon” 🙂 thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  64. My husband and I took out first beach vacation together this year (only took 17 yrs), and we wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. We did the trip solo, but kept saying over and over how much Sweet Baby D would have enjoyed it. This would be a great place to take him on his first plane flight.

  65. I hit enter too fast 🙂 My favorite part is that you can visit Atlantis which has always been a dream of mine. I know my husband would love the casino, I’d love the tunnel with fish!

  66. I forgot to include what my favorite thing about Comfort Suites and that’s the free breakfast, that’s always a nice treat when hotels have that!

  67. Wow! I love the fact that the room gives you wristbands to use at Atlantis. My daughter would love the water park and the kids zone. And I would love the dolphins!

  68. Whole thing looks amazing! The rooms look roomy enough alright and to have a mini fridge available is awesome! Saving you money while being right next door to Atlantis is great!

  69. My favorite feature of Comfort Suites is that the guest have access to Atlantis for no additional cost. That is a super cool deal.

  70. My favorite features of the Comfort Suites Paradise Island is pretty much EVERYTHING! But the breakfast, amenities and Lazy River stand out to me. What am AMAZING giveaway!!!

  71. Wow! What a amazing giveaway! I would love to go! I’m going to have to pass on it though 🙁 we will be busy next year with our new baby!

  72. I can’t pick one but I can say that having free breakfast, free internet access and four free daily wrist-bands to Atlantis would make Comfort Suite Inns a great place to stay in the Bahamas!

  73. I like that the comfort inn and suites is right next door and you get wrist bands to use all the amennities at Atlantis- that is super awesome!

  74. We would love the wristbands for the waterpark and the cave aquarium the most. PLUS beautiful beaches and free breakfast in the BAHAMAS?! YES PLEASE!!!

  75. I hav enever been to the bahamas and this hotel sounds like it has great features like the ability to visit Atlantis’ waterpark and free wi-fi!

  76. OMG I am a stay at home Mother and my husband amd I work opposite shifts so we are able to be the ones who take sole care of our 3.5 year old and 2 year old kids. A vacation would be an EXCELLENT way for us to reconnnect after doing this for the past almost 4 years now!!!

  77. What’s not to love! But really, it is so nice that the rooms are suites which make it perfect for a family. I also love all of the amenities that come with the room such as breakfast and entry into Atlantis!

  78. I agree with the last entry – obviously the SUN is the most appealing item offered — BUT if we are talking about something that Paradise Island could offer other than the sun, I love the pools – and the idea of forgetting the stress at home for a few days 🙂

  79. The location has got to be one of the best things. And wristbands and the fact that breakfast is included… Ib love not having to think about breakfast immediately when you wake up.

  80. The wristbands and the free breakfast sounds awesome (my husband would love the wifi). However, it is darn cold and snowy in my home state today and the sun/warm is probably the most appealing thing right now 😀

  81. Our family would love this. Right now we’re not looking at a vacation till maybe 2016! This would be awesome to get us together!

  82. Love the free breakfast and that you get the wrist bands to Atlantis. Also love the size of the room and that it is kid friendly

  83. Wow it is really hard to just pick one thing to be a favorite! A family vacation is something we have never done and with so much fun to have with the kids they would never get bored. Although I have to say that I think my oldest would probably love the dolphins the most!

  84. Seeing as it is snowing and 5 degrees where I am right now, a trip to the Bahamas sounds amazing! I love that the hotel is so kid-friendly, with the minifridge in the room and a free breakfast.

  85. I already commented, but failed to read the fine print 🙂 We love the spacious rooms! Would for sure make it easier to stay with a family of 4 and all of the stuff that little kiddos require!

  86. The thought of traveling with my 2 kids (2.5 years and 16 months) is daunting. However, I’m sure we could make it work for the Bahamas!

  87. My favorite part would be taking my family to a new place! Doesn’t hurt that it’d be at the beach (and with free breakfast!–our favorite meal, by the way 😉 )

    (sorry for double posting–my full last name didn’t make it on the first time!)

  88. My favorite part would be taking my family to a new place! Doesn’t hurt that it’d be at the beach (and with free breakfast!–our favorite meal, by the way 😉 )

  89. I love that rooms are big enough for a family and has a living area and a microwave and fridge! The fact that you can goto the Atlantis for free is fabulous! Fingers crossed!

  90. My favorite feature? It’s affordable on a family budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus LOTS of stuff for our 4 year old twins to do while mamma and daddy are able to relax a little!

  91. First family vacation for my husband, stepdaughter and daughter? ? Who wouldn’t love this amazing offer? This would be perfect for the trip we have been wanting to plan next year!

  92. I like the free breakfast at the comfort suites. Not having to worry about money/food for at least the first meal of the day is a big plus for me.

  93. I love that it’s cheaper than staying at Atlantis and have access to Dolphin Cay and all the other features of Atlantis plus Wi-Fi and breakfast is included.

  94. I posted already about the ‘lazy’ river but realized you asked about comfort suites…I love how wristbands for atlantis are included in the room rate!

  95. I love that is near enough to Atlantis to use the facilities but not a behemoth hotel like Atlantis. Much easier to.navigate with small children.

  96. Holy cow- your kid is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute in that video!!! Such a pro! I want to do it ALL!!! Especially the dolphins. My fave thing about Comfort Suites is the free breakfast- that is so important when traveling with the kiddos!

  97. I think it is so cool that you can use the wrist bands to use the amenities at Atlantis. And I love your outfit and necklace… how cute!

  98. I love that they give you 4 wristbands each day you are a guest! I would love to check out that Dolphin Encounter and my daughter would love the water park!

  99. This would be heavenly. My fiancé and I haven’t ever been on a vacation together! This would be perfect! I love the lazy river and the beautiful crystal clear beaches!

  100. First of all, your son is adorable! When is he getting his own YouTube channel? 🙂 Love that the Comfort Suites gives you the best of both worlds- you’re not staying at the crowded atlantis, you get a great room and all of the advantages of atlantis.

  101. Well, the best thing about it is just the location, a vacation in the Bahamas is awesome! It’s also great that it’s kid-friendly.

  102. I love the lazy river! Also the pullout beds are a must with two toddlers it helps to get them asleep if they are seperated!

  103. That’s amazing! I’ve never stayed at a Comfort Suites before, those rooms are huge. Free breakfast before spending the day at Atlantis, perfect! I did get a laugh out of your son saying “aminals” like my 4 year old. My kids would have so much fun here!


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