Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2013 Giveaway – Day 5

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Congrats to our winners – 

bloom coco lounger – Stephanie D – Entry #1698

7AM enfant Chevron blanket – Brianna E. – Entry #446

On the 5th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

(Psst…another TWO winners today!)

bloom coco stylewood lounger

The first winner today will receive the iconic bloom coco lounger that is now available with an accompanying 100% organic cotton seat pad. With its smooth, self-rocking motion that is naturally soothing, this stylish baby rocker is what every modern baby needs! The coco organic seat pad is available in natural tones – frost grey, henna brown and coconut white, matching seamlessly with the beautiful coco frames.

bloom coco

For more information on bloom, visit their website at


7AM enfant B212 Chevron Blanket

One lucky baby is going to be cozy warm AND stylish this winter with the new 7AM enfant B212 Chevron Blanket.

Developed after its sister Blanket 212 Evolution with a sporty twist, the colorful new Chevron pattern of this stroller and car-seat footmuff enhances the outdoor look and active nature of the blanket; easily transitioning from mountain tops to windy city streets. Winner gets their choice of 6 different colors.
  • 2 length extensions
  • Expands in length
  • Ergonomic hood with safe buttoned elastic adjuster
  • 5-point harness openings for securing into any stroller and car-seat
  • Side strap attachments to secure the footmuff
  • Anti-slip back panel
  • Large front pocket
  • Water repellent outer-shell
  • Ultra-soft premium fiber insulation distributed evenly to maximize warmth
  • Anti-pilling micro-fleece lining
  • Machine washable

7am enfant

For more information, visit their website at

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What’s up for grabs:

Winner #1: bloom coco stylewood lounger

Winner #2: 7am enfant B212 Chevron



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  1. I love making bonfires with the entire family, making smores and drinking hot chocolate just talking and then watching some christmas movies after.

  2. We pick one family ornament each year for our tree. We also have my son pick out one. It will be his 3rd Christmas. That way when he has a tree of his own he will have some to start him off!

  3. We take a nightly picture after lighting the candles. Its nice to know we are guaranteed at least 8 pictures as a family for the year (since I never get the chance to be in the pictures – I’m always taking them)

  4. My favorite tradition is getting together with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. We go out to the tree farm and then hang out all evening long around Thanksgiving.

  5. Baking Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve day and letting all the kids in our family decorate them. The cousins all come and have a blast. Then that night my kids open one present, always Christmas pjs and we read the night before Christmas. We do this every year! I did it as a kid also.

  6. My favorite Christmas tradition is watching the kids open gifts while we sip our Mexican hot chocolate while wearing pajamas.

  7. I already left a comment twice, but I’m not seeing them on here.. so I’m posting one again to make sure.

    But overall one of my favorite things of Christmas time is being able to spend time with the family and seeing all of the lights and decorations. I can’t wait til my precious baby arrives and we can enjoy Christmas with him. <3

  8. In our town we live in (in NC), every Friday during the holidays they bring in snow machines to make in snow near Santa’s house (little house set up in a courtyard plaza), and we as a family enjoy strolling through our downtown, having dinner, then visiting Santa.

  9. I love christmas its a day when the whole family comes together and enjoy each others company and love opening presents and the faces in my kids.

  10. Our family always spends Christmas in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the little town of Mt. Airy, NC. We have 30 or so family members that all convene around meal times.

  11. On Christmas Eve everyone opens one present which is a new pair of PJ’s. We then watch a Christmas movie and read a bedtime story before bed.

  12. Our fav family tradition is on Christmas eve as soon as it hits midnight we gather around our nativity, we pray and then we open all the presents except the ones from Santa those we open on Christmas morning. After we open the presents at midnight we eat a hugeee meal! yesss at that hour lol. It’s literally my favorite holiday!

  13. Creating new memories with my boys! Our first son is 2 and his baby brother is scheduled to be making his debut on 12/26! So i’m sure there will be lots of new traditions and memories to make when both boys are with us! 🙂

  14. We’ve been playing the dice game Christmas evening for the past 18 years and it gets so competitive and rowdy. I love that I have such great memories of my family because of that.

  15. Mine is making cinnamon rolls of Christmas Eve. Its an old family recipe that we only make on christmas Eve and let the kids stay up just a little later than usual to help. I did it with my grandma when I was little now my daughter helps me!

  16. my grandkids and kids help me make my nativity scene which is a huge display in my house that everyone comes over to see!

  17. Our daughter is 2 and the new tradition we’ve started with her last year is that we get to see what’s in our stocking on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas morning is when we eat breakfast and then open presents.

  18. Love love love this! Super cool I don’t have anything like it and my baby’s on the way would love to have one of my own!

  19. I love packing up some cocoa and candy canes and driving around looking at all the christmas lights. We sing carols and have a great family time!

  20. I really like sharing the Biblical Christmas story with our family. And talking about the significance of Christ in our lives and the world.

  21. Our favorite holiday traditions include watching classic Christmas movies, reading classic holiday books, driving around to see Christmas lights, and attending Christmas Eve Candlelight service, among other things.

  22. My favorite holiday tradition is walking through “candy cane lane”. It is a neighborhood near us that goes all-out every year with Christmas lights and decorations. There are a lot of homemade/unique decorations that are really exciting for the kids in our family.

  23. We will have soba noodle on Dec 31st just before new year!
    This is my husband’s Japanese tradition means live long like noodle!!

  24. Now that our boys are a bit older (3, 2, 2mo) we watch a Christmas movie & eat popcorn on Christmas Eve, then Christmas morning it’s homemade cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa while we read the Christmas Story and open presents!

  25. Looking at Christmas lights Christmas Eve before church, then our standard yummy Christmas breakfast casserole and watching A Christmas Story on Christmas day!

  26. When we were kids, our parents and uncles and aunts at midnight turn off the lights, and they told us it was Santa, so after that, the presents were there, Santa had arrived. It was awesome, so now, it is our turn to do it for my children, first time 🙂

  27. Its my daughters first Christmas so we are starting the tradition of having a Christmas Eve box with new pajamas and a Christmas book to read before bed

  28. Our local college has a Christmas lights display and festival… We love going there! Skating and rides, music and lights… And Santa pictures, of course! It’s super fun!

  29. Our family tradition has actually changed a little bit since we moved to the U.S
    Back in our country we used to celebrate with fireworks, but here we can’t so we just gather as a family and enjoy a movie or two. We stay up till 4am for sure.

  30. My favorite family Christmas tradition is getting together with my best friend’s kids on Christmas Eve to have our boys exchange gifts. Then, on the way home we look at the Christmas lights.

  31. favorite tradition is the whole family meeting at my parents in chicago every year. we all live across the country now, and it’s so fun to all be in the same place one week every year.

  32. Our favorite traditions are opening new pjs every christmas eve for christmas day, and having chinese for dinner that night. Then on christmas morning after the christmas gift rush having a nice eggs benedict breakfast among many other things we do!

  33. This is our first Christmas with our 11 month old daughter and we are so excited to wear our Christmas pajamas, watch Christmas movies, drink hot cocoa (not the baby!), and read “The Night Before Christmas” before we tuck her in bed so Santa can come! 🙂

  34. Since our first Christmas, we pull our mattress into the living room on Christmas Eve night and watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate. We sleep there in the living room so when we wake up, all we have to do is grab our presents to open! Now with our first kid on the way, it’s going to be even more fun!

  35. OUr family’s favorite Christmas thing to do is to go on the Christmas Walk a few weeks before Christmas. They have all the houses decorated, music playing, hot chocolate and cookies, Mr. Scrooge, etc. Its a very fun tradition for everyone!!

  36. My favorite family traditions is when we all get together on Xmas eve. All the family is there and we celebrate until late and take the kids home to wait for Santa Claus.

  37. Now that I have a child of my own I never realized how special it was for the parents to see the faces of their children light up with joy on Christmas morning seeing what Santa brought them!!

  38. Riding around looking at Christmas lights, there is a neighborhood near buy where every house puts up lights and several groups will have themes; its a lot of fun for everyone.

  39. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve dinner….we rotate between family’s houses each year, but it’s always the same group that comes together, potluck style. Love being with my family who I don’t get to see much during the year! (We live too far apart)….

  40. My favorite Christmas tradition is one that my husband brought with him when we started dating. On Christmas eve we all open one particular package from “Santa” – inside is a pair of PJs and one person has a movie, we all cuddle up with hot cocoa and blankets and crowd into the living room to watch the movie and enjoy time together.

  41. My favorite Christmas tradition is opening up stockings. My mom and Santa would fill our stockings with tons of gifts and candy (each piece individually wrapped in wrapping paper!) and I would spend over an hour opening each little item. Even when we didn’t have much money for Christmas those stockings made me feel like I had a bunch of presents. It was incredible!

  42. Yankee Swap with my husbands family. They do it every year and it’s fun watching everyone “fight” over gifts. 🙂

  43. I love the kids waking up super early Christmas morning and so excited to see what Santa left for them, then dinner later in the day with family.

  44. My new favorite holiday tradition is Elf on the shelf, now that I have kids, its fun to get them into the spirit. Another thing is christmas morning, staying in pjs all day and eating cinnamon rolls and other goodies for breakfast 🙂 christmas music playing all day and of course opening gifts.

  45. My favorite family tradition is simply getting the whole family together for Christmas. The family’s so big that you can barely hear yourself think however I would never want a quite family.

  46. Decorating the tree together. And a month of celebrations, mine, my daughter, her best friend all have December birthdays, so we celebrate a lot!

  47. Awesome Seat! My favorite Christmas Tradition is our Annual reading of The Night Before Christmas. We read two versions, the traditional story then Mad Lib Version.

  48. My favorite Holiday tradition is going to dinner and a movie on Christmas eve with my family, my parents and brother. Then we go back to my parents house and open gifts from “santa” and play games! This year we will go see Frozen for my daughter 🙂

  49. My favorite christmas tradition is playing the gift game with my family, my brothers always find the funniest thing to put in the game

  50. My favorite thing to do is to drive around, looking at Christmas lights. I love to see my son’s face light up with excitement.

  51. Fasting on 24th whole day and when it gets dark looking outside for golden pig (old tradition from my homeland!) also we do both my country and us christmas, so we do 24th eve and 25th morning 🙂

  52. I love seeing the joy and excitement on my childrens face. its bring me to tears. I also love just spending time with family.

  53. Our favorite holiday tradition, that we started when our first baby was born, was doing 1 big thing to help other people. We want to teach our children that it’s important to give to those that might not have as much. The first year, we had our first baby, we bought a bunch of baby formula and donated it to our church, so that it can be given to mothers that need it. Our second year, we donated money to St. Jude’s for kids with cancer. This year (year #3) we’re going to give to a local fireman association. When our kids get older, we’ll let them pick how we should help out every year.

  54. I didn’t read the leave a comment box before I commented the first time so please ignore my other one. Our favorite family tradition is baking all kinds of traditional German Christmas cookies with my grandma, which is about to take place next week! I love that my grandma is still around so that my girls get to be a part of this tradition too!

  55. I love seeing the kids faces on Christmas morning. Santa doesn’t wrap his presents so it’s fun to see how everyone reacts to what they get at the same time.

  56. Before I was married, my family would always watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (animated version) while we were putting up the tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Now that I am married with a child of my own, I am hoping we can find some new traditions for our family 🙂

  57. Both of these products look great but the cheveron would be amazing here in Colorado where currently it is a “balmy” -10 degrees. Would love the coco lounger would be great too though since our old swing isn’t working right and baby #3 is almost here.

  58. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating…from putting the lights on the house to hanging the stockings and decorating the tree, I love it all!

  59. Favorite holiday tradition? It’s a sort of year-round thing. My husband and I get a tree ornament as a souvenir whenever we visit another town together. So our tree is covered with travel memories.

  60. for the last 8 years I have put up a “christmas net” in our apt. it captures the twinkling lights and ornaments without the mess of pine needles and chopping trees down. the jury is still out on whether my daughter thinks its cool to be different or odd and lame.

  61. Growing up my favorite tradition was waking up early on Christmas Eve so my sister and I can help my mom prepare tamales for dinner that evening. Yum!

  62. my favorite family Christmas tradition is going to church on Christmas eve and then opening a present when we get home. tony l smoaks on rafflecopter!

  63. We love playing family games on Christmas Eve and waking up Christmas morning to see what kind of Nutcracker Santa left my daughter. He brings her a new one every year. We also love having a big Christmas breakfast and talking about how grateful we are for having our family and home.

  64. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating our Christmas tree. We always decorate the day after thanksgiving and is just so much fun to watch my daughters excitement as I unwrap ornaments and her repeating that this one is now her favorite.

  65. My favorite part of the holiday is getting everyone together for a tasty home cooked meal. I like to bring out the fancy tableware and candles too.

  66. With a two-year-old this year, we are trying to create some new and lasting traditions, so a new one this year will be to open one present on christmas eve, with a new christmas book and pajamas 🙂

  67. My favorite tradition is having cheese fondue and a big glass of red wine with my husband on Christmas Eve. I’ll have to skip the wine this year, but am looking forward to the new traditions to come with our little one next year.

  68. My favorite family tradition is everyone getting together Christmas Eve and having dinner, then having a huge sleepover, and waking up early to open gifts in our Christmas PJs!

  69. Favorite holiday tradition is our polar express trip where we go on a real train ride to the “North Pole” and Santa jumps on the train for the ride back!

  70. I think my favorite holiday tradition is the one we are starting this year. Every Christmas Eve, my boys will open a joint gift that will be new pj’s for each, a holiday movie, and popcorn and other goodies to go with the movie. It will be the beginning of a fun family tradition.

  71. My favorite tradition for the holidays is on Christmas Eve the kids get a special present that has Christmas PJs, Popcorn, HotCoco Mix, and a new Christmas movie to watch before bedtime 🙂

  72. Every year, we go cut down our Christmas tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season. My parents have done it together for 38 years, I have done it for 32, my husband has joined us for the last 12 years, and now our twins just cut down their 5th Christmas tree 🙂

  73. I love the giveaways here! Not sure why we’re listing favorite traditionshere… but mine are eexplaining Chanukah while lighting the menorah and then decorating our tree once Chanukahis over (:

  74. My daughter and I love to make gingerbread cookies,sugar christmas cookies, decorating the tree and having our own count down to light it. And the count down happens every night!

  75. My favorite tradition is going to Rockefeller Center and taking a picture under the huge tree there. I’ve done it every christmas since my 4 year old was born and I’m very excited to start taking my 7 month old.

  76. Open First presents–to be opened before parents wake up! A book or quiet, small toy to play with for a bit, for those who can’t read.

  77. Everything about christmas I love.. Family time, snuggling, watching christmas music, entering in giveaways 😉 like this one! Looooveeee bloom products

  78. my favorite tradition is decoration the whole house with Christmas decoration especially the tree also preparing a delicious dinner for my kids

  79. I love putting up christmas lights, christmas tree and we have a small gathering for christmas dinner and open gifts with the kids.

  80. I love Christmas music, Christmas lights, the excitement the kids have, the people who”give” more than they recieve and live the true spirit.

  81. This year we added the Hay for Jesus activity, and honestly watching my 2 year old find a doll to play Jesus and care for it so specially has been the best thing of all.

  82. Walking our dog around the neighborhood looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations. Hopefully this year with baby in tow. Due any day.

  83. Our tradition is getting our Christmas movies & songs out each person picks a song to sing after everyones done we watch our christmas movies eatting Christmas cookies pies & drinking egg nog

  84. Driving to see Christmas lights. Watching the Christmas classics on tv with family. Making holiday cookies with my son. Making a new ornament each year for our tree with my son. Cooking a Christmas Eve fish dinner with my family. Seeing everyone open a present on Christmas Eve. Volunteering with the Red Cross to serve needy families dinner on Christmas Day.

  85. We have always done our Christmas on Christmas Eve growing up and now we still go to my parents on Christmas Eve and do our own family Christmas on Christmas day

  86. Since a kid, I loved to go driving around with my parents and brothers looking at Christmas lights. I can’t wait til my bundle of joy arrives so we will be able to do the same. I also love laying around with the family and watching Christmas movies. I would love to win one of these lovely prizes. Especially the lounger. (:

  87. Christmas has never been good for me, but now that we have our son we are going to try to start some family traditions and I can’t wait to see what we come up with.

  88. Since a kid, I loved to go driving around with my parents and brothers looking at Christmas lights. I can’t wait til my bundle of joy arrives and be able to do the same. I also love laying around with the family and watching Christmas movies. I would love to win one of these lovely prizes. Especially the lounger. (:

  89. Baking bunches of delicious treats and spending Christmas Eve with my mom, siblings and all the little kids. Christmas Day at home with my kids and hubby!!

  90. Our family does a gag gift every Christmas. It’s a funny tradition I started about 10 years ago. Everone wraps a funny or silly item found at the dollar store and we do a grab bag. Laughter ensues! One year my husband got emergency toilet paper and I got a plunger.

  91. Putting up and decorating the tree after thanksgiving dinner. My grandparents started this tradition and I’ve adopted it for my family.

  92. We tell the kids that we have to take pictures on christmas eve to send to santa so he knows who lives here. It is the easiest way to get them to stay still for a picture

  93. All of us loading up and going to the park to see the Christmas Lights Display, Ride the Train, Visit Santa and do a little ice skating!!!

  94. My favorite family holiday tradition is baking cookies with my son, then driving around with all of us to look at the Christmas lights! So fun, I can’t wait to do it this year 🙂

  95. We started a new tradition this year. Visiting a place called Santa’s Wonderland which is a light show/hay ride. My girls loved it!

  96. My family loves Christmas. We start it by watching Elf on Thanksgiving night. Then, on Christmas Eve, we open a gift at night. And Christmas morning, we open all our gifts!


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