Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Day 5

12 days of christmas

12 days of christmas

Congrats to the winners:

Skip Hop Prize Pack – Entry #5254 – Kelly L

Bumbleride Flite and Parent Pack – #789 – Renee B.

UPDATE!! Today is open to Canada!!! Our friends north of the border are in on Day 5! Squeeeeee!!!!

On the 5th day of Christmas Baby Gizmo gave to me…

A Bumbleride Flite and Parent Pack


A Skip Hop Zoo Prize Pack (includes Zoo Rolling Luggage, Zoo Toddler Backpack and Zoo Lunchie!)

This is another double whammy of giveaway days! We are choosing two winners and the prizes are fabulous! Squeee!!

One lucky winner will receive the travel-friendly Bumbleride Flite (in the color of their choice!) AND a Bumbleride Parent Pack!

Bumbleride Flite

You know we have mad love for Bumbleride and you should really check out our Baby Gizmo video review of the Flite if you haven’t already! And if you want to check out their cool new Parent Pack, we have a video review of that too! Bumbleride Parent Pack Review.

To keep up-to-date on all the new Bumbleride news, following their social media pages:

Bumbleride Facebook Page          Bumbleride Twitter Page

That is not all for today! A second lucky winner will receive a Skip Hop Zoo Prize Pack! We love the Zoo bags so much that we just couldn’t decide on one so we are giving away THREE!!  Yep, one lucky person will receive the Zoo Rolling Luggage, Toddler Backpack AND the Lunchie! Woot! Woot!

Skip Hop Zoo Packs

To keep up-to-date on all the new Skip Hop news, following their social media pages:

Skip Hop Facebook Page          Skip Hop Twitter Page

Yep, we are using Rafflecopter for the 12 Days of Christmas! It’s just too easy not to! A blog comment is the only mandatory entry! Baby Gizmo friends don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right? We are overachievers! So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get. You will notice that some of the entry methods are worth more than others. For example, “Subscribe to our YouTube Channel” has a “(+5)” next to it. That means it is worth FIVE entries for just doing that! But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad.

* Giveaway STARTS at 12:01am EST on December 5 and ends at 12:01am EST Thursday, December 6, 2012. (Sorry, US and CANADA only on this day, folks!)

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Love The Flite and Bumbleride!

my niece loves DORA…so one day i was baby sitting her, and we were done eating dinner so i gave her a cookie for dessert, and i guess i forgot to put the bag of cookies up. so i turned my back & my niece had disappear & so had the cookies…so im looking for her, and shes under the table, munching on and i see her and tell her, give me those cookies and she yells, with her hand reaching out saying, “swiper no swiping, swiper no swiping!!!” i just thought it was the funniest things ever. lol &… Read more »

Love The Flite!!

Pick me please north of the border

Pick me please

Jen Lushbough

Oh, what fun! I’d love a Flite. Thanks for the giveaway!

Pick me


i once had a kid tell me about his parents playing games at night when he was in bed.

Katie Blechman

Pinterest name Katie Blechman


My son says funny things all the time so hard to just pick one!! Thanks for giveaway!

Kelly G

Thank you for being so awesome!

Amy A

Pinterest username: amyarmer

Nicole Kerner

Hope I win. Love bumbleride strollers


pinterest name is zainab karim

Abby Ramsey

Love our double bumbleride, would love to have a single as well!