Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Day 5

12 days of christmas

12 days of christmas

Congrats to the winners:

Skip Hop Prize Pack – Entry #5254 – Kelly L

Bumbleride Flite and Parent Pack – #789 – Renee B.

UPDATE!! Today is open to Canada!!! Our friends north of the border are in on Day 5! Squeeeeee!!!!

On the 5th day of Christmas Baby Gizmo gave to me…

A Bumbleride Flite and Parent Pack


A Skip Hop Zoo Prize Pack (includes Zoo Rolling Luggage, Zoo Toddler Backpack and Zoo Lunchie!)

This is another double whammy of giveaway days! We are choosing two winners and the prizes are fabulous! Squeee!!

One lucky winner will receive the travel-friendly Bumbleride Flite (in the color of their choice!) AND a Bumbleride Parent Pack!

Bumbleride Flite

You know we have mad love for Bumbleride and you should really check out our Baby Gizmo video review of the Flite if you haven’t already! And if you want to check out their cool new Parent Pack, we have a video review of that too! Bumbleride Parent Pack Review.

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That is not all for today! A second lucky winner will receive a Skip Hop Zoo Prize Pack! We love the Zoo bags so much that we just couldn’t decide on one so we are giving away THREE!!  Yep, one lucky person will receive the Zoo Rolling Luggage, Toddler Backpack AND the Lunchie! Woot! Woot!

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  1. my niece loves DORA…so one day i was baby sitting her, and we were done eating dinner so i gave her a cookie for dessert, and i guess i forgot to put the bag of cookies up. so i turned my back & my niece had disappear & so had the cookies…so im looking for her, and shes under the table, munching on and i see her and tell her, give me those cookies and she yells, with her hand reaching out saying, “swiper no swiping, swiper no swiping!!!” i just thought it was the funniest things ever. lol & shes only 2

  2. When my coworker was stopped by a cop for “speeding” her son, who was in his carseat, asked the cop if he really ate donuts all the time and offered him a donut hole.

  3. My daughter had showered and was on the bed with her hair wet..which left a little wet area after she got up. my husband went and sat there and when he got up..she said..”oops..daddy did a pee pee”. LOL Even tho it was a spot from her wet hair.

  4. I can’t think of anything specific aside from generally when my toddler says words slightly wrong in her toddlerspeak…like fork, cork, clock…they all sound like bad words and sometimes it’s hard not to laugh.

  5. We were shopping for food at the beach and were pretty blown away by the prices. I picked up a box of Cheerios and exclaimed $5.35!!!??? My 18 month old looked at me and said “Rearry?? (really?)” I love that he understood sarcasm so early on!! As an almost four year old now, he never ceases to amaze us with his awesome sense of humor!

  6. Me (to my 4 year-old nephew after he recited his ABCs): Great job! Now can you say them backwards?
    Nephew: [Turns around.} A B C D E F G….

    Funny kid!

  7. The other day my son, who’s 2, walks up to me out of the blue and says Mumma, let me see your boobies, and tried lifting my shirt.

  8. My daughter is 19 months & just getting a grasp of the English language. Christmas stockings are called “big socks.” Whenever she sees on in a store (& they are everywhere at this point) she excitedly screams “big socks, big socks!” Oh the looks we get!

  9. My 3 year old still has a hard time saying hamburger. He calls it handaburger. He laughs and tries to say it goofier each time. Silly kid!

  10. My 5 year old was sliding head first down the stairs (on purpose) and I told her to stop (for fear she would start somer saulting) and she got up and turns to look at me w/ her hands on her hips and says “why mom, am I totally freaking you out or what?” 🙂

  11. My 20 month old is stinkin cute, but hasn’t come up with anything too clever yet! The thunder was booming the other night, and he was convinced it was lions!

  12. My daughter recently had an accident in her pants and announced to me: mommy, I was running to the bathroom as fast as I could but the poo was faster than me !!

  13. My daughter recently had an accident in her pants and announced to me: mommy, I was running to the bathroom as fast as I could but the poo was faster than me !!

  14. My daughter recently had an accident in her pants and announced to me: mommy, I was running to the bathroom as fast as I could but the poo was faster than me !!

  15. At church (we sit in the 2nd row), my 3 year old niece said in a very loud voice, “AGAIN???” when the pastor asked us to stand for the 4th time in just a few minutes. Everyone behind us thought it was pretty hilarious.

  16. I teach first grade. We were discussing holidays when I reminded the students that some people don’t celebrate Christmas, and was about to explain when one of my boys yelled out, “They celebrate Harmonica!” I guess that IS pretty close to “Hanukkah.” 🙂

  17. Just to add to my previous comment…
    I had said that the younger one was so cute I could just eat him up!
    I think that is what got to his older brother! 😀
    i love these little kids. All of them. Kids are just awesome.

  18. I told a little boy I was taking care of, who is about 4, that his younger brother, who is about 1 1/2, was sooo cute. He said…Yes he is. Then I said to his younger brother…You are such a cutie pie! The older one put his arm across the front of his younger brother and said…No he isn’t!
    I was so surprised by he reaction and said…Yes he is a cutie pie. Then he turned to me looking quite frustrated and said…He is NOT a pie!!!!

  19. My 3yrs old daughter said “Mommy, Santa was kind of like a lady!” after we saw “him” at a local bank. I told her it was one of Santa’s helpers:)

  20. When I dyed my hair red for the first time my 6 year old niece said “I like your orange hair.” Gotta love children’s honesty! 😉

  21. My niece kept calling the Ipad, an “Ipatch” so at the store once she was crying telling me she wanted her “ipatch” and the store clerk thought she literally wanted her eye patch and told me I wasn’t being a good mom since my kid’s eye was obviously hurting and she wanted her ipatch! LOL

  22. Do you want me to shave the potatoes for you? (they meant peel, of course)
    It was so hilarious that now it’s how I refer to peeling carrots, potatoes and apples.

  23. Funniest thing in the last couple of days:

    Racing together down the sidewalk —
    Mom: “I’m in the lead!”
    2 year old: “I’ve got the leaves!!!” (Picking up a handful of fallen leaves from the ground.)

  24. Mommy, are you having another baby because you have a fat belly! It was that day that we told him that we were expecting his little sister.

  25. Niece: What do boobs look like on the inside? Like boobs that size (pointing to my boobs)?
    Me: Probably fat since that’s mostly what they are made of.
    Niece: They’re fat?! That’s why boobs are so jiggly! I can’t wait until I have boobs!

  26. When my oldest was 3 or so he announced to the daycare that he couldn’t sleep at night because of all the noises coming from our bedroom. The daycare employees thought it was pretty funny. At supper that night, my hubby asked him what kind of noises they were. He matter of factly stated “snoring”.

  27. While on a road trip [years ago], my daughter insisted that her bottle of water tasted funny…I asked if it was a new bottle, she said yes. So I told her she didn’t have to drink it, if she didn’t want to. About 20 minutes later I hear her exclaim from the back seat, OOOOOH…THAT’S WHY! It says Spring water but it’s Summer!

  28. My 3-year-old daughter said the cutest, maybe not the funniest thing, today. She said after passing a school bus on the road, “I will be sad when I get on the school bus.” When I asked her why, she replied, “Because I will want you to go with me.” Awwwww!!!!!

  29. A kid on the airplane yelled, “WE’RE FALLING, WE’RE FALLING!” when the plane turned for the first time, adequately freaking out half the people on board.

  30. The funniest thing I’ve heard so far is yesterday when I was telling my son that he might be having another brother instead of a sister, he said to me “God wouldn’t do that because he knows you don’t want another one of those” as he pointed to his younger brother.

  31. This past summer while my 3 year old was waiting for the arrival of her first cousin she constantly asked if her baby cousin was born yet. One day she asked if her baby cousin was still in her aunt’s belly or still cooking, when I replied that the baby was still cooking she came back with “well they better not keep her in too long or she’ll be overcooked”.

  32. love the skip hop zoo collection and who wouldn’t want the bumbleride:) I also think someone from Canada should win:) happy holidays

  33. Well … it wasn’t funny at the time, but my daughter and I were riding on the bus and a gentleman sat down in front of us. Never one to QUIETLY ask questions, my 4-year-old (at the time) said, “MOM! WHY does that man have a circle of skin in the middle of his hair?”

  34. The funniest thing I’ve heard a kid say was my oldest when I was expecting my second child. “I just don’t understand why Marco has to come out of a hole in your body?!” LOL

  35. I’m a teacher and I saw one of my students from last year walking in the hall with his library book. I said, “Hi Jesus,” and he enthusiastically replied, “This book is full of words!”

  36. Hi – i entered the raffelcopter, and had some issues, I was unable to leave a blog comment, i even tried to go back and edit. I went on pintrest (luv it!) and couldnt find the specific board for this blog post…. Sorry i am not usually tech challenged! 🙁
    Love your blog has great reports & reviews! Thank you for keeping us Mommies informed
    Alicia Chapman

  37. I can’t think of a specific funny comment that my daughter has said, but there are many! My husband and I keep a private blog where we record the comments that we remember– as well as major milestones or life events.

  38. I love the headrest on this stroller – my LO isn’t talking yet, but hearing her giggle and babble always makes us smile 🙂

  39. The funniest thing I’ve heard a kid say… my boyfriend used to call a sidewalk a “trottoir à chats” which in french means the cat sidewalk.

  40. so many choices – a good one was when my friends daughter couldnt get her attention and finally resorted to calling her by her first name with a ton of attitude

  41. My little cousin pointing at my pregnant belly and asked “Did you eat all the turkey?” I told him it’s not a turkey inside, it’s a baby inside. Then he asked, “Why you eat the baby?”

  42. My 4-year-old niece came running into the house and proclaimed, “Mom, there’s a bear out there with a thorn in its butt!” (there are no real bears anywhere near there) Her mom replies, “Well, are you going to help it?” My niece (while rolling her little eyes): “No, mom, its a BEAR!”

  43. My son says Yum every time you mention a food or a meal. He only says a few words, but it cracks me up when I say “Do you want a banana?” And he says “yUmmm!!”

  44. My oldest son once asked (when he was about 4) why the lady had such big mustaches on her face, he was referring to her eyebrows….he thought all strips of hair were mustaches 🙂 Cute, yet embarrassing at the time!

  45. First thing in the morning “costco?!?” My child didn’t have but 20 words, yet he learned how to say ‘Costco’ overnight.

  46. Bumbleride and skip hop!!! 2 of my favorite products! Great give-a-way baby gizmo. I think every mom would live a light weight full shade covered stroller!! An amazing parent pack too! And who wouldn’t want to have their toddler packed in style with a zoo pack!!

  47. My older son, now 9, when we first went to Disney, we went because it was his birthday. When we where back home he says “mom, now that we own Disney, can we fire Eeyore, he is always so sad and he’s gonna make my friends sad” when I asked him why he thought we own Disney he said: “didn’t you hear?, everybody knows my name, only if you are the owner they should know their name, I’m the new boss” His name was on a birthday button he was wearing.

  48. I knew a little boy who loved dump trucks…his way of saying dump truck was “dumb f$#k”. No matter how many times everyone tried to correct him, he just couldn’t get it right. Eventually, he grew out of it. I couldn’t help but laugh…only because he was so innocent. My little one is not talking yet but I am sure many funny comments are in his future 🙂

  49. My daughter has a 2006 Flyer that she bought used, and was it ever used. The family she got it from used it for their 5 foster kids but she still gets compliments. I would love for her to have a lighter weight (Flite) one now that my granddaughter is old enpugh for it (4 Months)

  50. my two year old yelled at this dad in the middle of church, “no way old man!” everyone around us laughed

  51. Any time my son hear’s anyone saying the word “stupid” he screams out: “Hey that’s a garbage can word!” even if it is some random person on the street that he happens to overhear!

  52. One day during church service, when our pastor said somethin like “Isn’t God great? Amen?” a small kid screamed “AME—————-N!!!!” and that made us all laugh. 🙂

  53. My daughter was trying to figure out how her baby brother was going to come out of Mommy’s tummy and she was very concerned that he would make a hole in my PJs.

  54. my niece was watching Dancing with the Stars with me and said “If that man says not nice things again, he will have to go into time out!!!!” I was cracking up!!! She was referring to Len Goodman, one of the judges!

  55. my niece was watching Dancing with the Stars with me and said “If that man says not nice things again, he will have to go into time out!!!!” I was cracking up!!! She was referring to Len Goodman, one of the judges!

  56. My son went through a phase where he would often be heard saying, “When I’m a girl…” At first it was pretty funny. It took us months to convince him that he is, and always will be, a BOY.

  57. My daughter was in a time out at Target so had to sit in the cart. When we got in line to pay, she just looked at the cashier and said “I don’t like my mommy today”. Just made me laugh out loud

  58. The funniest thing I heard, was my nephew who, when his mom was pregnant, was walking hand and hand with me and patted my tummy and said “your a girl… so there is a baby in your tummy”. His mom explained that that is how she told him she was pregnant. So I asked what was in his uncle’s tummy… he replied “pizza”….love the innocence of childhood!

  59. My son was maybe 4 years old when he told me he felt sick. When I tried rushing him to the bathroom to the toilet – he said to me, in a very annoyed tone, “I don’t have to throw up – my TEETH are sick!”

  60. I travel alot, so my daughter and I were on our way to the beach. She looks over at this SUV with a boat trailer behind it. She laughs and says “look, they got cheated” I asked her what she meant and she said “they only have two wheels” – U had to be there…lol

  61. My daughter really wants us to have another baby, so she constantly has babies on the brain. One day we were talking about it, and she was saying how much she wants a baby sister. I told her that we don’t have control over whether we get a boy or a girl.

    She looks at me and said, “So, is it God or Santa that decides?”

  62. The funniest thing I ever heard was when I was baby sitting my 2 year old neice. She was in bed and yelled for me and frantically pointed at her nose saying “look at my nose! Look at it!!” I thought she fell and bumped it. I couldn’t see anything wrong, then with utter frustration and tears in her eyes she said…”it’s stuffy”. It was hard to keep a straight face to comfort her.

  63. At dinner the other day my husband finished his soup really fast. My 4 year old son asked him why he wasn’t eating and my husband showed him the empty bowl. My son syas, “That’s impressive, Daddy!”

  64. My then 3 year old daughter was in bed with us one night. I guess she was feeling crowded, because she said, “Too many people in this bed. Daddy, you sleep on the floor!”

  65. We have a dog named Dozer (like bulldozer) that our friend’s four year old calls Dozert (like dessert); it’s so cute!!

  66. after dropping a christmas present last year I told her to be careful because it might be fragile. her response was it’s just a camera it’s not fragile.

  67. I haven’t been around too many children to have heard something very funny. Now that i have young daughter of my own, I suspect that will change. Fingers-crossed.

  68. “Mommy, you’re a grown up, and daddy is a grown up, and i am a kid. But I’m getting bigger so in 2 weeks I will be a grown up too!” (spoken by a 3 year old).

  69. So many funny things – so it’s hard to think of one! I love how my son calls french fries “e-fries,” and still orders them that way at restaurants!

  70. thanks for all these great giveaways!
    one of the many crazy/funny things my kids have said…ODS asked for the grated cheese for his spaghetti…”mom, can i have some of that farmer john cheese?”

  71. K: is it Christmas yet?
    me: no…
    K: can i have a present now? (wink wink)
    me: did u make papa feel bad today?
    K: nooooo………….not yet


  72. it was one of those days when i had a cough/cold and feeling under the weather…

    T: mommy, i’d like to give you a kiss.
    Me: mommy’s sick today. do not come near me.
    T: i’ll just give you a far kiss.

    that made my day! 🙂

  73. Oh my goodness…my boy is always saying crazy things. One that sticks out to me is when he told me upstairs was a dark place, and I asked him if it was scary and his response, “no, it’s ketchup.”

    Autism leads to some really fun conversations:)

  74. Two of my favorite baby brands!! Thank you!! When my daughter was two, I pointed to a very pregnant woman and said, “What’s in her belly?” My daughter was SO confused and horrified when she said, “Food?” 🙂

  75. Love the blog. I wish I could win the stroller because we downgraded from the minivan to a more gas effiecient car and our bumbleride queen b will no longer fit. Its not a funny thing, but the kids beg for the minivan back because now they can touch each other.

  76. 2 yr old: Mommy, can you read me a book?
    mommy: Absolutely!
    2 yr old: What’s absolutely mean?
    mommy: Absolutely means yes
    2 yr old: **gives mommy a look** so say yes!

  77. My daughter made up her own Jingle Bells lyrics with a friend at school. Their song was hilarious and we both had our laugh of the day! Unfortunately, I cannot remember the lyrics to repeat them for you.

    Amie Olson

  78. My 2 year old is getting potty trained and the other day he said he wanted a diaper and doesn’t want to wear undies… so I asked him why not… his reply was cause they bite me. 🙂

  79. My daughter is always busting out with funny things. She recently can’t figure out why our “Elf on Shelf” isn’t on the shelf anymore, but moves around. She keeps telling me Elf goes on the Shelf. Not sure we are ready for this trend yet.

  80. My daughter, when she was about 3 years old, patted a stranger (a woman) on the butt and yelled GOOSE!

    The woman turned and looked at her and laughed.

  81. Anything that sounds like it should be said by an adult (except swearing etc of course) like “Mommy, you have to listen to my words!”

  82. My 5 year old nephew was over at my parents house and usually he is a grandma’s boy, but barely even said Hi to her all day. Then my dad (grandpa) came home and went to sit on the back porch. My nephew ran out there and immediately told my dad about an entire house made of hot dogs, with incredible detail! Another time he told my mom in a secret whisper, that he was the REAL Spiderman!

  83. (Talking about words that start with ‘W’ with my 4yo. )
    Me: what animal starts with a W?
    M: A Whale!
    Me: Good – what’s another animal that starts with W?
    M: Orca!
    Me: Well, Orca is a type of whale, but Orca starts with ‘O’
    M: Yeah – Shamu is an Orca and an Orca is a whale
    Me: Who taught you that?
    M: Shamu.

  84. We are working on naming our new baby girl and our boys came up with two names either Holly Shiftwell or Strawberry Shortcake

  85. Pinterest: Leslie311
    We live in Orlando.
    On a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom, my 2 year old son: Where did all of these people come from?
    Me: All over the world.
    My son: But this is Disney’s World. Why did he let them all in at the same time?

  86. I look after kids for a living. At the time I had 3 in diapers, 2 boys and one girl.
    The boys were about 18 months and the girl was just a year. I was changing the girl first and the boys were leaning over my shoulder watching (I was changing her on the floor)
    The one boy who was very chatty said, with such surprise and horror ‘OH NO DANA’S PENIS FELL OFF’ the other little guy’s eyes nearly fell out of his head as he started searching on the floor in the corners as if he was thinking it must have rolled away.

  87. I look after kids for a living. At the time I had 3 in diapers, 2 boys and one girl. The boys were about 18 months and the girl was just a year. I was changing the girl first and the boys were leaning over my shoulder watching (I was changing her on the floor) The one boy who was very chatty said, with such surprise and horror ‘OH NO DANA’S PENIS FELL OFF’ the other little guy’s eyes nearly fell out of his head as he started searching on the floor in the corners as if he was thinking it must have rolled away.

  88. I want a bed made out of smooshenmellows is the funniest thing I’ve heard my preschoolers say. Love the colors this stroller comes in .

  89. my MIL was using the restroom and my 2 yr old walked in, she opened the door and said “its stinky in there” to everyone standing in the kitchen.

  90. My daughter told me once that she wanted a spanking because I told her the only way we would leave church was if she was in trouble!

  91. M: momma
    Me: Yes Mallory?
    M: I need to go to the mall!
    Me: What for?
    M: to see Santa Claus
    Me: what are you asking Santa for?
    M: a car!
    Me: can momma ask for a car?
    M: NOOO you’re too big

    Pinterest Amanda Wollick

    I really hope I’m the lucky number for this one 🙂

  92. Ive been saving to get myself a bumbleride & it would be such a blessing if we win this. Our daughter would definitely put this to good use & living in Jersey City NJ it would helpful for our urban lifestyle.

    I love all Skip Hop products. If i win this i would give it to the kid & family who lost everything from Hurrican Sandy.

  93. Friends little girl over heard me saying that we needed to take the shower rod back to the store because it didn’t fit. She then said that we should buy a 4t instead which was the current size she was in at the time.

  94. I told my two year old that he needed shoes on because we can’t go to the store with bare feet. He looked so confused, looked down at his feet and said “I don’t have BEAR feet I have boy feet.” I just love the things they say!

  95. I always find my almost 2 yr old with an accessory on her head since her clips and headbands are at her arm’s reach from her crib…lol!

    RmZA on pinterest.

  96. I don’t really think I can think of just one thing that was funny! She says so many things a day that makes me roll on the floor! Kids have no filter and say what they want!

  97. I’ve heard a lot of funny things come out of my 4 year old! It’s hard to think of them off the top of my head, but I remember him telling me very seriously (at about age 2 or 3) that “the ABC’s are not true”.

  98. My nephew called for his grandma (my MIL) to come outside to see the boobies. She told him to shush & not to say that again. He’s only 2 years old. He kept begging her & pulling on her arm, so she finally relented. When they got outside he ran to a BLUEBERRY bush & said “See? Boobies!!”

  99. I overheard a little boy asking why santa can’t take his baby brother to be an elf helper because he doesn’t help enough at home

  100. When my daughter was 4 she came up to me one night and told me she wished she was a cow so she could get milk out of her butt.

  101. my 5 year old includes my husband in the “sibling count” if people ask him how many brothers and sisters he has. HIs reason? Because mom has to take care of him too

  102. Funniest thing… There are so many! One was when my 6yr. old boy was just disgusted when he saw his dad’s armpit hair. “WHAT is that Stuff under Dad’s arm??”

  103. As my 3 year old nephew was heading outside, Nana asked him where he was going. He replies, “Going crazy Nana.” Hehe…I wonder what he hears often. Funny kid!

  104. I asked a three year old if he was happy with his baby brother ans he responded ” no I want mommy to take him back to the hospital, he dosnt stop crying” lol

  105. Not the funniest but the one that stumped me the most was when my son asked me why lions are called King of the Jungle if they don’t live in the jungle, they live on the African Savanah. I couldn’t answer him, not at all.

  106. My little boy used to have difficulty saying “truck” and it came out F***. I got some looks when he yelled that in public, lol!

  107. my nephew when i said hey weirdo (messing with him) he says did you just call me a weirdo and ill say yeah and hell tell me why i otta! while shaking his fist. he is 3!

  108. Would LOVE this pack:) My 10 year old recently said “Jesus was born once, why do we get toys every year?” Aren’t they supposed to be greedy?:) He didn’t cancel his Christmas list though:)

  109. My (then) 2 year old was in very rare form one day. I said :You are being a terror!” and without skipping a beat my (then) 5 year old said “That’s because she is a terrordactyl!”. It was for sure one of the funniest things I had ever heard!!

  110. My son is only 11 months-old so he has yet to say something funny, but his expressions are priceless. I can’t wait to hear him become more vocal than he is now. 🙂

  111. I would LOVE to WIN either prize, but I think my baby boy will prefer the Zoo Pack Prize!! Crossing our fingers and toes!! 😀

  112. While trying to get my daughter to potty train, she’s 2, I told her big kids wear underwear. I then asked her if she was a big kid. She looked at me and very sincerely said, “Big kids have big problems.” She cracks me up!

  113. My sister is pregnant with her second baby and when she went to my nephew to tell him he was going to be a big brother she said, “There’s a baby in mommy’s tummy!” To which he replied to her “Mommy! I have a baby in my tummy too! And its a boy!” Cutest 3 year old ever 🙂

  114. i was nursing my son as i sat nest to my neice on the couch, as i switched from feeding on the right over to the left my neice said ” aunty is one is for hot and one is for cold”!!!!! lol so adorable

  115. I took my DD to a birthday party at an indoor pool and she kept asking for noodle glasses. I finally realized that she was asking for swim goggles!

  116. My son doesn’t fully talk yet but he does the funiest thing. He already knows how to tease us so i can’t imagine when he will be able to talk.

  117. My 18 month old calls diapers “Poopy”, which is probably our fault since we always tell her to go get a diaper since she has poopy. She will carry around a newborn diaper like it is a blanket and say, “Poopy” if she can’t find it. We are working hard to get this fixed. 🙂

  118. My son is learning words right now (he’s 14 months) and he now says “Hi Levar!” to the picture of Levar Burton over his changing table. We met LB at a convention & had him sign a Reading Rainbow picture for our boy.

  119. When my oldest son was 3 he was constipated one day and said to me “mommy I think I need new batteries so my poop will come out”.

  120. When my oldest son was 3 he was constipated one day and said to me “mommy I think I need new batteries so my poop will come out”. Just yummy deliciousness 🙂

  121. I was pregnant with my 4th child ( I have 6 now lol ) My Son ( he was 4 ) asked if he could name the baby and I said ok what name He said George and I told Him what if its a girl and he sat and thought about it for a few minutes and then said how about Fluffy …so that’s how My 7 year old got her nick name …She’s been Fluffy since the nurse placed Her in My arms 🙂

  122. My daughter is the queen of funny sayings, but most of hers aren’t PG! She did once refer to her brother’s private parts (while I was changing his diaper) as a tunic — I laughed for a good 5 minutes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. My friends daughter used the word “romantic” to describe anything she liked. For example, “You’re house is so romantic Auntie Jean!”

    She was 4 at the time. Adorable.

  124. My kiddos are just funny in general, I never know what they are going to say. From a large complicated word to an inappropriate word…never a dull moment

  125. My little guy, 21 months, is just starting to put sentences together. With his new found skill – he continues to remind me we are in “Daddy’s house”….really? What happened to Mommy’s house? Thank god he’s so stinkin’ cute!

  126. My 14 year old (recently) asked for an ipod and I said we don’t have the money for that right now and he said ‘you have a credit card’ like duh mom!

  127. Just the other night at dinner our 7yo son says, “Maybe Ethan (3months) wants a burger with us.” 9yo daughter says, “He’s not old enough yet. Maybe in a few years.” Son says, “Yes he can. He can get a burger from Mom’s breasts.” 🙂

  128. When I tell my 3 year-old daughter to clean up her toys, she says “Mom, you better go ahead and do it. I don’t know anyone who cleans up toys as good as you can.”

  129. Oh! I’ve always wanted a Flite! And, I love the Skip Hop bags! I subscribed to your Youtube channel many moons ago? Will that count?

  130. My then 3 year told a dinner guest, who was not eating her green beans, “Your poop is gonna be hard to get out if you don’t eat your green beans! I always eat my green goods and my poops don’t Hirt me anymore!”.
    Oh dear

  131. I was going to the bathroom when my 2 yr old son said “mommy, you don’t have a penis?” I replied “no” and he said “it’s ok, we can go to the store and buy you one.”

  132. My son was at the doctor’s office for a check-up when he was about three. While the doctor was talking to me, he looked down at his chest and said “I have boobs.” Both of us tried to just pretend he hadn’t said that. Then he said “I’m going to touch my boobs” and then reached down and grabbed his nipples. it was so hard not to laugh.

  133. So excited that us Canadians can take part in this fab giveaway! Thanks sooo much!

    Our 3 year old Wanted to know if we had to decided if our 5 month old was going to be a boy or a girl.

  134. My daughter’s first sentence was “I love cheese”, but probably the funniest things she ever said was “bye bye mouse” while watching An American Tale, when a violent rainstorm (presumably) drowns Fievel.

  135. My dear friend’s son asked about Christmas when she said that she has lots to do because Christmas is around the corner. His response: “If Christmas is just around the corner, why cant we just go there??”

  136. My 5 year old IDENTICAL twins boys had us rolling in tears of laughter a few weeks back when they were arguing (passionately, I might add) over who was “more handsomer” than who- Lol!

  137. When my niece was about 18-months, her other aunt decided to teach her to say bead poop when she had seen a bunny go potty. Of course, she decided to say it while we were in church waiting for her to get baptized. It was so funny!

  138. Funniest thing I heard a kid say was my friend’s daughter. They were at a grocery store when she started to repeatedly say “cock. cock, cock.” My friend was so embarassed she didn’t understand where her daughter learned to say that. The older daughter then corrected her younger sister by saying “No, it’s cock-a-doodle-do, that’s what a rooster says.” She was relieved to know her daughter was talking about animal noises lol.

  139. I would love to win this! We just got re-licensed to foster-adopt & money is tight. I keep trying to win one, but might have to actually have to go out & buy one if we get the call! LOL! We had two other Bumblerides with our previous bio & foster kids & loved them! 🙂

  140. I think the funniest thing I’ve heard a kid say was when I told my son (then 4) that he needed to go brush his teeth, he said he needed to get a “bottle of Jack.” Too much Ke$ha!

  141. My 3 year old daughter refers to others as “peoples.” Whenever I take her into public bathrooms, yells ” HI PEOPLES!” Once we get in the stall she knocks on the walls and yells, “Hello?!” Several times ladies have said, “Hello” back.

  142. I constantly have to reprimand my daughter for the amount of toilet paper she uses. I told her, “you don’t need a lot you have a little butt.” Her reply, “You must use a real lot for your big butt!” Well if you want an honest opinion ask a child!

  143. I drew a pic of my mom for my kids and my 5 year old told me I did it wrong because her face is supposed to be crumpled up (wrinkled).

  144. “I want time everyday to do things that I want to do. I am going to call it I am going to do what I want to do time.”

  145. The funniest thing I have heard my child say is meow…. He will point to where the KitKat bars are hidden and meow until mommy gets him one.

  146. My daughter can’t really talk in sentences, just random words. The funniest thing she does though is flex her muscles and growls at me while she flexes. Don’t know where she learned it, but it cracks me up every time she does it.

  147. I’m pregnant with my 3rd baby and my 2 yr old has noticed my ever growing bump. I tell him that his baby sister is inside growing, so one day my husband was laying on the couch and he walked up rubbed his belly and said “baby”. I laughed so hard.

  148. Yesterday I asked my daughter was her brother was doing and without even looking she said “I don’t know’ and then quickly decided she better look and without missing a beat– “He’s eating your bag.” He was gnawing on the strap (teething). Have to be there but I thought it was hilarious.

  149. I’ve heard great things about the Flite from a friend who has one. I hAve an indie I love and am in the market for a lightweight stroller.

  150. I was in the store w my 3 year old daughter. I stopped to talk w my pregnant friend. I told my daughter she had a baby in her belly. My daughter pulled me down and said ” Mommy can I give her my little chickens (her popcorn chicken) ” I said sure you can offer her some thats so sweet of you. She says “well I don’t want her to eat me!”

  151. I was in the store w my 3 year old daughter. I stopped to talk w my pregnant friend. I told my daughter she had a baby in her belly. My daughter pulled me down and said ” Mommy can I give her my little chickens (her popcorn chicken) ” I said sure you can offer her some thats so sweet of you. She says “well I don’t want her to eat me!”

  152. When I was pregnant with my first I taught pre-k and one of my students ( a little boy) said there are two ways you can have a baby through your tummy or out your wiener. IT was so funny, I had to explain girls don’t have wieners.

  153. The other day, my husband accidentally knocked over a huge Lego “tower” that the kids had made. Our 2 year old sarcastically told him, “Way to go, Bro.”

  154. After I had my baby a little girl asked me when the other baby was going to come out cause my belly was still puffy. Ha ha It was only a few weeks after I had given birth, it was pretty funny.

  155. My husband tried to blame my 3yo daughter’s stuffed snake for tooting and she replied, “Nafur can’t toot, Dad! He doesn’t even have a butt!”

  156. My 3 year old daughter said (before meeting Santa this year), “Santa doesn’t talk”.
    I said, “YES HE DOES!!! What do you think he says?”
    She responded, “Poof! What do you need!”

    Apparently Santa is really the Genie from Aladdin in disguise!

    My pinterest name is HollyG

  157. I recently hear a friend’s toddler explain to his pregnant aunt that he knew how babies come out. He went on to explain that the baby will make its way from the belly upward and exit out the side of the neck! :0

  158. One of the funniest things I heard my niece say is she calls, “Garage Sales” “Sale Garages”. It is such a habit now and I bust up each time she says it!

  159. My 3 year old made up new names for the whole family. I’m Queen Sarah Butt, Dad was King Jared Penguin, lil sis was Princess Cailyn Lipstick and she was Princess Zoe Tooth. She doubled over laughing after she told us 🙂

    Pinterest – Sarah Lapsley

  160. I had bought some Divinity and was the first time my kids had tried it. My son after eating the first piece said “Mom can I have some more of that Virginity?” I couldn’t stop laughing and he had no clue why. Just glad he said it at home and not in public, LOL!

  161. Kids are hilarious!!! I think the worst/funniest recently was when a friend of mine asked his kid if he had a best friend to which the child promptly replied, “no daddy, you don’t have a best friend cause I’m mommy’s best friend!” I’ve learned to hopefully never ask my own child such questions.

  162. I’ve heard my kids say NUMEROUS funny things but the most recent one that comes to mind is when my daughter and I were at the store and she farted super loud then laughed super hard and said, “Momma, I farted!”…..She may only be 2 but I was still slightly embarrassed……then I busted out laughing with her! People stared but I didn’t care 🙂

  163. While trying to show my son that the (honey mustard) sauce that came with his chicken fingers was as good as the ketchup we were lacking, he replied, “You like that banana ketchup??”

  164. Pinterest Ktsmith05
    Twitter KTSmith05
    My Niece said from the first day she saw her cousin (my liitle Bitty, 7 months) “She’s cute like a bunny!”

  165. My friend’s daughter, and new big sister, told me that her baby sister is going to drink from her mommy’s boobies….and she could from mine too!

  166. I work in a pediatric hospital. We had one of our 3yr old patients with us at the nursing station while her mom ran out for a bit. She was “talking” on her play phone and apparently I was too loud while having a discussion with a co-worker because she turned to me and said “Shhh, I’m on the phone!”

  167. Funniest thing my kid has said, this week- I don’t remember being able to go to the bathroom alone, but I do dream about it, my son said to me “mom, can I wipe you?”

  168. When we brought my daughter home from the hospital I was nursing her and my 2 1/2 year old son said “Momma, what are you doing?” I said “Feeding your sister her milk” and he said “Maddie! The milks in the fridge!” I couldn’t stop laughing, I was not expecting that!

  169. It’s a toss up between these two:

    Last year when my son was having a fit, I jokingly told his 4 year old sister that I was going to take him back to the baby store. She said, “Don’t be ridiculous Mommy, he came from inside you not from the baby store.”

    When we were about 5 or 6, my step-sister and I were at a family friend’s house when he asked us about our house. My step-sister said, “We don’t live in a house, we live in condoms.”

  170. Not sure this worked… So I will post again.

    I am very pregnant with our 2nd child and our 3 year old peered into my belly button and said: “I can see the baby through your belly button!!!”

  171. My 4 year old son kept saying “I love you soooo much”, this morning. I responded “I love you too”. He then said he was talking to the cat. Lol.

  172. I am very pregnant with our 2nd child, and our 3 year old got right up to my belly button and tried to look inside – He said: “I can see the baby through your belly button!!!”

  173. She’s only 13 months old, so we aren’t talking yet. But the other day a subway ad come on tv and when they were showing the toasty, cheesy sub, she looked at the screen and said “mmmmmmmmmmmm!”

  174. My 4 year old son was being so sweet this morning, he kept saying I love you soooo much. I responded “I love you too”. He then let me know he was talking to the cat. Lol.

  175. My four year old tells me everyday that I am his best friend. These will be the memories I cling to during the teenage years. 🙂

  176. It’s a toss up between these two:

    Last year when my son was having a fit, I jokingly told his 4y.o. sister that I was going to take him back to the baby store. She said, “Don’t be ridiculous Mommy, he came from inside you not from the baby store.”

    When we were about 5 or 6, my step-sister and I were at a family friend’s house when he asked us about our house. My step-sister said, “We don’t live in a house, we live in condoms.”

  177. My daughter recently made up a really funny, cute version of Jingle Bells at school with her friend. I cannot remember the verses, but it gave me my laugh for the day!

    Thank You for the incredibly generous giveaways.

  178. Oh man…just happened at my ultrasound appointment for our newest addition due in February. My husband was working and I’m not crazy enough to take my two year old son to the doctor’s with me without help, so my mom came. The whole time we were waiting to be called into the room, my son kept announcing for the whole room, “I pooed!”, “I pooed nuggets”. I was mortified, he hadn’t actually gone to the bathroom, he wouldn’t keep saying it, and everyone in the waiting room was cracking up.

  179. My daughter recently made up a really funny, cute version of Jingle Bells at school with her friend. I cannot remember the verses, but it gave me my laugh for the day!

    Thank You for the incredibly generous giveaways. We could really use this stroller.

    Amie Olson

  180. My daughter recently made up a really funny, cute version of Jingle Bells at school with her friend. I cannot remember the verses, but it gave me my laugh for the day!
    Thank You for the incredibly generous giveaways. We could really use this stroller.

    Amie Olson

  181. My daughter recently made up a really funny, cute version of Jingle Bells at school with her friend. I cannot remember the verses, but it gave me my laugh for the day!
    Thank You for the incredibly generous giveaways. We could really use this stroller.
    Amie Olson

  182. My nephew associates being outside with getting a popsicle still (from lots of summertime activities) and he was outside in the cold yesterday, shivering and asked for one haha 🙂

  183. My 2 year old daughter threw a ball (overhand) at my husband and hit him square between the legs. She threw her hands up in the air and yelled, “SCORE!” while my husband dropped to the floor in pain.

  184. My younger brother once said, “Horses don’t wipe and neither do I!” after watch a horse drawn carriage in a parade pass by.

  185. my one year old (12months), who has only said mama, dada, baba, nana, said “elephant” the other day. we haven’t really gotten into the funny gems yet 🙂

  186. The funniest thing I heard a kid say is my niece tell me that people are going to think that my baby (who was not born at the time) was hers. My niece is 5

  187. When my nephew was very young, I would ask how much he loved me and he’d stretch out his arms. I’d say “is that all?” He would add that he loved me “all the way around the back”, meaning if he could stretch his arms out further they’d continue “all the way around his back.” He then added “plus five”, which was a huge number to him at the age of 2. My husband and I were dating at the time and we thought it was the cutest thing, so we used to tell each other that too 🙂

  188. after fighting with her car seat for several minutes my 2 and a half year old niece tells me “this is why Mom doesn’t let you pick us up more often!”

  189. i have a 2 year old and she has said some great things. we are expecting number 2 in a few months so she is excited to be a big sister. people ask her what she wants baby to be-either a boy or a girl. So now she asks people (random people) if they want to be a boy? or a girl?

    this morning i heard through the monitor…”ohhhhh, I’m awake” i wish was that excited when i wake up!

  190. Yesterday while grocery shopping my 3 year old daughter started singing “I pooped in the potty, I pooped in the potty, and I wiped my bummy” 🙂 Just a little embarrassing!

  191. We were going up the elevator and the feeling made our stomachs drop, my 2 yr old exclaimed loudly, “that tickled my penis”. The elevator was full of nurses and drs who just died laughing.

  192. When my oldest daughter was 8 or 9 and on a McDonald’s kick, we told her if she ate too many times at McDonald’s, she would puke. Her response was “If I’m puking McDonald’s, I’m puking happiness.” Thankfully we were able to get that McDonald’s addiction stopped pretty quickly!

    Also just followed Baby Gizmo on Pinterest! My boards are under “Nell S”

  193. Just the other day at work I gave a candy cane to a 3 year old girl. when her dad had trouble opening the wrapper, she kindly asked me “could you show my dad how to open it”? I thought that was just too cute!. I follow you on Pinterest : Jaimee830

  194. We are expecting our third child and when we told our oldest our four year old son, that we were going to have another girl, he told us that we broke his heart.

  195. When my middle child was about 7 she told everyone that her older sister wanted to be a “prostitution” lawyer as opposed to a prosecution lawyer. I thought it was pretty funny!

  196. Our 4 year old nephew was pacing back and forth across the living room telling our 2 year old niece, at my mother in laws house, that they had to stay out of the spare bedroom because there were Christmas presents for him in there and for her too so they had to stay out. She just kept nodding her head and smiling at him like she had no clue what he was telling her she was just agreeing.

  197. My two year old daughter, who is learning to go potty, wiped herself after a bowel movement the other day and when she looked at the toilet papershesaid look I made a smiley face!

  198. I love my Indie Twin, but no longer need the double. My single is busted and I just threw it out, so I need to get a new one. Would love to win! It’s such a great company and product.

  199. pinterest is rachel_eckman

    my daughter always says silly things. “mom can you put my baby brother back in your tummy?”

  200. My two year old just said: “I can’t believe it!” While sadly shaking his head because his brother ate his cereal. 🙂

  201. my best friend said that when she was about 3 years old, she was being sassy to her mom, and her mom said, “Don’t argue with ME, Jennifer!”… to which she replied, “Don’t arg-me with YOU, mommy!”

  202. My 20 month old daughter is a little chunk and loves to eat! On thanksgiving my husband asked her if she ate good and she screamed so loud “I EAT” in such a happy voice it was so funny and too cute

  203. I would love this stroller, my son grew out if my travel system way too fast and then I bought a Schwin jogging stroller which is great for theme parks but horrible for shopping. This looks like a good shopping stroller!

  204. The funniest thing I’ve heard a kid say was when my 6 year old daughter, while waiting on her dinner from the microwave, mentioned to my husband and I that she does not like sex. We did a double take and she clarified that SECONDS take way too long! Whew, that had our pulses raised for the moment!

  205. A couple days ago we were going to pray before eating. Our 2 year old had already started eating but he’s great about taking a break to pray. Well, that day he said, No pray, EAT! It was SOOO funny the way he said it!

  206. Last night my one year old was saying “mama” and when I went over to him (thinking how sweet it was that he was calling me) he instantly switched to “dada.” We couldn’t help but laugh!

  207. My nephew (5yo) thought that dogs were smarter than people. Dogs can understand what people say but people can’t understand what dogs say. I love the the way little kids think!

  208. My 1st grader was learning about reptiles, mammals and amphibians at school. At the dinner table he blurts out “Uncle Dan and Chuck are reptiles.” I asked him why he would say something like that and he says “We learned today that reptiles have no hair!”. LOL….this is now the story everyone in our family shares!

  209. My son is a riot, he just told me today that “excuse me, I’m watching Gabbas. Apparently I was making too much noise. 🙂

  210. My little one spent the night with Grandma one night and came home the next day and told me that Grandma liked dancing on the ceiling. I later found out they listened to Lionel Richie’s song when she was over there hahaha

  211. A few years ago my oldest daughter who was probably 8 or so was trying to teach her younger brother about a tv show said “You know the Japanese game show is in China”. Shes a serious little thing and usually funnies from her come from trying so hard to talk like an adult.

  212. Our so is 21 months, so he hasn’t really started talking yet. But it is funny when he picks up something heavy and right away says help! help! It can be laundry detergent or a 2L bottle!

  213. Great giveaway!
    My two year old says the funniest things all the time. It’s hard to pick just one. When watching anyone play basketball he always says “nice shot” or nothin but net!

  214. Well, my baby still can’t talk yet and my nephew is just learning. But it was so cute and funny when he dropped his fork off the table, looked at me and said, “Uh oh!”

  215. My son is currently obsessed with his little nativity scene and constantly asks anyone who enters the house of they’d “like to meet Jesus”. When he takes their hand and leads them in, he looks like a overzealous evangelist.

  216. My brother was being sassy when he was about 4 and my mom told him to pipe down or she would “drop kick him to Heaven.” He responded, “But Mom! I’m not dead yet!”

  217. I draw blood in a hospital lab and had a cute 2 year old boy a few years back as a patient. After we were done, he tearfully looked up at me and said, “thank you, I okay”, all while he kept his arm outstretched straight like he shouldn’t bend it. I told him it was ok to bend his arm and he said, “I better not, just in case.” What a little cutie he was.

  218. At three months old, she’s just babbling, but recently her dad was holding her and asked “Am I your Daddy?” and her babble sounded RIDICULOUSLY similar to “No!” 🙂

  219. It’s funny, but kind of sad…but, when my 2 year old son has a sore throat, he says with a really sad voice, “there’s dog hair in my mouth”. I love that he found a way to express that discomfort!

  220. my granddaughter hates getting her hair shampooed, and i told her princesses always wash their hair she says ”well i dont want to be a princess anymore!”

  221. My son has speech delay, so a lot of what he says is funny, only because he says something, but it sounds like something else. Don’t worry….we immediately correct him! (:

  222. When my 6 year old exclaimed at the dinner table that when he was born, he had a “clip” on his boy part…. lol. Then, I proceeded to explain it was his belly button and a whole coversation developed about giving birth, etc…. haha

  223. When we brought home our second child, the older brother wanted to know when he could play with him, our reply was “someday,” but what he heard was “Sunday!”. He was super excited to think he had to waitless than a week!

  224. My 2 year old talks all the time, and the other day while driving down the road she hollers ” slow down mom”. I had to ask her to say it again just to make sure that’s what she was saying. You never know what she will come up with.

  225. My kids are still young, haven’t heard anything really hilarious yet. They do funny things though (like trying to fart again after you laugh when they do fart).