Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas 2014 Giveaway – Day 8


12 Days of Christmas Day 8

Congrats to our winners –
Melissa W. –  Step2 Ford F150 SVT Raptor
Amy F. – Step2 Spin & Go Cruiser

On the 8th Day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…


Winner #1 will receive:

Step2 2-IN-1 FORD F-150 SVT RAPTOR 

step2 raptor f150

Last week we introduced you to the this awesome toddler ride-on and today we are giving one away! The new 2-in-1 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor by Step2 is a ride-on truck for toddlers 1 1/2 years and up that features rugged wheels with 360 degree turning, steering wheel with honking horn and front grille with working lights. Our toddler tester’s favorite features are the truck bed storage for toys and the two working doors with latches.

As parents, our favorite feature is that it’s a 2-in-1 toy that transforms from a push buggy with the removable parent push handle to a kid powered riding toy.

It starts out with a parent (or adult!) pushing the child in the truck! I love that there is a floorboard to keep the child’s feet from dragging on the ground!

Watch the Step2 in action in our Baby Gizmo video below.


Winner #2 will receive:


step2 cruiser

While the F-150 is great for toddlers and preschoolers, the Spin & Go Cruiser is best for ages 4-8 so we have covered our bases today! The Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser is a super fun, 12 volt battery-powered ride on that has kids moving forward, back, spinning to the left, then right, in this zero-turn vehicle! To see the Cruiser in action (and watch our Baby Gizmo testers “rollin’ down the street!), check out the video below…

Step2 prizes
How to Enter


Winner #1: Step2 2-in-1 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Winner #2:  Step2 Spin & Go Cruiser


Only 24 hours to enter this giveaway and then we are on to Day 9! This Day #8 Giveaway STARTS at 12:01 EST and ends at 11:59pm EST onSunday, December 8, 2014. US only!

Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only a couple of mandatory entries and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not.  But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.

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  1. I love both (either) I have 5 boys -I think the older ones would Love the Spin -n go Xtreme,they love stuff like that, but know my little guy would love and get good use out of the Raptor.

  2. I want to win the raptor because is gonna be the perfect gift for my little boy who love car’s and we can go for a ride in the park !!!!

  3. Step2 2-IN-1 FORD F-150 SVT RAPTOR! I think my 3 year old would really enjoy it. Though he might want the STEP 2 SPIN & GO CRUISER:)

  4. I would love to win the Ford F-150 Raptor for my 13 month old son. But he’s not picky, he would love either one! Thank you for this chance to win!!! 🙂

  5. My 4 1/2 year old has been asking for a battery powered ride-on since he saw one on TV. The STEP 2 SPIN & GO CRUISER would be an awesome gift.

  6. I would love to win the 2 and 1 ford for my son this is his first Christmas and it would be such a nice gift. Thank you for the chance

  7. I would love to win the Step2 Spin & Go Cruiser. This looks so awesome and I showed both to the boys and they like that one the best.

  8. I would like the raptor for my baby but right now I prefer the xtreme cruiser for my godson, I have him living with me while his mama is deploy and it would be a great way to make him smile and enjoy this holidays.

  9. I would love the step one truck one. I have a little one that is almost two and he would LOVE it. He loves all cars and trucks!!

  10. My car/truck obsessed toddler would absolutely love the Ford F-150 Raptor! I can just imagine him driving around it wearing the Monster Truck pyjamas that he refuses to take off while simultaneously playing with his mini Ford F-150.

  11. My toddler loves ride on toys. My older child just got a new bike, so my toddler is feeling left out without a bike or ride on toy of her own.

  12. I would much rather win the Spin and Go extreme cruiser because it seems cool for my Godson who is a little bigger than the F-150 ride on. Although my niece could fit in the F-150 ride on!

  13. Definitely the raptor. I have 2 girls that live trucks. I think big sis would love to help push little sis (with mommy’s help and supervision of course!)

  14. I’d like to win one of each of them !! We have 7 and 1/2 grandkids 6yrs and under so you can imagine how expensive Christmas is !! Thank you for the chance to win one of these !!

  15. I would like to win the Step2 2-in-1 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor because my daughter is only 2 and it is more age appropriate

  16. Definitely the Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser! I have a five and a seven year old who would absolutely think they’d won the lottery if one of these made it to our home!

  17. I would want to win the Step2 Cruiser! I have a 19 month old, a 4 yr old and a 7 yr old so all three of my kids would be able to play with the Cruiser!

  18. Thank you for throwing up this awesome chance to win! My son would love either, but the Raptor looks like it’d win the prize 😉

  19. The step 2 Ford 2 in 1 F150 for raptor looks fantastic. Your review was very detailed and helpful! Would make the perfect Christmas! Merry Christmas and thank you for taking time to review all the things you do! I always look to you first!

  20. BabyGizmo is giving away such awesome prizes! I love it it’s not just baby gear, but also fun toys for the older kids!

  21. I would love to win the Crusier for my grandkids….would be perfect for their ages of 3-1/2 and 6. And the new baby could grow into it in a few years!

  22. STEP 2 SPIN & GO CRUISER because we have a really quiet street and my girls would love taking turns on it. It’s so cool!

  23. The STep 2 Cruiser would be super awesome for my twin boys. They are actually pretty good at sharing things, but if they saw this, we may need to revisit the rules of “sharing”. Very cool giveaway!

  24. The Step2 Spin & Go Cruiser would be amazing! My kids would get more use out of that one and I don’t have to push it! 🙂

  25. I have been wanting a step2 ford raptor since I heard about them a few months ago! I’d love to win one! I love how they can grow with the kids! My 18 month old would love either one of these toys but the raptor would probably be better! It would be great to take her on walks with this because she’s getting sick of the stroller! Thanks!

  26. Definitely the 2-in-1 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor! We have 2 boys and our oldest will be 3 in January. They both LOVE trucks in general and would love the Raptor!

  27. Want to win the 2-in-1 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor by Step2 is a ride-on truck more because it has a dual use for little ones. First it can be pushed by mom or grandma, then it can turn into a tot powered pedal vehicle. It grows with the littlest ones.

  28. The Ford F150, since I have a one year old. (Although the extreme cruiser is a zillion times cooler and I would totally store it until my kiddos are old enough!)

  29. Forgot to add that the “Spin and Go” would be the one he’d love. Showed him the video before and he said “mommy, I want that!!!”. 🙂

  30. My son would go nuts for this. He’s always on the go. Moving, moving, moving none stop. This would surely keep him happily busy. 🙂

  31. the cruiser would be my choice . it would be great for my LO. the ford is nice too but Id love to have one my LO can drive herself

  32. The F-150! My son is younger, and this would be perfect for walks to the park, which is a few blocks from our house!!

  33. My 18 month old daughter would love the raptor. I’d love it bc of the removal floorboard so she can use and enjoy it for a long time plus she doesn’t have any fun outdoor ride on toys like this yet.

  34. Would love to win the spin and go cruiser for my son. He’s a little too big for the Raptor now, and the cruiser would be great for our big backyard.

  35. I would want to win the spin and go cruiser. My son was so thrilled about that video and thinks it is so cool that it spins. We had to watch it 3 times….then I got smart and did split screen with my computer so I could do other things while he watched it. Cute kiddos by the way! AND thanks to you and the ladies my son is singing the Taylor Swift song 🙂

  36. These toys are amazing. My toddler son is dealing with soon being a big brother and having mommy and daddy bugging things for the baby. I know he would love to get a surprise like this!

  37. I would love the Step 2 Cruiser the most because my daughter is big enough and like to do everythin herself, including driving! 🙂

  38. Would love to win the Cruiser for my 3 year old — at 43.5 inches and 38 lbs he’s too big for most of the toddler ride on toys – this looks like he could use it for a while and have fun 🙂

  39. Either would be great fro my family. I have a 4 yr old that would go bananas over the cruiser and I have one on the way that would get lots of use out of the Raptor! Both look like great products.

  40. We would love to win the Step2 Spin & Go Cruiser. My boys are a little past the pushing stage and like to be independent in their play. They have been drooling over this vehicle for a while now and I know they would go bananas over it!

  41. I think the Step N Go would be awesome because my daughter and her cousin are a little bit older so it would be way more fun!

  42. I would love to win the raptor for my son. Since he is still little he that would be the best choice for him! Would be awesome to win!

  43. I was looking into buying myself real raptor pickup 2 years ago but that plan changed when I found out I was having a son. My plans for an awesome pickup are on the back burner but no one says that my son can’t have an awesome pickup!

  44. The Raptor we already took for a “test-drive” in Sam’s Club (the blue one though), and our son loved it. It’s so easy to steer and he had a blast! Would love to win for him 😉

  45. I would love the truck for my 2 year old daughter. We live in the village and this would be an awesome thing for her to stroll around in!

  46. I’d love to win the Ford F150 for my little guy because we’re a Ford family, and he would love to have his own Ford truck!

  47. I would love the spin and go cruiser for my grandson. The Raptor would be a little small for him but that cruiser is perfect.

  48. My son will be 1 this Thursday and then Christmas follows soon behind. I waited 4 years to become pregnant and if I could give my baby the world I would! I would love to win him the F-150!! Thank you!!!

  49. I would love to win the ford raptor for my son who just turned 2. He’s really into trucks and would love this and my husband is obsessed with the ford raptors so it’d be perfect for these boys to bond over.

  50. The Spin and GO! My wife and I recently discussed getting something like this for our little guy. It would be even more awesome to WIN it!


  52. How can you choose?? I absolutely love them both! Im sure my husband would love the Ford for our son because he absolutely loves Ford. But our 6 year old daughters would love the spin & go. and when our son gets old enough he would love it as well!

  53. Would be so awesome to win the STEP2 Cruiser! My daughter would absolutely lose her mind. I’ve never seen anything like that before

  54. I would like to win the Spin & Go Cruiser for my grandchildren. The Spin & Go Cruiser is made for children 4-8 years old and this is the exact age range of my grandchildren. I know the kids would love this.

  55. I like them both but would love the Raptor more. My daughter is 19 months and could ride in the raptor now versus the cruiser. She loves any type of vehicle and would be so excited.

  56. I sure would love to get the Step 2 Spin and Go Extreme Cruiser for my boys. This one especially, because they are getting older and with this toy the thrills for the older children are there! I love the longevity factor and hope this becomes a surprise delight for my boys!

  57. Id like to win the Raptor F-150. I like how it transfos from parent control to child controlled. This would be perfect for my two year old!

  58. my daughter would love the Xtreme Cruiser!! We’ve been thinking about getting her something like the Barbie jeep but she is more of a tomboy so I think this would be perfect!!

  59. My two year old would love the raptor. But my 7 and 8 year old would love the spin and go cruiser. I guess the spin and go would be my choice, the 2 year old will grow into it.

  60. Step2 Spin and Go Extreme Cruiser because ever since my 5 yr old daughter and I saw the video it’s been mommy I want that for Christmas and my birthday and I’ll be good forever lol. This thing looks awesome!!! I wish I was a kid again so I could ride it 🙂

  61. I would love the spin n go Xtrem Cruiser for my grandson. he loves riding around on his scooter so I know he would love it.

  62. My son would LOVE the Spin & Go Cruiser! He would love the freedom it would give him to ride wherever he wanted to go rather than being pushed!

  63. My son would love the F-150 SVT Raptor. I can just picture his daddy pushing him in it now and the little guy going on his own when he is older.

  64. The ford F-150! My almost 2YO would love to get into this one. She’s already obsessed with her Dad’s Truck. And i think he would like to walk her in this too.

  65. We’d like the STEP 2 SPIN & GO CRUISER. My boys are a little older (2,4,8,11) and love to play outside. More riding cars = more fun.

  66. My older one hasn’t had a motorized vehicle as yet and he’d really LOVE the spin and go xtreme so that’s the one I’d prefer to win 🙂

  67. It would have to be the F150. We’ve got a couple years yet before my kids are big enough for the other one. (but Daddy thinks it looks cooler.)

  68. Step2 Spin & Go Xtreme Cruiser would be my #1 choice just because the youngest and the older one’s could enjoy this as well but the youngest would love either one!!!

  69. love these giveaways. step 2 makes such fun toys for children. how awesome they all are. I know a very special little man that would love to have any of these. ford rapture or the cruiser. amazing giveaways. good luck to all.

  70. I would have to choose the ford truck since I have a toddler but both of them would make my little one jump for joy! He would have to grow into the bigger one 🙂 Love that it has doors that open and a place for storage! The handle is a great way to start out and i like that he will have a place for his feet!

  71. I think the 2 in 1 ford by step 2 because we would be able to giv it to my son soon and he would enjoy being pushed around in it and when he’s a little older he would still use it!

  72. Although I LOOOOOOVE the Spin & GO, my kids are still babies and toddlers, so the 2-IN-1 FORD F-150 would be more useful at this time…

  73. I would love to win both as I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old. But.. If I had to choose one.. The Spin & Go Cruiser! For my son Niko. 🙂 He needs a fun gadget to play outside. This looks perfect!

  74. This would be awesome to win! I could already see our boy riding around just like daddy (dad is in the army and drives these on a daily basis)!!!

  75. How cool is the spin and go cruiser. Loved the youtube video. The kids were awesome in it. They should make stuff like this for adults. LOL Kids get all the fun. LOL…..

  76. My little guy will be just the right age to use the F150 this summer. He would love it and his big sister can push him around.

  77. The f-150 so that my oldest can already use it and my younger two can grow into it. A friend of mine had a manuel (with pedals) car like that as a child and I always wanted one too!

  78. either one would work for me my boys are 2yrs 10 months and 7 1/2yrs but the size of a 5yr old but im never lucky enough to win anything

  79. Although that Cruiser is totally awesome (I’d even like to ride it) I would go with the Ford F-150 Raptor Ride-on because my little one is a little small for the Cruiser. The Ford Raptor is adorable. And would be great way for us to safely get out and enjoy the day together.

  80. I would like to win the Step 2 extreme spin and go cruiser. This would be a toy for everyone to play with. I have three kids 7,6, and 3.

  81. I am going to say the spin and go since two of my older ones could use it but, the Raptor would be nice for the 1yr old.

  82. I love the Raptor – would use it for my niece and nephews and when they outgrow it, would donate it to the local child are facility where I am the chair of fundraising.

  83. Oh man! This is a hard one! I have kids that would love both! If I had to choose I think I would go with the cruiser because it’s so cool and unique!

  84. I’d like to win the Step2 Spin & Go Cruiser because it’s a 12-volt and is powerful enough for my grandsons. Plus, it just looks like a lot of fun!

  85. I would love the F150 as my son is so in to trucks right now. He is almost two, so that one would be best. Although I am sure he would love either as he could grow in to the other one soon.

  86. I would like to win the cruiser more cause it would be great for my older two who don’t have a power ride on toy like the younger two do.

  87. I would love to win the Step2 Spin & Go Cruiser because it looks to be a great thing for my grand daughter to have. Plus, you can never go wrong with Step2 products!

  88. They both look great and have boys in both age categories! If I had to pic a fav I’d have to say the Spin N Go Xtreme Cruiser because it’s just so cool!

  89. I would prefer the Step2 2-IN-1 FORD F-150 SVT RAPTOR because Mommy can supervise and then let child go on their own (or so they think)!! 🙂

  90. Step 2 Spin and Go Cruiser– would love to win because we own the Rapture. So if I won the Rapture, my BFF’s son would be getting it.

  91. The raptor! My daughter is a little too young for the cruiser (which also looks so fun) but we had a chance to try the raptor a few weeks ago and she enjoyed it so much! Fingers crossed!!!
    All the giveaways you are doing are really amazing! Happy holidays!

  92. I’d love to win either, but if I had to choose, I’d pick the spin and go cruiser. My 5 year old has asked Santa for a power wheels, but it’s just not in the budget. This would be amazing!

  93. I would love the Cruiser for my son. I’ve been wanting to get him an awesome cruiser for a long while but my wife says that he was too young. Now 2 years later I think he’s ready and I know he’d have a hard time getting out of it since it’d be such a blast!

  94. That Cruiser is epic! My son would never want to get out! It’d be the most coveted toy in the neighborhood. It’d be great for our growing family and when friends and cousins come to visit! Too bad they’re just for kids.

  95. I’d love to win the F-150 for my little one. She’d love it cuz then she’d be just like daddy driving her “twuck”. She’d look so cute!

  96. I have a 2 yr old boy & another boy who will be here in February. They would love either of these and my nephew would get the other. We live so close that they would all be able to share & enjoy both!!

  97. My son would love the spin and go cruiser! My husband and I enjoyed the video!! We both were laughing at how cool the cruiser is and the kids singing “sippin on Apple juice”!! Love it!

  98. I have 4 boys so we’d like either! But I think the spin and go cruiser because my older boys would like it a lot and the younger one could grow into it!

  99. Go Xtreme Cruiser- as from the looks of it, I want one!
    Can they make a adult version because I think if I weighed less I would steal it from my son!

  100. Aaahhhh!!! This is hard – the Raptor would be awesome for my 18 month old, but my 6 & 8 year olds would love the Xtreme Cruiser. Hmmm…. I guess the Raptor since the little guy sometimes gets shortchanged on things and ends up with tons of hand-me-downs from his brothers. 🙂

    • Step2 do some great gear.. that Cruiser is frickin Awesome. My lil guy would love either one of these.. he is car mad. Not sure my cat’s would appreciate the Cruiser quite as much though lol.

      Good Luck everyone, these are some great prizes. Thank you for hosting BGiz


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