Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2014 Giveaway – Day 7

12 days of Christmas
12 days of christmas
Congrats to the winners –
Hannah M. – Fisher-Price Trackmaster
Kimberly G – Peg Perego Choo Choo Express

On the 7th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

It’s TRAIN DAY in the 12 Days of Christmas! PLUS TWO WINNERS TODAY!


Winner #1 will receive a…


Check something off your holiday shopping list with this Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Avalanche Escape Set from Fisher Price! Thomas must navigate a risky mountaintop track in the TrackMaster Avalanche Escape Set from Fisher-Price! After charging up a steep incline, he’ll need to use his momentum to soar across a huge gap in the tracks! As Thomas careens down the mountain, he’ll also power through a rickety bridge with collapsing guardrails before he enters a spooky cave where he’ll discover a fossil! Thomas isn’t home-free just yet, because there’s a monster of a surprise lurking in the scrap yard!

This full track layout with multiple activation points, includes a tipping track that propels Thomas across the gap, fossil discovery, and scrap monster. Set comes with motorized Thomas engine, cargo car, and fossil cargo piece.

trackmaster avalanche set

Winner #2 will receive a…


Peg Perego Choo Choo

We introduced you to the Peg Perego Choo Choo Express last week and now we are giving one away to one lucky winner! This battery-powered, 6-volt train is super fun for the littles will make your toddler the envy of the playgroup. The Choo Choo was designed for kids ages 1-3 (max 40 lbs) and works inside or out and with or without the included track. Yes, the 76″ round track set keeps the Choo Choo in one place and is easy to snap together with no tools needed, but sometimes toddlers like to go off on their own route. That’s why we love that the train works without the track.

To see the train in action and learn more about it, watch our Baby Gizmo Video Review below…

12 days of christmas
How to Enter

Winner #1: Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Avalanche Escape Set from Fisher Price

Winner #2:  Peg Perego Choo Choo Express


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  1. My favorite tradition for the holidays is to get take our family Christmas picture. Love being able to have the memories if the holidays and see how our family is growing each year.

  2. Our first christmas tree as husband and wife we bought just red and gold ornaments. When we had kids we bought a different ornament representing their “the kids” year. Currently we have 6 different special ornaments on our tree!

  3. Love cooking dinner with my mom, sisters, aunt, and grandma. Its really the best way to pass on recipes, spend time together, and my favorite holiday tradition.

  4. My favorite family tradition was opening one gift on Christmas Eve with my family. My husband and I now do it with our kids too!!

  5. I love that we have gotten just ONE snowman ornament a year since we have been dating that represents either an event that happened or usually from a vacation. They are all on their own small tree and I love seeing them and reminiscing about what they all represent!

  6. My favorite tradition is letting the kids open up the stockings first before they need to wake anyone up it gives us adults a little more time and then they can wake us we put on coffee and they open gifts one at a time.

  7. The favorite holiday tradition is that we always make a big party at my father’s house and at 12am we hide the kids in a room and they have to pretend like they are asleep while we put the presents on the bottom of the tree and we make Santa Claus noises and eat the cookies and drink the milk. The kids love it and don’t stop talking about being so close to see Santa and just miss it. Jeje

  8. A few years back we started to get matching pajamas for everyone, now we get them for all of the grandkids and it’s so fun to see everyone together in their matching jammies when we open gifts.

  9. my favorite holiday tradition is opening one gift on Christmas eve & Telling the Christmas Story-Which is the True meaning of Christmas!

  10. Who doesn’t love trains at Christmas? Love this for the kids. There is nothing like a train around or near a Christmas Tree!
    Our Traditions: Christmas Eve dinner, Birthday Cake for Baby Jesus, open one gift each and my daughter grabs her sleeping bag and sleeps under the tree with the dogs!! Every year!! lol

  11. My favorite holiday tradition is taking a drive through the Shrine’s Way of Lights in celebration of the reason for the season. 🙂

  12. I just love seeing the kids happy and excited on Christmas.. I would love to win this PEG PEREGO CHOO CHOO EXPRESS for one of them

  13. In my family, grandma makes the Christmas stockings. I still have the stocking my grandma knitted for me and my mom in quilting stockings for my sons.

  14. in Christmas Eve after church as a family we drive around the neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights. For bedtime everyone dresses in their Christmas pjs so we can all be ready for Santa’s gifts in the morning! <3

  15. My favorite time is simply enjoying family & watching mine & my siblings children play together as we did when we were kids

  16. Finding the ugliest ornament we can! We scour major retailers and tiny shops on the waterfront and everywhere in between. Whoever finds the worst wins, then we buy it and add it to our tree 🙂

  17. My oldest son is in love with Trains. His daddy also. He is in the process of getting on with the Rail road at this time. We are a train family

  18. Our favorite tradition was waiting for midnight on Christmas open our presents and new pajamas from our grandparents, then rush to bed for Santa to come! We are doing this with my two little ones, just not as lucky with gifts!

    • Our favorite tradition is going to a local park here that you drive through for a few miles of Christmas lights displays. Been going since I was a kid.

  19. We are starting lots of new traditions this year. My son just turned one year old. We have had a lot of fun with elf on the shelf, new pajamas, Christmas books, and visiting Santa all around town!

  20. My favorite tradition is watching It’s a Wonderful Life by the glow of the tree and fireplace on Christmas Eve with my hubby! :o)

  21. Favorite tradition is saving one special present for Christmas night-something small and unexpected but a perfect way to end the day!

  22. Going to my in-laws christmas morning. Me showing up is what brought my wife and I back together Christmas morning, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. 🙂

  23. My favorite tradition is when my dad comes in town for two of my kids birthday’s and we go get our Christmas tree and then decorate it.

  24. My favorite holiday tradition is buying my christmas cars and sending them to my family and friends. I love sending out christmas cards its so much fun.

  25. Last year, we started the tradition of opening up one present on Christmas Eve of pajamas and family activity. I absolutely loved doing that and my daughter was very excited! Can’t wait to go pick out all 4 of our matching pajamas!

  26. Every year we watch the movie Christmas Vacation together. So much fun even though we’ve seen it a hundred times and know all of the lines!

  27. my favorite holiday tradition is letting my kids open one gift each on Christmas Eve… the joy on their faces is all i need for Christmas : )

  28. Shooting our annual christmas card is my favorite holiday tradition! I think all throughout the year of what our theme will be an put a lot of effort into it! This year is the grinch 🙂

  29. Best family tradition is singing Xmas carols as loud as possible while my parents drive to church. Tradition going strong for 30 years!

  30. It’s about an every 2 year tradition, but as our family grows with a new addition, we all must make a trip to my parents’ place for a family portrait during Christmas time. This includes relatives we have in Germany too!

  31. Purchasing a new ornament the day afyer christmas. Im 42 and can remember where every single one came from and the story behind it.

  32. The best holiday tradition? Usually involves family (as many as possible), food (lots of it) and lots of gifts for all the kids!! My grandson would LOVE one of these gifts. I don’t get to see him (he lives on the other side of the country), but his grandma sends him gifts whenever possible, and he would LOVE me for this one! Hope we win!

  33. My favorite holiday tradition is running downstairs first thing super early to see what Santa left. The joy of my kids face is heart melting

  34. My favorite tradition is opening presents and stockings with the kids then making a giant brunch while everyone plays with their new stuff.

  35. I love everything about Christmas but my favorite was the food. There’s nothing like a fresh out the pot tamale on Christmas Eve and it was also fun to help out.

  36. So many traditions I love! I have 4 little boys and we love watching Christmas movies, love getting new Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve and baking cookies for Santa. Love our elf, Elfis!

  37. My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve we give our kids new pajamas and a new Christmas movie and we all snuggle up and watch a movie and have some snacks before bed.

  38. Our favorite is baking and decorating a Happy Birthday Jesus cake together, then singing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas. Usually we make and decorate the cake together on Christmas Eve. We only put one candle on it, and blow it out together. Before we blow out the candle we say “We may be blowing out this candle, but that’s because we’ve taken the light of the world into our hearts.”

  39. Making a new tradition for my son and I! Getting a fresh tree and decorating it every year is going to be OUR thing. My son loves lights, so it’s perfect!

  40. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve going to church celebrating the birth of our Lord and then having the feast of 7 fishes (our Italian tradition) then each child gets a gift of PJs and a Christmas book that is read to them before they go to sleep that night.

  41. Growing up, our Christmas tradition was to travel to Iowa to celebrate with family. These days, I’m working on making some traditions of my own with my husband and our two kids.

  42. instead of exchanging names for holiday gifts we play the christmas dice game where everyone buys a few gifts for game

  43. I am a big movie buff so watching the classic Christmas movies with my son and wife is the best tradition and way to relax and spend time together.

  44. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree. I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, so this is a pretty sacred tradition to me now

  45. My favorite tradition is the Saturday before Christmas we have a big party with all our family and friends at our home. Santa even comes for the kids! Always agreat time!

  46. I love seeing the joy on the faces as they open their Christmas gifts. It may not be a ‘tradition’ but I do love it every year!

  47. My favorite tradition is spending a day making Christmas goodies and delivering them to neighbors, family, friends, and the pastors.

  48. Our favorite tradition is attending the Children’s Christmas Eve Mass and watching dd sing in the children’s choir.

  49. I would love something like this for my kid. He would love it, and truly it would be a Christmas to remember if he got the Peg Perego train.

  50. This is the ultimate train set! My sons wouldn’t play with anything else on Christmas day if they had this! I love that it allows them to ride off the tracks, on the floor too!

  51. Playing Rummikub with my hubby after the kids to to bed while we listen to Christmas music and drink adult beverages. I love it.

  52. Omg I don’t think my son would ever take a nap if he had either of these. Non stop playing for hours. I love everything about Christmas

  53. We love going to the Trail of Lights down here in Austin. There’s a lot of people, but it’s so beautiful! So glad we have a little one now to share it with.

  54. We have a personalized christmas tree that holds all of our personalized christmas gifts that we get or make for each other every yr. They represent something important for that yr.

  55. My favorite holiday tradition is waking up Christmas morning and sitting at the top of the stairs. We weren’t allowed downstairs until my mom went down and turn the tree lights on, the christmas music on, and put baby Jesus in the manger!

  56. My family has a Christmas Eve taco fest, where we watch Claymation Christmas, make lots of noise, maybe do a puzzle, and definitely eat until we burst.

  57. My favorite holiday tradition was caroling with church buddies for the shut ins. One lady, when she heard us, came to her door & locked it! We still laugh about it 30 years later.

  58. Being with family and going for walks to see all the Christmas lights. Also, having my eldest daughter put up the ornaments with my husband and I (little on is still too little).

  59. My favorite is Breakfast with the family on Christmas morning! Homemade everything and a great way to start the day (after the presents of course!)!

  60. I love watching the classic Rankin Bass Christmas specials like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town with my family! I watched them every year growing up and now we watch them as a family.

  61. My favorite holiday tradition– setting up all the nutcrackers. We would get one every year–till mom decided we had to many. So now we just slowly unwrap our nutcrackers all December.

  62. My favorite holiday tradition is sharing a home cooked meal with all my family and opening Christmas presents with carols playing.

  63. My favorite holiday tradition is the family all hanging out, eating fresh baked cookies, kiddos enjoying their one present they are allowed to open, all watching A Christmas Story for the ten millionth time and laughing like it’s the first!

  64. A favorite holiday tradition is having all 8 nights of presents out around the menorah & the kids get to pick which one to open each night.

  65. Our favorite tradition is a candlelight service at our church on Christmas Eve followed by a drive around town to see all the Christmas lights!

  66. We love curling up on the couch, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa, and eating popcorn. We also started a new tradition of sprinkling reindeer food all over the front yard on Christmas Eve.

  67. My favorite holiday tradition is having a special gift for my daughter to open on Christmas Eve. It has a new pair of pj’s, a Christmas movie and some popcorn and hot coco she loves it. I can’t wait till my baby is old enough to enjoy this tradition.

  68. My favorite tradition is playing games with kids on xmas eve. My son would love a train set. All he asked for Christmas was a train .

  69. My favorite Christmas tradition is when we decorate the house and tree then watch Chrisas movies while sipping on homemade hot cocoa.

  70. My favorite holiday tradition is making hot chocolate, blueberry pancakes & bacon for our traditional Christmas morning breakfast after the kids open their presents!

  71. Since marrying my husband, I’ve enjoyed our family New Years Eve dinner together and watching fireworks through all the different time zones on TV.

  72. My favorite holiday tradition is going to a town in the mountains that does a Christmas tree lighting festival. This will be my daughter’s first year!

  73. We don’t really have any traditions yet because we’re just starting our family but this year it was attempting to decorate our Christmas tree with our 2’year old.

  74. Our Christmas tradition is to open a present on Christmas eve (which is always PJs) and then building tents out of sheets to sleep in for the night. My sisters and I did it for as long as I can remember and now I do it with my two boys.

  75. My favorite tradition from when I was a kid was going to La Salette in Rhode Island to see all of the lit up trees and decorations with my family-aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. My favorite tradition I have started with my kids is giving them a pair of Xmas PJs on Christmas Eve, and giving my son a new nutcracker for his collection.

  76. My little man would LOVE this!!

    We love opening our Christmas Eve Jammies & cuddling on the couch watching “A Christmas Story!”

  77. Our favorite tradition is putting on Christmas pajamas the night before Christmas. We leave cookies and milk out for Santa. Our kids open up their stocking presents.

  78. My favorite while growing up was opening our christmas eve jammies, and then going out to watch for santa. Usually my dad would go out back and ring bells to imitate Santas sleigh. being little it was magical and something i will do with my children.

  79. We create an activity advent calendar and a do a different Christmas themed activity each day until Christmas. The kids really love it!

  80. I have always been the person to hand out gifts on Christmas morning. I love it but it is probably time to pass it on to someone else. 🙂

  81. My favorite tradition is on Christmas Even the family gets together and exchanges gifts. Santa makes a stop every year and gives some presents to the kids!

  82. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree with the kids. It is usually a hilarious disaster. Last night our 5 year old fell off the side of a chair he was standing on (against our wishes) and said-Why can’t you ever buy anything with sides on it!?! It was hilarious. And yes, he was ok. A short fall to the carpet.

  83. My 2 year old would love this, he is obsessed with trains! Christmas is our favorite time of year, we love getting the family together and hosting a big dinner. We always do a family get together Christmas eve, and when we get home we read the Night Before Christmas before our little one goes to bed!

  84. Our favorite christmas tradition is the kids get to open a gift on Christmas eve (its always new pajamas) then in their pj’s we drive around and look at lights while drinking hot cocoa.

  85. My favorite old tradition is opening one present on Christmas Eve. My favorite new tradition is doing an advent calendar with my husband and two year old.

  86. Our favorite holiday tradition is the children open a gift on christmas eve night which consists of new christmas jammies and things for a christmas movie night. We watch christmas movies most of the night and eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate and eat cookies ( but not santas cookies).

  87. I love train sets for little boys and girls! These look like so much fun i can’t wait to start buying trains for my little man

  88. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating gingerbread houses with friends and family! My son had so much fun doing it this year and it was great for color recognition!

  89. My family always had a big Christmas eve party and watched it’s a wonderful life. Although I hated the movie when younger, I now get it 😉

  90. Family. I love my family. Watching the children open gifts, or even just looking at the tree Christmas morning always make and cry. We are very lucky, very blessed.

  91. My favorite holiday tradition is spend Christmas morning with my my mom, dad and brothers and now with my husband and son. I’m so happy to share my Christmas morning with my son(who loves trains).

  92. In my family every year after we decorate out christmas tree we watch a wonderful life! My parents started this tradition! And I love it!

  93. A favorite holiday tradition of my train lovers is to visit the holiday model train display at our botanic gardens and to ride our polar express train ride : )

  94. My favorite holiday tradition growing up was baking cookies together as a family. This year I started the tradition with my son and hope to continue it in the years to come. This year, because my son loves trains so much, we rode the North Pole Express to Santa’s village and got to see Santa and talk to him. So that has quickly become something we would like to do again next year.

  95. My favorite holiday tradition is baking traditional Swedish saffron bread, it reminds me of Christmas with my family back in Sweden.

  96. My favorite tradition is when Santa’s elves deliver pajamas to our front door to ensure the kiddos go to bed early so Santa cam come

  97. Baking sugar cookies for Santa with my husband’s and 2 girls on Christmas eve then watching a Christmas movie before bed.

  98. Every Christmas morning me, my wife and kids all get up and drive to my parents home where we open presents as a family, so that my childhood Christmas continues each year

  99. I love waiting until Christmas morning to open gifts. My in-laws have always opened gifts on Christmas Eve, and I always feel awkward opening them early!

  100. my favorite Christmas tradition is getting our tree every year the day after thanksgiving and taking the long weekend to decorate the house.

  101. My favorite Holiday tradition was meeting at my sisters on Christmas Eve so we could all be together to celebrate as a family. I have since moved and my mother has passed. This has become a fond memory

  102. My favorite Holiday tradition was meeting at my sisters on Christmas Eve so we could all be together to celebrate as a family. I have since moved and my mother has passed. This has become a fond memory

  103. My Gt Grandson of 4yrs has loved Thomas the Tank Engine all his short life and has lots of train sets, engine and carriages and clothes so he would be over the moon with a Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Set from Fisher-Price and Choo Choo Express from Peg Perego

  104. My favorite holiday tradition is watching Christmas movies like Christmas Vacation and Christmas Story. My son would LOVE this train! I wonder if it would work on carpet???

  105. family tradition our boys get to open there christmas pjs on christmas eve with there popcorn hot cocolate and a christmas movie also my boys would love these trains

  106. My favorite tradition is getting together with my parents and all my siblings (and their families) at my baby sisters house on Christmas eve

  107. Staying up until midnight on Christmas eve watching movies then opening a gift. Its always christmas pajamas to wear to bed, but its still fun 😉

  108. My son LOVES trains!! My favorite tradition I just started with my kids is the Christmas eve box: with pajamas, a movie, candy, popcorn and hot chocolate!

  109. Favorite holiday tradition would be getting together with family every Christmas Eve. Just spending time together and enjoying the company

  110. I love most all of our Christmas traditions but most of all I love waking up on Christmas day and watching my boys open presents just the five of us.

  111. Favorite traditions: looking at lights then stopping for hot cocoa, decorating sugar cookies, and Christmas Eve PJs.

    Ps I’d love the Thomas track for our 3 year old son!

  112. We always open our stockings first then we open our presents while listening to Christmas carols and we also watch “A Christmas Story”

  113. I wrap present while watching Christmas movies and drinking Christmas wine. It’s my little me time for the holidays before the craziness 🙂 I love it!

  114. i love everything about Christmas! My baby girl is old enough this year to be excited about Christmas and I can’t wait to share it with her!

  115. I love christmas morning. Family wakes up early and goes downstairs to open presents together. And then we have family come over and open more presents while we eat an amazing brunch.

  116. That is 1 awesome train! Love the versatility — on/off tracks. A perfect size, not too overwhelming for the child (or parent, lol!). Great gift idea for any occasion!!

  117. My family took a cruise every Christmas. We are Jewish and my parents anniversary is Christmas so it was a perfect holiday tradition for us

  118. My favorite christmas tradition is baking crafts with the kids on christmas eve then when they go to sleep i wrap the gifts while watching either elf or home alone!

  119. On the 5th of Dec we put our shoes out and st. nick comes and fill them with a small amount of candy and a few small toys. This is a tradition from our ancestors that came from Holland.

  120. Every year we sponsor a family for Christmas. I love knowing we are giving a family a Christmas they wouldnt be able to have otherwise

  121. I love going to see the Lights of the Ozarks at the Fayetteville, AR town square and the children’s Christmas Eve program at churxh.

  122. Ahh you guys do THE best giveaways! My favorite holiday tradition was opening a pair of Christmas jammies on Christmas eve! We have continued that with our kids and it still brings me just as much joy!

  123. Our favorite holiday tradition is turning out to be the Elf on a Shelf. I didn’t want to partake but my 8 year old daughter begged and begged until I relented. We are really loving it.

  124. My favourite Christmas tradition is decorating the house as a family and then bundling up in our warm clothes and going around the neifhborhood to look at Christmas lights


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