Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Day 7

Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas Day 7


12 Days of Christmas


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On the 7th day of Christmas, Baby Gizmo gave to me…

Svan Signet Complete High Chair


Today is all about feeding baby and we are picking TWO winners! One winner will receive the fabulous Svan Signet Complete High Chair in the color of their choice! And a second lucky winner will receive the Beaba BABYCOOK Pro.

Svan Signet Complete High Chair

The dinner table is a great place to gather as a family, and with the Svan Signet Complete High Chair, little ones as young as six months can comfortably enjoy family meals right up at the kitchen or dining table. This award-winning, beautiful Scandinavian-designed bentwood high chair grows with your child from infant to young adult.

Starting as a traditional high chair, the Signet Complete High Chair can function safely with or without the tray to seat infants at the table. The safety guard can later be removed to allow preschoolers and toddlers to step up into the chair on their own. Once a child outgrows both high chair configurations, the Signet converts into a full-size chair for teens and adults.

The Signet Complete High Chair comes with a removable tray that conveniently stores on the back of the chair and a dishwasher-safe, BPA and phthalate-free plastic tray cover. It boasts a small footprint and portability, in addition to a user-friendly design that allows for easy assembly and adjustment.

Made of sustainable wood, the Signet is available in a wide variety of lead-free finishes. The epitome of true Scandinavian style, the sleek lines of this high chair complement any dΓ©cor making it a perfect fit for any home.

When the Svan Signet Complete High Chair was introduced earlier this year, we did a Baby Gizmo Video Review on it. We *highly suggest* you watch it below. πŸ˜‰


Beaba BABYCOOK, the Original Baby Food Maker, has again revolutionized the traditional infant market by offering parents an easy, safe and well designed way to cook healthy and tasty food for babies and family with the newly released BABYCOOK Pro and Pro 2x. This one-of-a-kind compact appliance functions as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals in less than 15 minutes, and the new lid design allows for completely safe one-handed operation.

To keep up-to-date on all the new Svan and Beaba news, follow Scandinavian Child and Beaba’s social media pages:

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  1. Every baby is different and you know yours best. So, don’t listen to all the advise coming from everyone instead go with your intuition.

  2. I haven’t had my baby yet but I feel I can still give some advice. My sister and I think completely different in how to raise and take care of children and you know what? That’s ok. Neither one of us is wrong. So just do what YOU think and feel you need to do.

  3. My advice to first time mothers would be, if you’re going to use bottles start earlier rather than later. I learned this the hard way.

  4. Remember no parent is perfect, take everyday as a day to love your baby and learn something new about being a parent or about your baby. Take one day at a time.

  5. My best advice for a new mom is don’t listen to any ones advice. Fellow your instincts. You can go crazy listening to everyone. And everyone has advice

  6. Not all babies are the same, so don’t think just because your friend’s kid does/like something, your kid is strange or that something is wrong with them because they don’t, but also trust your instincts. If you feel there is something wrong or you aren’t see about something, there is no harm or shame in asking

  7. First time moms: before the baby comes have personal goals for yourself and the baby; breastfeeding for an allotted amount of time, etc. but do not get down on yourself or discouraged if it does not work out. Try until you can not try anymore, but know that your heart and full effort was put into it. It’s better to try, than to give up before the start.

  8. Enjoy the time with baby and don’t try to get all the big massive items right aways because you just don’t need the, immediately.

  9. Take the time to enjoy your baby. Even in the crazy moments. Soak it in and appreciate it. This time will fly and you’ll look back with only fond memories. Even of the sleepless nights, tantrums, and diaper blow outs.

  10. Simplify everything you can. Being organized and cutting down on complications has saved me so much stress. You don’t need 50 onesies, hundreds of socks, a purse/diaper bag/laptop bag/ and every piece of baby equipment under the sun. Buy gear that multitasks and save yourself the headache.

  11. The first few months will be really difficult getting adjusted, just keep calm and know that it does get easier. Cherish each and every moment, good and bad.

  12. The first few months will be really difficult getting adjusted, just keep calm and know the it does get easier. Cherish each and every moment good and bad.

  13. spend time with your little one and take the time to listen! its not as hard as some people make it just take it slow and enjoy every moment!!

  14. First time moms…its not as easy as it looks, and ask for help. Most people will not offer but are willing to help once you ask. Its an unspoken thing that people feel you shouldnt tell a new mom she needs help! lol

  15. my advice is to go with your gut. we learn as we go and often find other ways work best for our family- different than what say, our parents did for us.

  16. Try to make your life as easy as possible for those first few weeks. Have your pantry stocked with easy to prepare foods, use paper plates, don’t be afraid to order out a lot.

  17. All I know is that if you’re worried about being a good parent, you’re already doing better than a lot of other parents out there. I’ve heard of 2 babies in the last couple of weeks in my area that were killed due to parental neglect or abuse. So definitely ask for all the help you need, it’s ok!!

  18. As a first time mom myself, the one piece of advice I would give is that as long as your baby is fed and happy there is nothing more you can ask for. Try not to stress yourself out with every little detail. Everyone has done things their way and you will learn how to do things your own way.

  19. My advice – enjoy the time when they’re small and snuggly! My 10 month old barely sits still, I wish I would have relished those long days when all he did was sleep on me!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  20. Don’t worry if your way of parenting isn’t the same as what others are doing. Do what works best for you and your family. I have found that following a similar routine every day works for me- naturally we have crazy days and adapt on the go, but for the most part baby has same number of naps and eats around the same time each day. Find what works for you πŸ™‚

  21. Accept offers of help early on and learn to let others (especially Dad) take on an involved role . Otherwise, people will assume things are fine and you don’t need help when they aren’t and you most definitely do!

  22. Trust your gut rather than google! You know your baby. And know that your baby is smarter than you think, they’ll let you know what they need.

  23. Photograph everything. Breathe. Each stage doesn’t last long, so try not to wish it away but buckle in and enjoy the ride πŸ™‚

  24. My advice for those who want to breastfeed and have never done it, join a breast feeding support group and seek advice from a lactation consultant. They were the best help ever to me!

  25. I love the Svan, I used to babysit a family that had one. It was amazing to see how it transitioned with the little girl. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do when it comes to baby food, but this cooker would be awesome!

  26. When the days get tough remember that this to shall pass and one day you will want to look back and remember it all. Savior all the moments! Just follow your babies cues and trust your instinct.

  27. The highchair looks great-I love that it pulls up to the table. My one piece of advice to a first time mom would be to invest in the right equipment the first time. I am on my 5th stroller and wish I had gotten the one right for me the first time!

  28. Happiest Baby On The Block and babywearing will save you. Introduce a pacifier in the hospital or your child will be sucking from you night and day…ALWAYS

  29. My one piece of advice would be to invest in the right equipment the first time. I am on my 5th stroller and wish I had gotten the one right for me the first time!

  30. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have that immediate bond with the baby. Sometimes it may take a while, especially if the baby is a little “high maintenance”.

  31. Swaddling works, take time to enjoy the newborn/baby months, It goes by too fast! and be flexible. every baby is different.

  32. I am pregnant with my first so I don’t have a ton of advice. I know I will miss all of the kicks so I would say make sure to enjoy pregnancy and how close you really are with your little one!

  33. Don’t stress about what everyone says you “should” be doing – trust your instincts and do what’s right for you and your family!

  34. My bit of advice goes to the moms who want to breastfeed, see a lactation consultant after the birth of your baby. The are so helpful and it is so important to get a great start with breast feeding.

  35. If you don’t know… ask someone! You’re not the first to have a baby (and you won’t be the last), someone has had a similar problem and will know how to help.

  36. OH gosh, well, I am expecting my first baby in a few weeks. I guess I would tell other newly expecting mothers to just relish and enjoy the amazing changes that your body is going through!

  37. I didn’t realize how often newborns poop! Seriously- a poop with every feeding was my little guys style. So for new mommas- keep up with that diaper cream….I did not and my baby ended up with diaper rash and I felt so bad for the little guy. Diaper cream with every change is my routine now. Also, if you are breastfeeding, be ready for feedings every 2 hours- and I mean every 2 hours. So if your newborn takes 40 minutes to breastfeed- quick…you only have 1 hour 20 min until he is ready to eat again! Those first weeks are all about breastfeeding!

  38. Sleep when baby sleeps, don’t sweat what will soon become the small stuff (cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc.), take time for you and hubby, and enjoy every minute of snuggling and cuddling that new love cause they grow SO fast!

  39. Don’t worry too much because it will come naturally… + get as much sleep as you can b/c even at 4 mos old I am getting only 2 hrs of sleep before work πŸ™

  40. My mom stayed with me for the first two months cooking, cleaning, taking care of baby and that was very very helpful! So i would say get any help you can!

  41. My advice would be “stay calm”! You don’t help anybody by panicking when you think a little thing is going wrong. Take a deep breath and assess the reality of the situation.

  42. I am going to be a first time mom in April so I’m certainly not cut out to be giving advice but I’m loving the comments above! Particularly the theme surrounding ‘leave the house work until later because your baby will be toddling around before you know it’

  43. The one piece of advice? You can’t spoil a baby. No amount of holding, sleeping in your bed, nursing, etc, can ever do any hard to your baby/toddler, even preschooler.

  44. Follow your instincts. Everyone made fun of me for being so prepared for my baby (getting stuff little by little as time went on) Well now I have all the essentials & I don’t have to stress out before my son gets here (:

  45. Savor every delicious moment….there will always be time to do everything else once they go to college! LOL! πŸ™‚

  46. You don’t need most things people will tell you you need … just get the basics to start then buy things when you need them. Sleep when you can, ask people for help doing laundry, cleaning, or just to watch the baby while you nap. And most importantly, enjoy every second! My son is 8 months old and I can’t believe how fast this year is flying. I don’t want him to get so big so fast!

  47. Sleep when baby sleeps! Get out of the house with the baby when you can…this has been very helpful for me…even a walk around the neighborhood makes a difference in my mood.

  48. I would say, “it’s ok to accept that you don’t know what you are doing …. nobody did their first time around, and we all survived!! πŸ˜‰ ” ..then I’d say …Enjoy, it’s over before you know it!

  49. I recommend attending a new moms support group! Most hospitals have them, and it’s a huge help to be around other new moms.

  50. I hear so many new moms stressing…Relax. Your baby will reach his or her milestones exactly when they are supposed to. All babies are different.

  51. get out as soon as you can. I really believe going out for a walk with your baby helps with any baby blues and helps make you feel more normal. Plus a good walk will help lose the baby weight.

  52. I know most people might disagree with me, but the one thing I think is most important is to make sure to get out with your baby. I really feel that getting out helps adjust and will help with any baby blues. With all my children I made sure to get out as quickly as I could and it really helped me adjust better.

  53. Smile and say thanks for all the advice you are given, and then do things the way YOU think they should be done. Enjoy the Short newborn stage!

  54. write things down, carry a notebook and write down your thoughts, cute things baby does, cute sayings and how much you love them.

  55. My advice would be to sleep when you can, and just enjoy it, and truly believe people when they say how fast it goes, because it really does!

  56. Resist the urge to try and do everything by the book, that is so instilled in every new parent. No one or at least I’m not going to tell you your a bad parent if your kid is still sleeping in your room after 6 weeks, or not sleeping through the night by 9 mo, still drinking out of a bottle after a year, has a pacifier after a year, and on and on the list could go. Focus on the important stuff, is baby safe, growing, being cared for, and forget everything else.

  57. Try to enjoy those first few months, even with the sleep depravation. Baby is only that small, and before you know it, they’ll be crawling, then walking, then running off to college.

    Pinterest – sarah lapsley

  58. The Svan Signet Complete High Chair might be the answer to our problems. My little one pushed the chair over while in a booster seat so we went back to the Chicco High Chair at the table; however, this chair isn’t the best, in my opinion, it’s got a huge footprint that trips many a person walking behind it & the number of areas that you have to clean out the food & crumbs is horrible! I wish I’d gone to Baby Gizmo before I bought this high chair. Good Luck to all!

  59. My advice is that breast feeding really isn’t as easy as they make it look in the movies. Buy lots of cream to help those cracked nipples and just keep trying. It does get easier.

  60. Trust your instincts; and give yourself a break, nobody is perfect, and your best is what is best for your little one. It isn’t always easy, but its worth it, and you’ll miss these days when they’re bigger and need you less!

  61. My advice is: newborns may seem really fragile, but they are not! It’s ok to leave the house with your baby, you don’t have to be a prisoner at home until they are a month or two old. It really helped me once I realized that I could still go places. Otherwise, you might feel isolated and lonely and bored at home by yourself. Plus, newborns love to be outside!

  62. Trust your instincts and take advice, not matter how well meaning, with a grain of salt. Do what feels right to you.

  63. Enjoy the time when they are newborns because they change soooo quickly. It’s hard to soak it in because you are exhausted, but it’s worth it!

  64. Breastfeeding is challenging and frustrating in the beginning! Tough it out for the first month or so and you’ll be so happy you did.

  65. Following you guys on pinterest (Judi Levy)and on Twitter (JudiMillerLCSW). My advice for a first time expecting mom…after the birth of your baby let people take care of you! You need your rest and recovery time, so soak in the generosity of people who want to feed you, nurture you, clean for you, shop for you.Enjoy the love that people want to give you and your new family member.

  66. I would say try not to stress about things. Being a mom comes naturally, it’s our instinct. Also, all the sleepless nights, etc lasts for a short period of time…it will get better….just keep telling yourself that!

  67. I would say trust your instinct. Your going to hear lots of advise from lots of people, some good some not so good, or some that’s just not for you. In the end go with your instinct as you know your baby best.

  68. Don’t let others tell you how to raise your baby and always trust your gut. Everyone does things differently and every baby is different, so do what works for you and what you feel is best for your baby.

  69. I would tell her to try and relax and enjoy every moment of having a newborn. Don’t worry what others tell you, do what you feel is right. Besides, if you make a mistake…a newborn won’t remember it anyway!

    Pinterest is Aleia Chambers

  70. Keep an open mind. Even if you thought you’d NEVER do something (like using formula, or using non organic-everything, letting your kid watch tv) real life is sometimes different than the expectations you’ve built up waiting, and sometimes things change once baby is here, and it’s OK =)

  71. I am a first time mom, so I need advice before giving any. However, one thing I can say: research research research! information is very empowering

  72. It will get better. Doesn’t matter what the problem is, it will get better (either because the problem goes away or because you get better at handling it).

  73. It is your baby, you will know what works best for you and your baby more than anyone else. Take and leave advice as it comes. And it is normal to question and second guess yourself, but you will always figure out what is right.

  74. This is a hard one because I am pregnant with my first! But I think the best advice has been to listen to your instincts and you will know whats best for your baby.

  75. I’d tell them to always trust your mom instinct. even as a new mom you are more than likely right about what you think it’s best for your baby. you know him more than you think you do! πŸ™‚

  76. If you get along with your mom or your mother in law or even sister see if someone can just be around at the house the first week or two. It is the only way I really had time to myself or even naps that were restful. Having extra support at first is wonderful. Just remember you are the mom and don’t get too worked up about others “suggestions” about how to do things. Some are good, some are not.

  77. This chair seems perfect for making baby #3 feel included with the family meal. And what a great way to make baby food. No more dragging out the food processor.

  78. Even if you don’t want to give your baby a pacifier, like we thought, have an Avent Soothie Pacifier on hand at the hospital. SANITY SAVER!

  79. Enjoy your pre-baby time as life will absolutey be completely changed once that baby comes. Whatever pre-conceived notions you have about motherhood, will be completely washed away once that baby comes out and you just have to do what you have to do to survive.

  80. always trust your mom instinct. even as a new mom you are more than likely right about what you think it’s best for your baby. you know him more than you think you do! πŸ™‚

  81. Always do what is best for you and your kids, and have a sense of humor when possible for the moments when it gets overwhelming!

  82. Relax…all the decisions that seem like a HUGE deal, well, they’ll be over and noone the wiser in a very short time. Trust yourself.

  83. To always trust your mom instinct. even as a new mom you are more than likely right about what you think it’s best for your baby. you know him more than you think you do! πŸ™‚

  84. Don’t be afraid to supplement with formula here and there if you breastfeed, both provide benefits to your little one in different ways. I breastfed during the day, and bottle at night (so that I could get SOME sleep). If you are using a bottle at night, DEFINITELY recommend the Medela Calma. Also, to keep your supply, I would suggest pumping while feeding or right before/after. Our little one would be restless in his crib for the initial twenty minutes after feeding (first, milk coma, then restlessness) so the soft buzz of my electric breast pump relaxed him back to sleep because he knew I was still there.

  85. I’m sure a lot has been covered by previous posters…I’d say not to listen to strangers/friends/family (frankly it’s usually older people) who tell you to bundle the baby up or it’s too chilly for the baby. If you google Ideal nursery temperature, experts tell you it is in the mid to high 60’s. I can’t tell you how many strangers said stuff like “Oh what a beautiful baby…my it is chilly in here for her…” while walking through a store or something. So weird!

  86. My advice is to take all the advice everyone is going to feel they need to give you with a smile and some salt….do what you feel is right, take the advice you feel is good for you and do not let anyone make you question what you do as a mom. It is natural you will do what is best and you can’t people please…just baby please. Enjoy this time because it goes by too fast πŸ™‚

  87. If solely breast feeding, still introduce a bottle like at 4-5 weeks. I didn’t with my first and when my milk supply vanished one day, he would not take to the bottle or formula. Kind of a disaster and from 8 months on was on cows milk through a cup with a straw.

  88. My one piece of advice is: LET THEM TAKE PICTURES! Yeah, after giving birth we don’t all feel like we look our best, but these are precious moments and you can never get them back! I wish I was in more of those early pictures.

  89. Trust yourself – being a mother really does come naturally. Don’t worry about what all the books and others say – you will figure out what works for you.

  90. The advice id give, would be to always try to take a little time for yourself everyday…whether its going out alone to get coffee, or to take a 15 minute shower. Those small moments will help keep you sane.

  91. I wish I would have researched more on breastfeeding or had gone to an LLL meeting, so glad I stuck with it, but it can be hard!

    Also, baby shoes and clothes are cute and irresistible, but my kid spent most of her time in a diaper or just a simple onesie (when you have to change diaper that much, you want it to be as easy as possible).

  92. My best advice is for BFing mothers… do not supplement unless it is absolutely necessary, Learned that the second time around πŸ™‚

  93. don’t look them in the eyes in the middle of the night, don’t engage them in the middle of the night, teach them we sleep when its dark. and enjoy the snuggles πŸ™‚

  94. One piece of advice I wish someone had given me is.. rather than buying an infant car seat that only holds up to 30 lbs and then another car seat after that, spend the extra money on a nice convertible car seat that your child can use from the time they are born until they no longer need one.

  95. Enjoy your pregnancy and those final months with your partner before baby arrives. if you can, travel and get in lots of quality time!

  96. I am a first time expecting Mom, to boy girl twins due in April, and enjoyed reading through the great advice in the comments!

  97. I would tell new moms to take in all advice given to them then go with their gut and do what they feel is right in their heart. There is a lot of great advice out there if you’re open to it but ultimately it’s up to you to decide what is right for your family.

  98. no matter what the world tells you, you as the mother know what is best for your child. Learn as much as can, but do what you know is right for your child.

  99. Get to know your child by listening to their different cries and building a trusting bond. In the end you two will become a well oiled machine. Trust your instincts.

  100. My best piece of advice was given to me by my Midwife – never get used to anything, the good things will change and the bad things shall pass.

  101. My advice would be to take a step back and realize that you are not alone. Whatever you are feeling, every other mother is feeling the same way. So talk about it and you will feel better and less alone. Nothing is taboo.

  102. It’s cliched, but the best advice IMO is to enjoy every moment because they grow up way too fast! I have a 17 year old, so I should know!

  103. if you get clothes don’t take the tags off until you know how big your baby is! my daughter didn’t wear half of her clothes she got.

  104. I am hoping this goes through this time!!!

    always go with your gut. Moms are always right! And take some time for yourself and don’t feel guilty. You need it and it will help you get through those tough moments!!! Motherhood is the best thing in the entire world!

  105. My advice would be to take lots of pictures and videos when they’re babies – you won’t realize how much you’ll forget and miss those little coos, baby noises, and limb flails until they’re running around your house like crazy people! πŸ™‚

  106. Oh boy! So many tips I would tell people! I would say it’s the greatest job in the world but the most demanding. Take some time for yourself when you can and don’t feel guilty about it. The time taken will be good for you and make you more of a super mom for your LO than you already are!!! Oh and always always always go with your gut. Moms are usually smarter than doctors, nurses, etc when it comes to their own children. πŸ™‚

  107. Ask questions! We often take the doctors advice because we assume they know what they’re doing – they often don’t, or elect for convenience. This comes to everything: breastfeeding, delivery, delayed cord clamping, vaccinations, car seat safety, etc. YOU are your child’s advocate – follow your heart and do what’s right for you and your family – not what’s convenient or socially acceptable.

  108. If Breast feeding isn’t working for you or baby, it IS OK to put them on formula! Do what’s best for you and baby!

  109. My advise to a first time mom is to relax, and don’t over think things. Also if your breastfeeding it’s okay to get frustrated, bfing is hard but remember that if you are too uptight or worried then baby is going to have a hard time. It’s okay to take a little break if you feel overwhelmed put baby in the swing and take a little breather then try again.

  110. Try and sleep so much in the very first few days when the baby sleeps a lot, it seems to get less and less as the months go on:)

  111. This might be a double post because my original wouldn’t go through!

    I would always always always go with your gut! And try to take some time for yourself. And don’t feel guilty for it. It will do you a world of good and make you an even bigger super mom than you already are πŸ™‚

  112. Baby Led Weaning and attempt to breastfeed. You won’t regret either. However remember what works for me may not work for you and vice versa so never regret the choices you make.

  113. My best advice would be to trust yourself. You have these natural instincts that will kick in that will allow you to take the best care of your little one. EVERYONE in the world will give you advice and most of it will probably contradict itself from what someone else had said. Trust your gut! You know what is best for that little one that grew inside you for months.

  114. My advice to a soon to be mom: Be prepared to feel the most amazing feeling in the entire world the first time you see your baby! Nothing else in the world matters the first time you lay eyes on him/her and it is such an over whelming feeling, tears are enevitable! πŸ™‚

  115. As a first time mom-to-be, I can only give advice on the pregnancy side since that’s where I’m at. I’d say, we loved waiting a little bit to tell details so we could bond over things. Like we were the only ones to know for a little bit that we are having a girl. It was a fun secret that we could enjoy just the two of us.

  116. Take video. Also, trust yourself. You know what to do even though you have never done this before. If you think something is right, then do it.

  117. Don’t sweat the small stuff, be patient (most of all with yourself), snuzzle your baby as much as you can (he/she will never want to cuddle this much in a couple years) and don’t forget your husband (it’s easy to do with all of the chaos and lack of sleep)…the love of the two of you as a couple is why your little bundle of joy exists.

  118. My advice – don’t sweat the small stuff and try to enjoy every moment, even the poop blowouts and sleep-deprived frustrating moments. As I’m about to have my second, I realize I won’t have time to just be in the moment with her like I was able to with my first!

  119. If you decide to breastfeed, know that it is perfectly normal to have difficulties at first! It can take a good few weeks for both you and the baby to get comfortable with it. Don’t be afraid to ask from help from friends, family and a good lactation consultant.

  120. I would tell new mothers to relax! Dont rush for baby to come, enjoy being pregnant. every moment is special and you can never get it back they never stop growing and changing so enjoy every moment even when they are keeping you up at all hours of the night!

  121. The one book I tell people to read is Babywise I loved its practical advice on setting up a schedule that allows you to at least feel like you are in control of what is going on and all of my babies (3) were happy and very content babies and I feel at least a part of that is from the confidence I got in having a plan. I strongly believe that a happy Mama with regular sleep helps Mama to make baby happy!

  122. as a first time mom I would tell them that no matter what other peoples expectations are they need to do what they know if right for them, their partner and their child. You will get everyone telling you things to do and not do but as long as your heart feels good about what you are doing, you are doing it right, for you.

  123. the best advice is to always be patient and when you think youve reached your melting point leave the child in a safe and secure place and get out of the room for a second to breathe and collect yourself and come back in calm! after a couple of months you will know your baby and what they need!

  124. Do what’s best for YOU and YOUR baby. People will through lots of advice/suggestions your way, but ultimately, you know what’s best for your family

  125. Have them wait to cut the umbilical cord until it stops pulsing!! this is very important so the baby gets all the blood and nutrients it needs it also prevents them from getting jaundice!

  126. If breastfeeding dont think that you should be stuck with always feeding the baby, pump milk and get your partner and everyone else involved in feeding her so she get used to the bottle and you can get some free time to do your own thing!

  127. I love love love this high chair! I have one that’s 9 years old. I’ve been dreaming of a five point harness high chair. Here’s to hoping I win!

  128. My first piece of advice would be that you don’t need nearly as much baby stuff that you think you do. Make sure you take a seasoned mom with you when you do your baby registry. And second, would be to just relax. Whatever works for you with raising your child, will work for your baby as well. You don’t need to read every book out there to be a good parent.

  129. I’m a first time mom of a 3 month old. I would advise a “newer” or soon to be mom not to freak out over every noise, little cry (obviously don’t ignore the big ones) and vocalization your newborn makes while sleeping. It’s normal and it’s even better if they do it and learn to fall back asleep on their own. Don’t hover.

  130. Don’t expect anything! Things will happen the way they are supposed to with the arrival of your baby. My son had to be delivered 6 wks early and spent nearly four wks in the NICU. It wasn’t what I expected at all, but couldn’t imagine Ny other way now. God has a plan for everyone!

  131. Don’t expect anything! Things will happen the way they are supposed to with the arrival of your baby. My son had to be delivered 6 wks early and spent nearly four wks in the NICU. It wasn’t what I expected at all, but couldn’t imagine Ny other way now.

  132. Try to savor every moment with your little one(s), even when you’re going crazy and are stressed to the max. These days will be gone in a flash. Enjoy and love, love, love!

  133. The hardest thing (for me) was breastfeeding, no one tells you how sleepless and difficult it is until you are in tears. Then everyone tells you how challenging it can be. I wish I had known that would be the hardest part of being a new mom.

  134. Don’t let anyone try and tell you how to do things. Just go with what you feel is right. If you want their help you can ask for it. Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up! It’s worth it!!!

  135. I would advise them to hold off on buying all of the baby “essentials” – we never used our crib or baby swing or baby carrier or…

  136. My number one piece of advice, is not to be afraid to ask for help. Although, if you’re planning on breastfeeding, my other main piece of advice is, do NOT give up! It WILL get better!

  137. They grow up so fast that each little stage (the good and the bad) doesn’t last long, so find the joy in every moment, take a second to write down some of the highlights every week that first year so you’ll have something to look back at, and don’t sweat the small stuff…and it all seems pretty small in comparison to being a good momma πŸ˜‰

  138. Enjoy them sleeping in your arms for a while but then begin lying them down when they are drowsy so they learn to fall asleep on their own. If you have a strong baby who won’t stay swaddled, the Woombie may work for getting them to sleep longer.

  139. I would say take time for yourself and your partner. A baby brings a lot of joy but also a lot of frustrations. Try your best to enjoy one another, with no baby πŸ™‚

  140. One advice I would give a first time mom is to follow your instincts when it comes to your baby. Trust that you will know what is best for your baby and just enjoy being a mom πŸ™‚

  141. The best advice that I was given when my son was born is that every body recovers differently. Not all moms bounce back right away and don’t put all your energy into looking perfect. Take care of the baby- that’s the most important thing. And ask for help if you need it! We can’t do it all ourselves even if we think we can!

  142. I would say to go with your gut instinct when making decision on how to care for your baby. You can listen to other people’s advice, but in the end, it’s up to you. Your baby- your decision.

  143. Don’t expect anything! I have had 4 children and with each the births have been drastically different, the first few months have been different, etc. Don’t expect that because you read it in a book or a friend told you it happened one way that it would happen that way for you. Just take it one day at a time. πŸ™‚

  144. Try to get as much sleep as possible and let family help if they are willing. My daughter had colic and had severe Acid reflux for the first 6 months of her life. It’s very hard and challenging, but well worth it πŸ™‚

  145. I would tell a new mom to be to make sure to sleep when baby sleeps, if there are people around don’t ever feel like you need to entertain…baby and mommies needs always come first!

  146. BEST advice for expecting mommies is to enjoy EVERY moment because our wee ones grow up SO fast πŸ™‚ and take LOTS of pictures so you can have lots of memories to cherish

  147. My advice to a new mom is really have patience, growth spurts will happen and result in more tears than normal just breath through it. Ask for help whenever it’s available and don’t turn it down when offered! πŸ™‚

  148. As cute and cuddly as they are, and as convenient as it may be to have your baby close to you at night, as soon as you can put them in their own crib you will both be getting more sleep and your husband will be happier too! πŸ˜‰

  149. I thought the second I had my baby it would all be bliss. It is really hard those first few weeks! I couldn’t believe how tired I was, sore (c-section) and emotional. Breast feeding was really hard at first etc… But, after a few weeks you just sort of naturally figure things out and it gets so much better. I would say just hang in there and enjoy your baby, but don’t feel defeated if its not all roses and rainbows right off the bat.

  150. As a new mom you’ll be bombarded with advice from everyone. My advice is to listen to it, but only take away what you think will be helpful for your family and leave the rest.

  151. Follow your instincts, don’t listen to everyone telling you that babies need to cry or that you can spoil them by holding them too much. Enjoy those cuddles as long as you can, they grow up too fast!

  152. The one piece of advice I would give is utilize the nursery while you are in the hospital! It will be the last time you get any real sleep for some time, and you’ll need the energy when you get home.

  153. You will feel overwhelmed after the baby is born, just know it is normal! The babies don’t read the books on how to breastfed, or sleep for three hours straight. Also to limit the amount of visitors to the hospital, there’s plenty of time for people to meet the new addition, you need your rear and it’s your time to bond with your newborn!

  154. get a quality baby carrier that will help you get all those precious snuggles in while still getting other things done around the house

  155. Love that the tray stores on the back of the seat ! I would tell them to enjoy every minute of time they have with their baby , it goes by too fast even if it doesn’t seem like it at 3 am .

  156. a very popular one but a very good one. Sleep when the baby sleeps those first few months. Those night time feedings won’t seem so bad if you are getting naps during the day.

  157. Every first time mother needs to know that we all make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself over everything. Babies are resilient…

  158. I would tell them that theirs a good chance you will want to Kill everyone around at some point, if you breastfeed your nipples will most likely bleed at some point, and you better get a laxitive. No sugar coating it!

  159. THere is no need to buy things that are babyish. You will be the one that has to look at everything everyday and the baby really wont care what the swing looks like or the diaper bag as long as it meets their needs. So buy things that work but that are also nice for you to look at.

  160. Wow, these pries are fantastic – especially the high chair. My only advice to other mothers is not to forget the beauty of every moment. In a minute it could be all gone.

  161. The best advice I would give to a first time mom would be to treasure every second because it really does go by so fast! Even the moments that seem stressful become good memories.

  162. make sure you always have plenty of burp clothes, diapers, food, and changes of clothes on you. you will always know what the baby needs or what is wrong. follow your instincts. you wont be wrong.

  163. I would definitely tell a new mom to RELAX and spend every moment they can snuggling with that new baby and not worry about the dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc. It can wait! They are only little for a short while.

  164. Take things one day at a time. If things become overwhelming, walk away. count to ten and try again. You can do this. No new mother is perfect, we are all in this together and we are still learning.

  165. Follow your God given Mom instincts. If you want to rock your baby, and hold your baby, do it, do it, do it. Don’t let people tell you you are going to spoil them because you aren’t.

  166. That how rest when the baby is sleeping is **** if you did, you would not get the house done, cook, take a bath, etc unless you have someone helping you out! LOL the baby loves being wiht mommy and is most calm with her therefore get a baby sling so you can do alot of things while holding her i prefer the ergo baby carrier!

  167. Follow your instincts and follow your baby’s cues. Don’t worry about what everyone else tells you, go with your gut. Took me three kids to figure that out! πŸ™‚

  168. The best piece of advice I can give is to relax and stop listening to all the unsolicited advice, lol. When a mom relaxes and listens to her heart she usually knows whats right.

  169. I would say to REST with your baby while they are so tiny and newborn! They grow sooo fast and pretty soon they don’t want to just sit in the recliner with you anymore πŸ™ Enjoy it while you can!

  170. I would tell a new Mom to listen to other people’s advise but they are the Mom and in the end they need to go with what they feel is best for their child. Everyone has opinions and you need to follow your gut.


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